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Title 10Chapter IISubchapter EPart 501 → Subpart I

Title 10: Energy

Subpart I—Requests for Interpretation

§501.130   Purpose and scope.
§501.131   Filing a request for interpretation.
§501.132   Contents of a request for interpretation.
§501.133   DOE evaluation.
§501.134   Issuance and effect of interpretations.

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§501.130   Purpose and scope.

This subpart establishes procedures for filing a formal request for and the issuance of an interpretation of a rule, order or other action by DOE. Any response, whether oral or written, to a general inquiry, or to other than a formal written request for interpretation filed with DOE, is not an interpretation and merely provides general information that may not be relied upon in any proceeding to determine compliance with the applicable requirements of FUA.

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§501.131   Filing a request for interpretation.

A proceeding to request an interpretation is commenced by the filing of a “Request for Interpretation (FUA).” The request must be in writing and must also comply with the general filing requirements stated in §501.7. Any claims for confidential treatment for any information contained in the request or other related documents must be made pursuant to §501.7(a)(11). A request for interpretation should be filed with the Assistant General Counsel for Interpretations and Rulings at the address provided in §501.11.

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§501.132   Contents of a request for interpretation.

(a) A request for an interpretation must contain a complete statement of all the facts believed to be relevant to the circumstances, acts or transactions that are the subject of the request. The facts must include the names and addresses of all potentially affected persons (if reasonably ascertainable) and a full discussion of the pertinent provisions and relevant facts contained in any documents submitted with the request. Copies of relevant contracts, agreements, leases, instruments, and other documents relating to the request must be submitted if DOE believes they are necessary for determination of any issue pending in the proceeding under this subpart. When the request pertains to only one step in a larger integrated transaction, the requesting party must also submit the facts, circumstances, and other relevant information pertaining to the entire transaction.

(b) The requesting party must include in the request a discussion of all relevant legal authorities, rulings, regulations, interpretations and decisions on appeal relied upon to support the particular interpretation sought.

(c) DOE may refuse to issue an interpretation if it determines that there is insufficient information upon which to base an interpretation.

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§501.133   DOE evaluation.

(a)(1) The record shall consist of the request for an interpretation and any supporting documents, all relevant evidence presented at any public proceedings, written comments and any information in the possession of DOE that has been made part of the record.

(2) DOE may investigate and corroborate any statement in a request or related documents and may utilize in its evaluation any relevant facts obtained by the investigation. DOE may solicit or accept submissions from third persons relevant to the request for interpretation, or any other document submitted under this subpart, and the person requesting the interpretation will be afforded an opportunity to respond to these submissions.

(3) The General Counsel or his delegate will issue an interpretation on the basis of the information provided in the request, unless that information is supplemented by other information brought to the attention of DOE during the proceeding. DOE's interpretation will, therefore, depend on the accuracy of the factual statements, and the requesting party may rely upon it only to the extent that the facts of the actual situation correspond to those upon which the interpretation is based.

(b) Criteria. (1) DOE will base its FUA interpretations on the DEOA and FUA, as applicable, and the regulations and published rulings of DOE as applied to the specific factual situation presented.

(2) DOE will take into consideration previously issued interpretations dealing with the same or a related issue.

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§501.134   Issuance and effect of interpretations.

(a) DOE may issue an interpretation after consideration of the request for interpretation and other relevant information received or obtained during the proceeding.

(b) The interpretation will contain a written statement of the information upon which it is based and a legal analysis of and conclusions regarding the application of rulings, regulations and other precedent to the situation presented in the request.

(c) Only those persons to whom an interpretation is specifically addressed, and other persons upon whom the DOE serves the interpretation and who are directly involved in the same transaction or act, are entitled to rely upon it. No person entitled to rely upon an interpretation shall be subject to civil or criminal penalties stated in title VII of FUA for any act taken in reliance upon the interpretation, notwithstanding that the interpretation shall thereafter be declared by judicial or other competent authority to be invalid.

(d) DOE may at any time rescind or modify an interpretation on its own initiative. Rescission or modification shall be made by notifying persons entitled to rely on the interpretation that it is rescinded or modified. This notification will include a statement of the reasons for the rescission or modification and, in the case of a modification, a restatement of the interpretation as modified.

(e) An interpretation is modified by a subsequent amendment to the regulations or ruling to the extent that it is inconsistent with the amended regulation or ruling.

(f) Any person who believes he is directly affected by an interpretation issued by DOE, and who believes that he will be aggrieved by its implementation, may submit a petition for reconsideration of that interpretation to the General Counsel. DOE will acknowledge receipt of all requests for reconsideration; however, this acknowledgement in no way binds DOE to commence any proceeding on the request. If within sixty (60) days of DOE's acknowledgement of the receipt of a request for reconsideration, DOE has not issued either a notice of intent to commence a proceeding to reconsider the interpretation or a modification, revision or rescission of the original interpretation, the request for reconsideration will be deemed denied. DOE may, in its discretion, issue a formal denial of a request for reconsideration if:

(1) The request has not been filed in a timely manner, and good cause therefor has not been shown;

(2) The person requesting reconsideration is not aggrieved or otherwise injured substantially by the interpretation; or

(3) The request is defective because it fails to state and to present facts and legal argument that the interpretation was erroneous in fact or in law, or that it was arbitrary or capricious.

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