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Title 7Subtitle BChapter IXPart 987Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Order Regulating Handling

California Date Administrative Committee

§987.21   Establishment and membership.

A California Date Administrative Committee consisting of nine members is hereby established to administer the terms and conditions of this part. For each member there shall be an alternate member, and the provisions of this part applicable to the number, nomination, qualification and selection of members shall apply in like manner to alternate members. Three of the members, referred to in this part as “producer members”, shall be producers or officers or employees of producers, and shall not be handlers, or directors, officers, or employees exercising a supervisory or managerial function of a handler. The six remaining members, referred to in this part as “producer-handlers”, shall be selected from (a) handlers, or directors, officers or employees of a handler, or (b) producers who are also handlers or directors, officers or employees exercising a supervisory or managerial function of a handler. The Committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may issue rules and regulations covering matters of eligibility for producer members, or revising the composition of the Committee prescribed in this section if it no longer is representative following a substantial change in the industry.

[43 FR 4251, Feb. 1, 1978]

§987.23   Term of office.

The term of office for members and alternate members shall be three years beginning August 1, except that such term may be shorter if the Committee composition is changed in the interim pursuant to §987.21. Provided, That the terms of office of all members and alternates currently serving at the time of the amendment will end on July 31, 2014. Each member and alternate member shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Secretary, continue to serve until his or her successor has been selected and has qualified.

[77 FR 37765, June 25, 2012]

§987.24   Nomination and selection.

(a) Nomination for members and alternate members of the Committee shall be made not later than June 15 of every third year.

(b) Opportunity shall be provided producers and handlers to nominate individuals to serve on the Committee by establishing a day for polling and also for casting absentee ballots. Persons will only be able to vote in nominations for the group in which they would be qualified to serve on the Committee, and shall nominate the applicable number of individuals for the positions prescribed pursuant to §987.21. Each producer, regardless of the number and locations of his date gardens, voting in the nominations for producer members and producer alternate members, shall be entitled to one vote for each member and alternate member position to be filled. The individual receiving the highest number of votes for a position shall be the nominee. Each person voting in the nominations for producer-handler members and producer-handler alternate members, shall be given the opportunity to vote for one member and one alternate member position. His ballot shall be weighted by the pounds of dates he had certified as marketable dates, from the beginning of the then current crop year through April which he produced in his own gardens or acquired from other producers. The individual receiving the highest weighted vote for a producer-handler position shall be the nominee. The Committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may issue rules and regulations on the manner in which nominees for a position may be obtained, polling, balloting, absentee ballots, and the weighting of votes for producer-handler positions when the Committee is restructured during a term of office.

[43 FR 4251, Feb. 1, 1978, as amended at 77 FR 37765, June 25, 2012]

§987.25   Qualification.

Each person selected as a member or alternate member of the Committee shall, prior to serving on the Committee, qualify by filing with the Secretary a written acceptance after receiving notice of his selection. Any member or alternate who, at the time of his selection, was a member of or employed by a member of the group which nominated him shall, upon ceasing to be such member or employee, become disqualified to serve further and his position on the Committee shall be deemed vacant.

§987.26   Vacancies.

In the event of any vacancy occasioned by the failure to qualify, declination to serve, removal, resignation, disqualification, or death of any person nominated to serve on the Committee, or any member or alternate member selected by the Secretary, the Committee shall promptly submit its recommendation to the Secretary of a nominee eligible to serve in accordance with the requirements specified for the group in §987.21. If the vacancy is for a member position, the Committee shall recommend appointment of the alternate member if that person is willing to serve in that position. If the Committee's recommendation is not submitted within 30 calendar days after such vacancy occurs, the Secretary may fill such vacancy without regard to nominations, and the selection shall be made on the basis of representation provided in §987.21.

[43 FR 4251, Feb. 1, 1978]

§987.27   Alternates.

An alternate for a member of the Committee shall act in the place and stead of such member during his absence or in the event of his removal, resignation, disqualification, or death, until a successor for such member's unexpired term has been selected and has qualified. In the event a member and his alternate are unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, such member or alternate, in that order, may designate an alternate from the group he represents to act in his place. If neither a member nor his alternate has designated an alternate as his replacement, or such designated alternate is unable to serve as the replacement, the chairman may, with the concurrence of a majority of the members including alternates acting as members, representing such group, designate an alternate from such group who is present at the meeting and is not acting as a member to act in the place and stead of the absent member.

[27 FR 6818, July 19, 1962, as amended at 36 FR 15038, Aug. 12, 1971; 43 FR 4251, Feb. 1, 1978]

§987.28   Expenses.

The members of the Committee shall serve without compensation but shall be allowed their necessary expenses.

§987.29   Powers.

The Committee shall have the following powers:

(a) To administer the terms and provisions of this subpart.

(b) To make rules and regulations to effectuate the terms and provisions of this subpart.

(c) To receive, investigate, and report to the Secretary complaints of violations of this subpart, and

(d) To recommend to the Secretary amendments to this subpart.

§987.30   Duties.

The Committee shall have, among other things, the following duties:

(a) To act as intermediary between the Secretary and any producer or handler.

(b) To keep minutes, books, and records which will clearly reflect all of its transactions and such minutes, books, and other records shall be subject to examination by the Secretary at any time.

(c) To investigate the growing, handling, and marketing conditions with respect to dates, to assemble data in connection therewith.

(d) To furnish to the Secretary such available information as may be deemed pertinent to the administration of this subpart or as he may request and to give to the Secretary the same notice of meetings of the Committee as is given to the members of the Committee.

(e) To appoint such employees as it may deem necessary and to determine the salaries, define the duties and where desirable fix the bonds of such employees.

(f) To cause the books of the Committee to be audited by a certified public accountant at least once each crop year and at such other times as the Committee may deem necessary or the Secretary may request. The report of each such audit shall show among other things the receipt and expenditure of funds pursuant hereto. Two copies of such audit shall be submitted to the Secretary.

(g) To investigate compliance and to use means available to the Committee to prevent violations of this part.

(h) To furnish the Committee viewpoints of the consumer, the Committee may utilize a consumer consultant. The consumer consultant shall have no financial interest in the date industry and shall receive no compensation, however, such person shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses attendant to those assignments that the Committee has given prior support and approval.

[27 FR 6818, July 19, 1962, as amended at 43 FR 4252, Feb. 1, 1978]

§987.31   Procedure.

(a) A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

(b) The Committee shall, from among its members, select a chairman and such other officers and adopt such rules for the conduct of its business as it may deem advisable.

(c) For any decision of the Committee to be valid, a concurring vote of at least five members is required, except as follows:

(1) In matters relating to restructuring Committee composition pursuant to §987.21, concurrence by at least eight members is required;

(2) In matters relating to establishment, modification and application of free and restricted percentages pursuant to §§987.44 and 987.46, concurrence by at least seven members is required; and

(3) In matters relating to recommendation of any program of paid advertising or major program of market promotion pursuant to §987.33, concurrence by at least six members is required.

(d) At the discretion of the chairperson, Committee meetings may be assembled or conducted by means of teleconference, video conference, or other means of communication that may be developed. Assembled meetings may also allow for participation by means of teleconference or video conference or other communication methods, at the discretion of the chair. Members participating in meetings via any of these alternative means retain the same voting privileges that they would otherwise have.

(e) The Committee may vote upon any proposition by mail, or by telephone when confirmed in writing within two weeks, upon due notice and full and identical explanation to all members, including alternates acting as members, but any such action shall not be considered valid unless unanimously approved.

(f) If the total number of members of the Committee is changed pursuant to §987.21, the minimum voting requirements shall be in the same ratio to the revised total number of members, as nearly as practicable, as the minimum voting requirements prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section are to nine.

[36 FR 15038, Aug. 12, 1971, as amended at 43 FR 4252, Feb. 1, 1978; 77 FR 37765, June 25, 2012]

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