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Title 7Subtitle BChapter IXPart 987Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart B—Administrative Requirements

Qualification to Regulation

§987.151   Interhandler transfers.

When any handler transfers dates, other than product dates, to another handler, the selling handler shall promptly notify the Committee by filing with it a completed CDAC Form No. 1 and shall show the name and address of the transferring or selling handler and of the receiving or buying handler, the variety and processed category or classification of the dates, the lot number and inspection certificate number on any lot of packed and certified dates, the number and type of containers, the net weight of the transferred dates, and if applicable, the transferring handler's statement on assuming the withholding and assessment obligation. A transfer of products dates between handlers shall be reported as a disposition by the selling handler filing with the Committee a completed CDAC Form No. 8.

[37 FR 23325, Nov. 2, 1972, as amended at 43 FR 28438, June 30, 1978]

§987.152   Exemption from regulations.

(a) Producer exemption. The Committee may permit any producer to sell dates from such producer's own production free of the requirements of §§987.41, 987.45, 987.48, and 987.72 when sold directly to consumers through a roadside stand or date shop owned or operated by the producer within 25 miles of the city limits of Indio, California, through shipments by parcel post or express, or by certified producers at certified farmers' markets, as these terms are defined by the State of California. Permission to so sell dates shall be granted only upon the producer filing with the Committee a completed CDAC Form No. 9 wherein the producer describes how the producer plans to sell such dates and agrees to sell only dates of DAC date quality of the producer's own production in direct sales; and to report such sales to the Committee. If the producer fails to comply with this agreement, the Committee may revoke any or all exemptions granted the producer.

(b) Handler exemptions—(1) Specialty sales. The Committee may permit any handler to sell to health food stores or health food outlets, dates which at least meet the requirements for FP dates. It may permit any handler to sell to a candy manufacturer hand-pitted dates which meet the grade requirements for DAC dates except for size, or damage due to cutting and pitting. Also, it may permit any handler to sell hand-layered dates in tin, wood, plastic, or other type of container exempt from §§987.41(a) and 987.48, or to make shipments by common carrier of up to 150 pounds to any one purchaser in any one day exempt from the provisions of §987.41(a): Provided, That the hand-layered dates or the shipment to a single purchaser in any 1 day have been packed from dates certified as meeting the grade requirements for DAC dates and have not been commingled with other dates. Permission to use these exemptions shall be granted only upon the handler filing with the Committee its CDAC Form No. 10 wherein he describes how he plans to sell, and agrees to sell only specific dates and to report such sales.

(2) Donations. The Committee may permit any handler to donate marketable dates other than DAC dates to needy persons, prisoners, or Indians on reservations. Before such donation is made, such handler shall file a request for donation with the Committee detailing the quantity and grade of dates involved and the name and address of the intended donee. The donation may be subject to Committee surveillance, verification by written documentation of receipt by the donee, and any other safeguards necessary to assure consumption in these outlets.

[37 FR 23325, Nov. 2, 1972, as amended at 43 FR 28438, June 30, 1978; 53 FR 35994, Sept. 16, 1988; 57 FR 39112, Aug. 28, 1992]

§987.157   Approved date product manufacturers.

Any person, including date handlers, with facilities for converting dates into products may apply to the committee, by filing CDAC Form No. 3, for listing as an approved date product manufacturer.

(a) The applicant shall indicate on such form: The products he/she intends to make; the quantity of dates he/she may use; the location of his/her facilities; and agree that all dates obtained for manufacturing into products shall be used for that purpose, none shall be resold or disposed of as whole or pitted dates.

(b) As a condition to become an approved date product manufacturer: Each applicant is subject to an inspection of his/her manufacturing plant to verify that proper equipment to convert dates into products is in place and that the plant meets appropriate sanitation requirements; the applicant also shall agree to file a report of the disposition of each lot of dates on the Committee's CDAC Form No. 8 within 24 hours of the transaction, and to file an annual usage and inventory report on CDAC Form No. 4 by October 10 of each year; and an applicant who is also a handler under the order shall be in compliance with the order, including the assessment payment and reporting requirements.

(c) The committee shall approve each such application on the basis of information furnished or its own investigation, and may revoke any approval for cause. The name and address of all approved manufacturers shall be placed on a list and made available to each date handler in Riverside County.

(d) If an application is disapproved, the committee shall notify the applicant in writing of the reasons for disapproval, and allow the applicant an opportunity to respond to the disapproval. When the applicant has complied with all the qualification requirements to become an approved manufacturer, the committee shall notify the applicant in writing of such approval. The applicant's name shall be added to the list of approved manufacturers, which shall be made available to each date handler in Riverside County.

(e) Each approved manufacturer of date products is required to renew their approved manufacturer status with the committee by submitting an updated CDAC Form No. 3 at the end of a crop year, but no later than October 10 of the new crop year. In addition, the approved manufacturer must continue to meet the other approved manufacturer qualification requirements.

(f) In the event an approved date product manufacturer who is also a regulated date handler within the area of production does not remain in compliance with the order, or fails or refuses to submit reports or to pay assessments required by the committee, such date product manufacturer shall become ineligible to continue as an approved date product manufacturer. Prior to making a determination to remove a date product manufacturer from the approved date product manufacturer list, the committee shall notify such manufacturer in writing of its intention and the reasons for removal. The committee shall allow the date product manufacturer an opportunity to respond. In the event that a date product manufacturer's name has been removed from the list of approved date product manufacturers, a new application must be submitted to the committee and the applicant must await approval.

[70 FR 11119, Mar. 8, 2005]

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