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e-CFR data is current as of February 14, 2020

Title 7Subtitle BChapter IXPart 917Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart B—Administrative Requirements

Regulation by Grades, Sizes, and Minimum Standards of Quality and Maturity

§917.143   Exemptions.

(a) Waivers. A handler may handle fruit without inspection and certification, as prescribed under §917.45, if all the following conditions are met:

(1) The handler requests the Federal-State Inspection Service to provide inspection during its regular working hours at least two hours in advance of the time when inspection is needed. The request need not be in writing but it shall be confirmed immediately in writing on a waiver form supplied by the inspection service;

(2) The Federal-State Inspection Service advises the handler that it is not practicable to provide inspection at the time and place designated by the handler. Such advice may be verbal but it shall be confirmed in writing by the Federal-State Inspection Service by execution of the waiver form on which the handler submitted his written request. A confirmed copy thereof shall be forwarded by the inspection service to the office of the Control Committee;

(3) The Federal-State Inspection Service furnishes the handler with the number of the waiver which shall cover the fruit on which inspection is requested;

(4) When so instructed, the handler plainly and conspicuously marks one end of each container with the letter W and the waiver number supplied by the Federal-State Inspection Service. The letter W and the number so marked shall be not less than one-half inch in height.

(b) Minimum quantities. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section, pears may be handled without regard to the provisions of §§917.37, 917.41, 917.42, 917.45 and 917.50 under the following conditions:

(1) Such pears meet the grade requirements set forth in Articles 35, 38, and 34, respectively of the Food and Agriculture Code of California.

(2) Such pears are for home use and not for resale.

(3) The shipment does not exceed 200 pounds of pears to any one vehicle during any one day.

(4) Such pears are handled by the person who produces them; and the handling takes place (i) on the premises where grown, (ii) at a packinghouse or retail stand nearby which is operated by said handler, or (iii) at a certified farmers market in compliance with section 1392 of the regulations of the California Department of Food and Agriculture: Provided, That the exemption for certified farmers markets shall not apply to fruit sorted out by a handler unless such fruit is packed in containers clearly and legibly marked to show that the fruit contained therein is only to be sold at a certified farmers market, and the handler complies with regulations established under §§917.37, 917.41(a)(1), 917.45, and 917.50, except that such fruit may be handled to such markets if the fruit fails to meet the applicable grade only on account of being soft and overripe.

[31 FR 7476, May 24, 1966, as amended at 41 FR 22071, June 1, 1976; 41 FR 28509, July 12, 1976; 42 FR 22875, May 5, 1977; 47 FR 30452, July 14, 1982; 49 FR 36361, Sept. 17, 1984; 53 FR 18818, May 25, 1988; 56 FR 46369, Sept. 12, 1991; 76 FR 66606, Oct. 27, 2011]

Effective Date Note: At 76 FR 66606, Oct. 27, 2011, §917.143 was suspended indefinitely, effective Oct. 28, 2011.

§917.149   Special purpose shipments.

Any person may file a request with the Pear Commodity Committee to transport pears to a packing facility located in the State of Oregon without inspection and certification prior to such transporting. The committee may approve such a request subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a) Approval shall be requested by the person prior to transporting the pears out of the area of production.

(b) Such person shall file with the committee, in such manner as required, reports showing, among other things, the date and quantity of pears comprising each shipment of pears transported to Oregon and the disposition thereof.

(c) All such pears shall be of the person's own production and the packing facility to which they are transported must be owned and operated by that person.

(d) All such pears shall be inspected and certified, as required by §917.45, by the Federal or Federal-State Inspection Service prior to the time such pears are shipped from the packing facility. Any pears shipped to any such facility which, upon inspection, do not meet the requirements of the then effective grade, size, or quality regulations, may be shipped, or handled, within the State, for consumption by any charitable institution or for distribution by any relief agency or for conversion into products. Prior to any such shipment or handling, there shall first have been submitted to the committee proof satisfactory to the committee that the pears will not be handled contrary to the requirements of the marketing agreement and order. Such proof shall include a written certificate, executed by both the handler and the intended receiver, stating that the pears will not be used for any purpose not authorized by this section.

[41 FR 31180, July 27, 1976]

Effective Date Note: At 59 FR 10056, Mar. 3, 1994, §917.149 was suspended, effective Apr. 4, 1994.

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