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Title 7Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter CPart 58Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Provisions Governing the Inspection and Grading Services of Manufactured or Processed Dairy Products

Marking, Branding, and Identifying Product

§58.49   Authority to use official identification.

Whenever the Administrator determines that the granting of authority to any person to package any product, inspected or graded pursuant to this part, and to use official identification, pursuant to §§58.49 through 58.57, will not be inconsistent with the Act and this part, he may authorize such use of official identification. Any application for such authority shall be submitted to the Administrator in such form as he may require.

§58.50   Approval and form of official identification.

(a) Any package label or packaging material which bears any official identification shall be used only in such manner as the Administrator may prescribe, and such official identification shall be of such form and contain such information as the Administrator may require. No label or packaging material bearing official identification shall be used unless finished copies or samples thereof have been approved by the Administrator.

(b) Inspection or grade mark permitted to be used to officially identify packages containing dairy products which are inspected or graded pursuant to this part shall be contained in a shield in the form and design indicated in Figures 1, 2, and 3 of this section or such other form, design, or wording as may be approved by the Administrator.

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The official identification illustrated in Figure 1 is designed for use on graded product packed under USDA inspection. Figure 2 is designed for graded product processed and packed under USDA inspection. Figure 3 is designated for inspected product (when U.S. standards for grades are not established) processed and packed under USDA quality control service. The official identification shall be printed on the package label, on the carton or on the wrapper and, preferably, on one of the main panels of the carton or wrapper. The shield identification shall be not less than 34 inch by 34 inch in size, and preferably 1 inch by 1 inch on 1-pound cartons or wrappers. Consideration will be given by the Administrator of a smaller shield on special packages where the size of the label does not permit use of the 34 inch by 34 inch shield.

(c) Official identification under this subpart shall be limited to U.S. Grade B or higher or to an equivalent standard of quality for U.S. name grades or numerical score grades when U.S. standards for grades of a product have not been established.

(d) A sketch, proof, or photocopy of each proposed label or packaging material bearing official identification shall be submitted to the Chief of the Dairy Inspection Branch, Poultry and Dairy Quality Division, Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250, for review and tentative approval prior to acquisition of a supply of material.

(e) The firm packaging the product shall furnish to the Chief four copies of the printed labels and packaging materials bearing official identification for final approval prior to use.

(60 Stat. 1087, 7 U.S.C. 1621 et seq.; 84 Stat. 1620, 21 U.S.C. 1031 et seq.)

[37 FR 22363, Oct. 19, 1972, as amended at 39 FR 987, Jan. 4, 1974. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977, as amended at 43 FR 60138, Dec. 26, 1978. Redesignated at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981]

§58.51   Information required on official identification.

Each official identification shall conspicuously indicate the U.S. grade of the product it identifies, if there be a grade, or such other appropriate terminology as may be approved by the Administrator. Also, it shall include the appropriate phrase: “Officially graded,” “Officially Inspected,” or “Federal-State graded.” When required by the Administrator, the package label, carton, or wrapper bearing official identification for dairy products shall be stamped or perforated with the date packed and the certificate number or a code number to indicate lot and date packed. Such coding shall be made available to and approved by the Administrator.

§58.52   Time limit for packaging inspected or graded products with official identification.

Any lot of butter which is graded for packaging with official grade identification shall be packaged within 10 days immediately following the date of grading, and any lot of natural cheese or dry milk shall be packaged within 30 days immediately following date of grading provided the product is properly stored during the 10- or 30-day period. Time limit for packaging other inspected or graded products shall be as approved by the Administrator. If inspected or graded product is moved to another location, a reinspection or regrading shall be required.

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