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Title 7Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter APart 29Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart B—Requirements


§29.90   When appeal may be taken.

Whenever an interested party believes that a certificate issued or a sample prepared under the act is not correct he may file an appeal: Provided, That (a) the period for which such certificate was issued or sample was prepared, if any specified, has not expired; (b) all tobacco covered by such certificate or sample is accessible to an appeal inspector for making a proper reinspection, resampling, or reweighing, and can be definitely identified by him as the tobacco covered by such certificate or sample; and (c) the tobacco has not deteriorated or undergone any material change.

§29.91   How to obtain an appeal.

An appeal shall be made in writing and filed with the Division or the office of inspection for the type of tobacco involved. Such appeal shall show:

(a) The date; (b) the name and post office address of the appellant and of the person, if any, making the appeal in his behalf; (c) the financial interest of the appellant in the tobacco; (d) the reasons for making the appeal; and such other information as may be required by the Director. The appeal shall be accompanied by the certificate or sample from which the appeal is taken, unless such requirement is waived by the Division when it is impracticable for the appellant to furnish such certificate. The appeal inspector may require the appellant to furnish any other relevant and necessary information for the proper consideration of the appeal.

§29.92   Record of filing time.

When an appeal is filed, the date and time of filing shall be recorded by the officer receiving it.

§29.93   When appeal may be refused.

If it shall appear that the reasons stated in an appeal are frivolous or unsubstantial or that the act or this subpart have not been complied with, the appeal may be denied or dismissed. When an appeal is denied or dismissed, the appeal inspector shall (a) notify the appellant by telegraph or in writing giving the reason for such denial or dismissal; (b) mail a copy of such notification to the Division; and (c) return or release to the appellant, or other person designated by him, any certificate or sample which was filed with the appeal. All expenses incurred in connection with an appeal prior to its refusal or dismissal shall be paid by the appellant, as provided in §29.126.

§29.94   When appeal may be withdrawn.

An appeal may be withdrawn by the appellant at any time before an appeal certificate is issued or an appeal sample is prepared, upon the payment of any expenses incurred in connection with the appeal as provided in §29.126.

§29.95   Review or second inspection not an appeal.

A review or investigation made in accordance with §29.132, or a second inspection, sampling, or weighing made upon the request of an interested party for the purpose of securing new or later information when the correctness of an old certificate or sample is not questioned, shall not be considered an appeal.

§29.96   Order in which made.

Appeals shall be heard and passed upon, so far as practicable, in the order in which they are filed.

§29.97   Who shall pass upon appeals.

Appeals shall be passed upon by an appeal inspector designated for the purpose by the Director. When authorized, by the Director, two or more appeal inspectors may jointly pass upon an appeal. The Division may authorize an inspector, supervising inspector, or other person to act as an appeal inspector, but no appeal inspector shall pass upon an appeal involving the correctness of a certificate issued or sample prepared by him.

§29.98   Appeal findings.

Immediately after an appeal has been heard and the tobacco involved therein has been reexamined, an appeal certificate shall be issued or an appeal sample prepared by the appeal inspector. Such certificate or sample shall show the finding of the appeal inspector and shall be labeled “Appeal Certificate” or “Appeal Sample”, as the case may be, over the signature of the appeal inspector. An appeal certificate or sample shall supersede all other certificates or samples for the same lot of tobacco and shall refer specifically to the certificate or sample from which the appeal was made. In all other respects the provisions of this subpart relative to certificates or samples shall apply to an appeal certificate or sample. The findings of the appeal inspector as certificated shall be final, unless the Director shall direct a review of such findings.

§29.99   Superseded certificate or sample.

When superseded under this subpart by an appeal certificate or an appeal sample, such superseded certificate or sample shall become null and void and shall not thereafter be used to represent the tobacco described therein. If the original and the copies of the old certificate were not delivered to the appeal inspector for cancellation, the appeal inspector shall notify such persons or firms as he may consider necessary to prevent fraudulent use of any such null and void certificate.

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