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Title 7Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter APart 29Subpart C → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart C—Standards


§29.6086   Rules.

The application of these official standard grades shall be in accordance with the following rules.

§29.6087   Rule 1.

Each grade shall be treated as a subdivision of a particular type. When the grade is stated in an inspection certificate, the type also shall be stated.

§29.6088   Rule 2.

The determination of grade shall be based upon a representative sample or a thorough examination of a packing of tobacco.

§29.6089   Rule 3.

The grade of unsorted tobacco shall be based upon a representative sample of the packing. A minimum of 10 percent of the bundles or bales shall be selected at random for sampling; a higher percentage may be sampled at the discretion of the inspector. To obtain the sample, a sufficient amount of tobacco shall be drawn to be representative of each selected bale. In determining the grade, the inspector shall consider the quality of all samples. The grade assigned shall represent the quality of the lot as a whole.

§29.6090   Rule 4.

Standard grades shall be assigned to clean and sound tobacco only.

§29.6091   Rule 5.

Tobacco leaves shall be placed straight in bundles or bales of normal weight, size, and shape with the butts out and tips overlapping from 6 to 8 inches or sufficiently to make a level, solid, and uniform pack. The sides of the bundles shall be completely covered with paper, or other suitable protective material, and tightly bound with not less than three large twines spaced so that the tobacco will be held securely together. Improperly packed tobacco shall be designated as “No—G.”

§29.6092   Rule 6.

The grade assigned to any lot of tobacco shall be a true representation of the tobacco at the time of inspection and certification. If, at any time, it is found that a lot of tobacco does not comply with the specifications of the grade previously assigned, it shall not thereafter be represented as such grade.

§29.6093   Rule 7.

Any lot of tobacco which meets the specifications of two grades shall be placed in the higher grade. Any lot of tobacco on the marginal line between two grades shall be placed in the lower grade.

§29.6094   Rule 8.

A lot of tobacco meets the specifications of a grade when it is not lower in any degree of any element of quality than the minimum specifications of such grade.

§29.6095   Rule 9.

In determining the grade of a lot of tobacco, the lot as a whole shall be considered. Minor irregularities which do not affect over one percent of the tobacco shall be overlooked.

§29.6096   Rule 10.

Interpretations, the use of specifications, and the meaning of terms shall be in accordance with determinations or clarifications made by the Chief of the Standardization Branch and approved by the Director of the Tobacco Division, Agricultural Marketing Service.

§29.6097   Rule 11.

The use of any grade may be restricted by the Director during any marketing season when it is found that the grade is not needed or appears in insufficient volume to justify its use.

§29.6098   Rule 12.

Uniformity shall be expressed in percentages. These percentages shall govern the portion of a lot which must meet each specification of the grade; the remaining portion must be related. Grade specifications state the minimum acceptable degree of each element of quality. Specified percentages of uniformity shall not affect limitations established by other rules.

§29.6099   Rule 13.

Injury tolerance shall be expressed in percentages. The appraisal of injury shall be based upon the percentage of affected leaf surface or the degree of injury, and consideration shall be given to the kinds of injury normal to the group or grade.

§29.6100   Rule 14.

Stem rot shall not exceed 40 percent of the specified injury tolerance for any grade.

§29.6101   Rule 15.

In grade specifications the tolerance of crude shall apply to the entire leaf surface of the lot.

§29.6102   Rule 16.

In grade specifications frozen shall be treated as a separate kind of injury and the tolerance shall apply to the entire leaf surface of the lot.

§29.6103   Rule 17.

Tobacco shall be designated as No Grade, using the grademark “No—G,” when it is damaged, dirty, nested, offtype, semicured, wet, improperly packed, contains foreign matter, or has an odor foreign to the type.

§29.6104   Rule 18.

Burn shall be determined as the average burning time of leaves selected at random from the sample. A minimum of 10 leaves shall be selected as representative regardless of the number of bundles or bales in the lot. All burn tests shall be made in the bindercutting area on the same side of the leaf. The leaf shall be punctured to permit quick ignition when placed over a candle, alcohol lamp, or electrical-lighting device. Good burn shall average 6 seconds or longer; fair burn, 3 to 5 seconds; and poor burn, under 3 seconds. B1 and B2 shall require good burn and B3, fair burn.

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