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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XLIIPart 4279Subpart C → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart C—Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Loans

Eligibility Requirements

§4279.208   Lender eligibility requirements.

(a) An eligible Lender is any Federal or State chartered bank, Farm Credit Bank, other Farm Credit System institution with direct lending authority, and Bank for Cooperatives. These entities must be subject to credit examination and supervision by either an agency of the United States or a State. Credit unions subject to credit examination and supervision by either the National Credit Union Administration or a State agency are eligible Lenders. The National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation is also an eligible Lender. Savings and loan associations, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and other lenders not meeting the above criteria are not eligible.

(b) The Lender must demonstrate that it meets the FDIC definition of Well Capitalized at the time of application and at time of issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee. This information may be identified in FDIC Call Reports and Thrift Financial Reports. If the information is not identified in the Call Reports or Thrift Financial Reports, the Lender will be required to calculate its levels and provide them to the Agency.

(c) The Lender must not be debarred or suspended by the Federal government.

(d) If the Lender is under a cease-and-desist order, or similar constraint, from a Federal or State agency, the Lender must inform the Agency. The Agency will evaluate the Lender's eligibility on a case-by-case basis given the risk of loss posed by the cease-and-desist order or similar constraint, as applicable.

(e) The Agency will only approve loan guarantees for Lenders with adequate experience and expertise, from similar projects, to make, secure, service, and collect loans approved under this subpart.

§4279.209   Borrower eligibility requirements.

(a) Eligible entities. To be eligible, a Borrower must meet the requirements specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section.

(1) Type of Borrower. A Borrower must be an individual; an entity; an Indian Tribe; or a unit of State or Local Government, including a corporation; a Farm Cooperative; a Farmer Cooperative Organization; an Association of Agricultural Producers; a National Laboratory; an Institution of Higher Education; a rural electric cooperative; a public power entity; or a consortium of any of the above entities.

(2) Legal authority and responsibility. Each Borrower must have, or obtain before loan closing, the legal authority necessary to construct, operate, and maintain the proposed Project and services and to obtain, give security for, and repay the proposed loan.

(b) Ineligible entities. A Borrower will be considered ineligible for a guarantee if the Borrower, any owner with more than 20 percent ownership interest in the Borrower, or any owner with more than 3 percent ownership interest in the Borrower if there is no owner with more than 20 percent ownership interest in the Borrower:

(1) Has an outstanding judgment obtained by the U.S. in a Federal Court (other than U.S. Tax Court);

(2) Is delinquent on the payment of Federal income taxes;

(3) Is delinquent on a Federal Debt; or

(4) Is debarred or suspended from receiving Federal assistance.

§4279.210   Project eligibility requirements.

(a) The Project must be located in a State.

(b) The Project must be for either:

(1) The development, construction, and Retrofitting of Technologically New Commercial-Scale processing and manufacturing equipment and required facilities that will be used to convert Renewable Chemicals and other biobased outputs of Biorefineries into end-user products on a Commercial Scale; or

(2) The development, construction, or Retrofitting of a Commercial-Scale Biorefinery using Eligible Technology.

(c) The Borrower and other principals involved in the Project must make a significant equity investment in the Project in the form of cash contribution. Equity does not include loans to the Project. The Agency will evaluate the adequacy of equity in its credit evaluation in accordance with §4279.215(b).

(d) Eligible Project Costs are only those costs associated with the items listed in paragraphs (d)(1) through (9) of this section, as long as the items are assets owned by the Borrower or expenses incurred by the Borrower and the items are an integral and necessary part of the Project, as determined by the Agency. A Project may consist of multiple facilities or components located at multiple locations.

(1) Purchase and installation of equipment (new, refurbished, or remanufactured), including an integrated demonstration unit if the integrated demonstration unit will be used by the Borrower in the Project after the Project is developed and in operation.

(2) New construction or Retrofitting of existing facilities including reasonable contingency reserves, land acquisition, site improvements and development, and associated costs such as surveys, title insurance, title fees, and recording or transfer fees.

(3) Permit and license fees and fees and charges for professional services. Professional services are those rendered by entities generally licensed or certified by States or accreditation associations, such as architects, engineers, accountants, attorneys, or appraisers, and those rendered by Loan Packagers (excluding finders fees). The Borrower may pay fees for professional services needed for planning and developing a Project provided that the amounts are reasonable and customary in the area. Professional fees may be included as an eligible use of loan proceeds.

(4) Working Capital.

(5) Cost of necessary insurance and bonds.

(6) Cost of financing, including capitalized Interest during construction period, legal fees, transaction costs, and customary fees charged by the lender, excluding the guaranteed loan fee and annual renewal fees.

(7) Cash reserve accounts required by the Lender or Agency, such as a debt service reserve account.

(8) Any other item identified by the Agency in a notice published in the Federal Register.

(9) The Agency will consider refinancing only under either of the two conditions specified in paragraphs (d)(9)(i) and (ii) of this section.

(i) Permanent financing used to refinance interim construction financing of the proposed Project only if the application for the guaranteed loan under this subpart was approved prior to closing the interim loan for the construction of the Project.

(ii) Refinancing that is no more than 20 percent of the loan for which the Agency is guaranteeing and the purpose of the refinance is to enable the Agency to establish a first lien position with respect to pre-existing Collateral subject to a pre-existing lien and the refinancing would be in the best financial interests of the Federal Government.

(e) Ineligible Project costs include:

(1) Distribution or payment to an individual owner, partner, stockholder, or beneficiary of the Borrower or a close relative of such an individual when such individual will retain any portion of the ownership of the Borrower;

(2) Any line of credit;

(3) Any equipment, processes, and related costs of such equipment used for processing corn kernel starch into biofuel, including as an incidental or secondary product; and

(4) Payment in excess of actual costs (such as profit, overhead, and indirect costs) incurred by the contractor or other service provider on a contract or agreement that has been entered into at less than an Arm's Length Transaction or with an appearance of or a potential for Conflict of Interest.

§§4279.211-4279.213   [Reserved]

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