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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIVSubchapter CPart 1488Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Financing of Export Sales of Agricultural Commodities From Private Stocks Under CCC Export Credit Sales Program (GSM-5)

Financing Export Sales

§1488.3   General.

When considering the extension of CCC credit for the purpose of financing agricultural commodities, CCC will take into account the extent to which CCC credit financing will:

(a) Permit U.S. exporters to meet competition from other countries.

(b) Prevent a decline in U.S. commercial export sales.

(c) Substitute commercial dollar sales for sales made pursuant to Pub. L. 480 or other concessional programs.

(d) Result in a new use of the agricultural commodity in the importing country.

(e) Permit expanded consumption of agricultural commodities in the importing country and thereby increase total commercial sales of agricultural commodities to the importing country.

§1488.4   Submission of requests for sale registrations.

(a) An eligible exporter shall submit a request for a sale registration for financing to the office specified in §1488.22.

(b) Requests for sale registrations shall be in writing. If such a request is made by telephone, it must be confirmed by letter or wire.

(c) The total amount requested to be registered under a sale shall not exceed the sale contract value, including the upward tolerance, if any.

(d) Requests for sale registration shall incorporate by reference all terms and conditions of GSM-5. The following information shall also be included in the exporter's request for a sale registration:

(1) The name, class, grade, or quality, as applicable, and quantity of the commodity to be exported.

(2) The country of destination.

(3) The port value of the commodity to be exported and the sale contract tolerance, if applicable.

(4) The date of sale and exporter's sale number.

(5) The date of delivery or the period for delivery and the month in which application for payment will be submitted.

(6) The financing period.

(7) Whether the bank obligation assuring payment of the account receivable will be issued by a U.S. bank, branch bank, or foreign bank. If it will be issued by a foreign bank, its name and address, and the name of the confirming U.S. bank, branch bank, or agency bank (if approved as provided in §1488.12b), and the percentage of confirmation.

(8) The name and address of the foreign importer.

(9) If delivery of the commodity to be exported is before export in a warehouse, the name and address of the warehouse to which delivery is to be made.

(10) If the commodity will be sold through an intervening purchaser, the name and address of the intervening purchaser, and a statement that the sale of the commodity is or will be conditioned on its resale by the intervening purchaser and that the commodity will be shipped directly to the foreign importer in the destination country specified in paragraph (d)(2) of this section pursuant to a contract in which the foreign importer agrees to pay the U.S. exporter the amount to be financed in accordance with the terms of GSM-5 financing agreement.

(11) Any additional information as determined by CCC.

[42 FR 10999, Feb. 25, 1977, as amended by Amdt. 5, 43 FR 25992, June 16, 1978]

§1488.5   Acceptance of sale registrations.

(a) Upon receiving a request for a sale registration complying with the applicable provisions of this subpart, the Assistant Sales Manager may approve the registration of the sale. If approved, the exporter will be notified in writing of the financing agreement number which will constitute notice that the sale is registered and eligible for financing.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) CCC reserves the right to reject any and all requests for sale registration.

(d) The registration of a sale shall create a financing agreement between the exporter and CCC which shall consist of the exporter's request for a sale registration, CCC's acceptance of the sale registration, the applicable terms and conditions of this subpart, including amendments and supplemental announcements hereunder which are in effect on the date of approval.

(e) The financing agreement may contain such terms and conditions, not inconsistent with GSM-5, as are deemed necessary in the interest of CCC.

(f) An exporter shall promptly notify the Assistant Sales Manager when he is unable to fulfill his obligations under any sale registered with CCC.

[42 FR 10999, Feb. 25, 1977, as amended by Amdt. 6, 43 FR 29933, July 12, 1978]

§1488.6   Amendments to financing agreement.

The financing agreement may be amended provided such amendment is in conformity with GSM-5 at the time of amendment and is determined to be in the interest of CCC. Amendments may include extension of the period for delivery or the period for export, and change in the interest rate. After the commodity has been delivered, CCC will consider requests to increase the amount of the sale registration value for any quantity within the tolerance in the sales contract and for carrying charges provided such requests relate to the same sale as originally registered with CCC.

§1488.7   Expiration of period(s) for delivery and/or export.

(a) Unless delivery by the exporter to the importer is made within such period as may be provided in the financing agreement or any amendment thereof, or under paragraph (b) of this section, the financing agreement will no longer be valid.

(b) If the Assistant Sales Manager determines that delay in delivery was due solely to causes without the fault or negligence of the exporter, the period for delivery may be extended by CCC by the period of such delay.

(c) If delivery is made before export under the terms of the financing agreement, failure to export within the period specified therefor in the financing agreement shall constitute a breach of the financing agreement. In such case, if full payment under the bank obligation or account receivable has not been received, the account receivable and the bank obligation shall, at the option of the Assistant Sales Manager, become immediately due and payable, and liquidated damages shall be payable in accordance with §1488.11.

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