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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIPart 1250 → Subject Group

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart—Egg Research and Promotion Order

Egg Board

§1250.326   Establishment and membership.

There is hereby established an Egg Board, hereinafter called the “Board,” composed of 18 egg producers or representatives of egg producers, and 18 specific alternates, all appointed by the Secretary from nominations submitted by eligible organizations, associations, or cooperatives, or by other producers pursuant to §1250.328.

§1250.327   Term of office.

The members of the Board, and their alternates, shall serve for terms of 2 years, except initial appointments shall be, proportionately, for terms of 2 and 3 years. Each member and alternate member shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed by the Secretary and has qualified. No member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms.

§1250.328   Nominations.

All nominations authorized under §1250.326 shall be made in the following manner:

(a) Within 30 days of the approval of this order by referendum, nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary for each geographic area as specified in paragraph (d) of this section by eligible organizations, associations, or cooperatives certified pursuant to §1250.356, or, if the Secretary determines that a substantial number of egg producers are not members of, or their interests are not represented by, any such eligible organization, association, or cooperative, then from nominations made by such egg producers in the manner authorized by the Secretary;

(b) After the establishment of the initial Board, the nominations for subsequent Board members and alternates shall be submitted to the Secretary not less than 60 days prior to the expiration of the terms of the members and alternates previously appointed to the Board;

(c) Where there is more than one eligible organization, association, or cooperative within each geographic area, as defined by the Secretary, they may caucus for the purpose of jointly nominating two qualified persons for each member and for each alternate member to be appointed. If joint agreement is not reached with respect to any such nominations, or if no caucus is held within a defined geographic area, each eligible organization, association, or cooperative may submit to the Secretary two nominations for each appointment to be made;

(d) The number of members of the initial Board, and their alternates, who shall be appointed from each area are: Area 1-3, Area 2-4, Area 3-2, Area 4-2, Area 5-4, and Area 6-3, for a total of 18 members from all areas. Changes to the Board as provided in paragraph (e) of this section shall be accomplished by determining the percentage of United States egg production in each area times 18 (total Board membership) and rounding to the nearest whole number; and

(e) After the establishment of the initial Board, the area grouping of the 48 contiguous States of the United States, including the area distribution of the 18 members of the Board and their alternates, shall be reviewed at any time not to exceed 5 years by the Board, or by a person or agency designated by the Board to perform such review, and the results shall be reported to the Secretary along with any recommendations by the Board regarding whether the delineation of the areas and the area distribution of the Board should continue without any change, or whether changes should be made in either the areas or the number of Board members to be appointed from each area, providing that each area shall be represented by not less than one Board member and any action recommended shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary.

[40 FR 59190, Dec. 22, 1975, as amended at 60 FR 66861, Dec. 27, 1995]

§1250.329   Selection.

From the nominations made pursuant to §1250.328, the Secretary shall appoint the members of the Board, and an alternate for each such member, on the basis of representations provided for in §1250.326, §1250.327, and §1250.328.

§1250.330   Acceptance.

Any person appointed by the Secretary as a member, or as an alternate member, of the Board shall qualify by filing a written acceptance with the Secretary within a period of time prescribed by the Secretary.

§1250.331   Vacancies.

To fill any vacancy occasioned by the failure to qualify of any person appointed as a member, or as an alternate member, of the Board, or in the event of the death, removal, resignation, or disqualification of any member or alternate member of the Board, a successor for the unexpired term of such member or alternate member of the Board shall be nominated, qualified, and appointed in the manner specified in §1250.326, §1250.328(b), §1250.329, and §1250.330, except that replacement of a Board member, or alternate, with an unexpired term of less than 6 months is not necessary.

§1250.332   Alternate members.

An alternate member of the Board, during the absence of the member for whom he is the alternate, shall act in the place and stead of such member and perform such other duties as assigned. In the event of the death, removal, resignation, or disqualification of a member, his alternate shall act for him until a successor for such member is appointed and qualified.

§1250.333   Procedure.

(a) A majority of the members, including alternates acting for members of the Board, shall constitute a quorum, and any action of the Board shall require the concurring votes of at least a majority of those present and voting. At assembled meetings, all votes shall be cast in person.

(b) For routine and noncontroversial matters which do not require deliberation and exchange of views, and in matters of an emergency nature when there is not enough time to call an assembled meeting of the Board, the Board may also take action upon the concurring votes of a majority of its members by mail, telephone, or telegraph, but any such action by telephone shall be confirmed promptly in writing.

§1250.334   Compensation and reimbursement.

The members of the Board, and alternates when acting as members, shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for necessary and reasonable expenses, as approved by the Board, incurred by them in the performance of their duties under this subpart.

§1250.335   Powers of the Board.

The Board shall have the following powers:

(a) To administer the provisions of this subpart in accordance with its terms and provisions;

(b) To make rules and regulations to effectuate the terms and provisions of this subpart;

(c) To receive, investigate, and report to the Secretary complaints of violations of this subpart; and

(d) To recommend to the Secretary amendments to this subpart.

§1250.336   Duties.

The Board shall have the following duties:

(a) To meet and organize and to select from among its members a chairman and such other officers as may be necessary, to select committees and subcommittees of Board members, to adopt such rules for the conduct of its business as it may deem advisable, and it may establish advisory committees of persons other than Board members;

(b) To appoint or employ such persons as it may deem necessary and to define the duties and determine the compensation of each;

(c) To prepare and submit to the Secretary for his approval budgets on a fiscal-period basis of its anticipated expenses and disbursements in the administration of this subpart, including probable cost of plans and projects as estimated in the budget or budgets submitted to it by prospective contractors, with the Board's recommendations with respect thereto. In preparing a budget for each of the 1994 and subsequent fiscal years, the Board shall, to the maximum extent practicable, allocate a proportion of funds for research projects comparable to the proportion of funds allocated for research projects in the Board's fiscal year 1993 budget.

(d) With the approval of the Secretary, to enter into contracts or agreements with persons, including, but not limited to, State, regional, or national agencies or State, regional, or national egg organizations which administer research, education, or promotion programs, advertising agencies, public relations firms, public or private research organizations, advertising and promotion media, and egg producer organizations, for the development and submission to it of plans and projects authorized by §1250.341 and for the carrying out of such plans or projects when approved by the Secretary, and for the payment of the cost thereof with funds collected pursuant to §1250.347. Any such contracts or agreements shall provide that such contractors shall develop and submit to the Board a plan or project together with a budget or budgets which shall show estimated costs to be incurred for such plan or project, and that any such plan or project shall become effective upon approval by the Secretary. Any such contract or agreement shall also provide that the contractor shall keep accurate records of all of its transactions and make periodic reports to the Board of activities carried out and an accounting for funds received and expended, and such other reports as the Secretary may require;

(e) To review and submit to the Secretary any plans or projects which have been developed and submitted to it by the prospective contractor, together with its recommendations with respect to the approval thereof by the Secretary;

(f) To maintain such books and records and prepare and submit such reports from time to time to the Secretary as he may prescribe, and to make appropriate accounting with respect to the receipt and disbursement of all funds entrusted to it;

(g)-(h) [Reserved]

(i) To prepare and make public, at least annually, a report of activities carried out and an accounting for funds received and expended;

(j) To cause its books to be audited by a certified public accountant at least once each fiscal period and at such other times as the Secretary may request, and submit a copy of each such audit to the Secretary;

(k) To give the Secretary the same notice of meetings of the Board as is given to members in order that he or his representative may attend such meetings;

(l) To act as an intermediary between the Secretary and any producer or handler; and

(m) To submit to the Secretary such information pursuant to this subpart as he may request.

[40 FR 59190, Dec. 22, 1975, as amended at 54 FR 99, Jan. 4, 1989, and 54 FR 11493, Mar. 21, 1989; 54 FR 12310, Mar. 24, 1989; 59 FR 38876, Aug. 1, 1994; 60 FR 66861, Dec. 27, 1995]

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