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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 60Subpart CCCC → Subject Group

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart CCCC—Standards of Performance for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units

Air Curtain Incinerators (ACIs)

§60.2245   What is an air curtain incinerator?

(a) An ACI operates by forcefully projecting a curtain of air across an open chamber or open pit in which combustion occurs. Incinerators of this type can be constructed above or below ground and with or without refractory walls and floor. Air curtain incinerators are not to be confused with conventional combustion devices with enclosed fireboxes and controlled air technology such as mass burn, modular, and fluidized bed combustors.

(b) Air curtain incinerators that burn only the materials listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (3) of this section are only required to meet the requirements under §60.2242 and under “Air Curtain Incinerators” (§§60.2245 through 60.2260):

(1) 100 percent wood waste;

(2) 100 percent clean lumber; and

(3) 100 percent mixture of only wood waste, clean lumber, and/or yard waste.

§60.2250   What are the emission limitations for air curtain incinerators?

Within 60 days after your ACI reaches the charge rate at which it will operate, but no later than 180 days after its initial startup, you must meet the two limitations specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section:

(a) Maintain opacity to less than or equal to 10 percent opacity (as determined by the average of three 1-hour blocks consisting of ten 6-minute average opacity values), except as described in paragraph (b) of this section; and

(b) Maintain opacity to less than or equal to 35 percent opacity (as determined by the average of three 1-hour blocks consisting of ten 6-minute average opacity values) during the startup period that is within the first 30 minutes of operation.

§60.2255   How must I monitor opacity for air curtain incinerators?

(a) Use Method 9 of appendix A of this part to determine compliance with the opacity limitation.

(b) Conduct an initial test for opacity as specified in §60.8.

(c) After the initial test for opacity, conduct annual tests no more than 12 calendar months following the date of your previous test.

§60.2260   What are the recordkeeping and reporting requirements for air curtain incinerators?

(a) Prior to commencing construction on your ACI, submit the three items described in paragraphs (a)(1) through (3) of this section:

(1) Notification of your intent to construct the ACI;

(2) Your planned initial startup date; and

(3) Types of materials you plan to burn in your ACI.

(b) Keep records of results of all initial and annual opacity tests onsite in either paper copy or electronic format, unless the Administrator approves another format, for at least 5 years.

(c) Make all records available for submittal to the Administrator or for an inspector's onsite review.

(d) You must submit the results (as determined by the average of three 1-hour blocks consisting of ten 6-minute average opacity values) of the initial opacity tests no later than 60 days following the initial test. Submit annual opacity test results within 12 months following the previous report.

(e) Submit initial and annual opacity test reports as electronic or paper copy on or before the applicable submittal date.

(f) Keep a copy of the initial and annual reports onsite for a period of 5 years.

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