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Title 36Chapter XIISubchapter GPart 1280Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart A—Rules of Conduct on or in NARA Property and Facilities

General Information

§1280.1   NARA facilities and applicable rules of conduct.

(a) NARA facilities. Some NARA facilities are located on property the United States owns or that is otherwise under the control of the Archivist of the United States (“NARA property”), other facilities are leased by NARA directly using authority delegated by the General Services Administration (GSA), and still others are located on property owned, leased by, or otherwise under GSA's control (“GSA property”), or owned and under the control of the Government Publishing Office (“GPO property”).

(b) NARA property. You must comply with the rules in this part when you are on NARA property or using facilities located on NARA property.

(1) The National Archives Building. The National Archives Building in Washington, DC, is NARA property and NARA's control includes:

(i) The Pennsylvania Avenue NW, entrance between 7th and 9th Streets, including the area within the retaining walls on either side of the entrance, inclusive of the statues, and the steps and ramps leading up to the entrance of the building;

(ii) On the 7th Street, 9th Street, and Constitution Avenue NW, sides of the building, all property between the National Archives Building and the curb line of the street, including the sidewalks, the statues facing Constitution Avenue, and the other grounds; the steps leading up from the Constitution Avenue sidewalk and the portico at the top of those steps; the general public's entrance to the National Archives Museum on Constitution Avenue (closer to 9th Street); and the Special Events entrance to the National Archives Museum on Constitution Avenue (closer to 7th Street).

(iii) The National Park Service controls the areas on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the National Archives Building that are not NARA property.

(2) Other NARA facilities. The following NARA facilities are also located on NARA property: The National Archives at College Park, in College Park, MD; the Presidential libraries and museums listed in 36 CFR 1253.3; and the National Archives at Atlanta in Morrow, Georgia, listed in 36 CFR 1253.5(a).

(3) Leased NARA facilities. The following NARA facilities are located on private property leased by NARA: The Atlanta Federal Records Center in Ellenwood, GA; the National Archives at Riverside and the Riverside Federal Records Center at Perris, CA; the National Archives at Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Federal Records Center at Fort Worth, TX; and the National Personnel Records Center—Civilian Personnel Records in Valmeyer, IL. These Federal records centers are listed in 36 CFR 1253.4 and archival facilities are listed in 36 CFR 1253.5.

(c) GSA property. (1) The following NARA facilities are located on GSA property: All Federal records centers listed at 36 CFR 1253.4, except the Federal records centers listed in 36 CFR 1280.1(b)(3), and all archival research rooms and facilities listed at 36 CFR 1253.5, except the National Archives at Atlanta and the archival facilities listed in 36 CFR 1280.1(b)(3).

(2) You must comply with the following rules when you are on or using Federal records center or archival research rooms and facilities located on GSA property and those facilities listed in 36 CFR 1280.1(b)(3):

(i) GSA's regulations, 41 CFR part 102-74, subpart C, Conduct on Federal Property, and subpart D, Occasional Use of Federal Buildings (if you are interested in using the public areas in a facility for an event); and

(ii) NARA's regulations outlined in this part 1280. If a provision in this part conflicts with a GSA provision, comply with the GSA provision when on or using NARA facilities located on GSA property.

(d) GPO property. (1) The following NARA facilities are located on GPO property: The Office of the Federal Register (OFR), the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS), and the Center for Legislative Archives.

(2) In addition to NARA rules outlined in this part 1280, you must comply with GPO's rules for the use of its property when you are on or using NARA facilities located on GPO property (currently GPO Directive 825.38A, Rules and Regulations Governing Buildings and Grounds). If a provision in this part 1280 conflicts with a GPO provision, comply with the GPO provision when on or using NARA facilities on GPO property.

(e) NARA research room rules. If you are using records in a NARA research room in any NARA facility, you must also comply with the rules in 36 CFR part 1254. If you violate a rule or regulation in 36 CFR part 1254, you are subject to the types of corrective action set forth in that part, including revocation of research privileges.

(f) Violations. If you violate a rule or regulation in this part you are subject to, among other types of corrective action, removal and banning from the facility.

(g) Closures. The Archivist of the United States reserves the right to close NARA facilities, including those located on GSA and GPO property, at any time for security reasons, special events, or other NARA business needs.

§1280.2   Items subject to inspection.

We may, at our discretion, inspect packages, briefcases, and other containers in the immediate possession of employees, contractors, and other people arriving on, working at, visiting, or departing from NARA property and facilities. 41 CFR 102-74, subpart C, authorizes GSA to conduct similar inspections at NARA facilities on GSA property. These inspection authorities are in addition to NARA's research room rules (see 36 CFR part 1254 and 36 CFR 1280.1(e)).

§1280.4   Children under the age of 14.

We admit children under the age of 14 to NARA facilities only if they are accompanied by an adult who will supervise them at all times. The director of a NARA facility may authorize a lower age limit for unaccompanied children to meet special circumstances (e.g., students who have been given permission to conduct research without adult supervision).

§1280.6   Service animals.

We allow service animals on or in NARA property and facilities in any area that the individual handling the service animal is otherwise entitled to enter. A service animal is any dog individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. You may not bring any other animals onto or into NARA property and facilities, except for official purposes.

§1280.8   Driving on NARA property.

When driving on NARA property, you must obey speed limits, posted signs, and other traffic laws, and park only in designated spaces. We reserve the right to tow, at the owner's expense, any vehicle that is parked illegally. If you must leave your vehicle illegally parked due to an emergency, you must notify the facility security guards as soon as possible. We may, at our discretion, deny any vehicle access to NARA property for public safety or security reasons.

§1280.12   Additional rules.

(a) All facilities. NARA facilities and property may have additional posted rules that you must comply with. In addition, you must, at all times while in a NARA facility or on NARA property, comply with official signs and with the directions of the guards and NARA staff.

(b) Presidential libraries. You may be required to check all of your parcels and luggage in areas designated by library staff when visiting the museums or the Presidential libraries.

(c) GSA and GPO property. Visitors to NARA facilities that are located on GSA or GPO property must check for and follow the rules that apply to the facility they visit, as GSA and GPO may have additional or different rules from the rules in this Part.

(d) NARA official shuttle bus. People conducting research at or visiting the National Archives Building or the National Archives at College Park may use NARA's official shuttle to travel between these buildings, if space is available.

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