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Title 36Chapter IIPart 223Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart B—Timber Sale Contracts

Award of Contracts

§223.100   Award to highest bidder.

The sale of advertised timber shall be awarded to the responsible bidder submitting the highest bid that conforms to the conditions of the sale as stated in the prospectus unless:

(a) Determination is made to reject all bids.

(b) Two or more bidders, all of whom meet the requirements, submit equal bids which are the highest bids, in which case award may be by the drawing of lots. Equal bids from parties having direct or indirect common control or association in logging, processing or marketing may be consolidated to the extent deemed necessary by the awarding officer in order to give to any others who have bid the same amount an equitable opportunity in the drawing of lots.

(c) The highest bidder is notoriously or habitually careless with fire.

(d) Monopoly, injurious to the public welfare, would result from the control of large amounts of public or of public and private timber.

(e) The high bidder has elected Forest Service road construction in response to an advertisement extending such an option, the Forest Service cannot perform the construction and in response to solicitation has not received a satisfactory bid for such construction within the period stated in the prospectus and the high timber sale bidder is unwilling to perform the construction.

[44 FR 73029, Dec. 17, 1979. Redesignated at 49 FR 2761, Jan. 23, 1984, and amended at 50 FR 32696, Aug. 14, 1985; 53 FR 33132, Aug. 30, 1988]

§223.101   Determination of purchaser responsibility.

(a) A Contracting Officer shall not award a timber sale contract unless that officer makes an affirmative determination of purchaser responsibility. In the absence of information clearly indicating that the prospective purchaser is responsible, the Contracting Officer shall conclude that the prospective purchaser does not qualify as a responsible purchaser.

(b) To determine a purchaser to be responsible, a Contracting Officer must find that:

(1) The purchaser has adequate financial resources to perform the contract or the ability to obtain them;

(2) The purchaser is able to perform the contract within the contract term taking into consideration all existing commercial and governmental business commitments;

(3) The purchaser has a satisfactory performance record on timber sale contracts. A prospective purchaser that is or recently has been seriously deficient in contract performance shall be presumed not to be responsible, unless the Contracting Officer determines that the circumstances were beyond the purchaser's control and were not created through improper actions by the purchaser or affiliate, or that the purchaser has taken appropriate corrective action. Past failure to apply sufficient tenacity and perseverance to perform acceptably under a contract is strong evidence that a purchaser is not a responsible contractor. The Contracting Officer shall consider the number of contracts involved and extent of deficiency of each in making this evaluation;

(4) The purchaser has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics;

(5) The purchaser has or is able to obtain equipment and supplies suitable for logging the timber and for meeting the resource protection provisions of the contract;

(6) The purchaser is otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations.

(c) If the prospective purchaser is a small business concern and the Contracting Officer determines that the purchaser does not qualify as a responsible purchaser on an otherwise acceptable bid, the Contracting Officer shall refer the matter to the Small Business Administration which will decide whether or not to issue a Certificate of Competency.

(d) Affiliated concerns, as defined in §223.49(a)(5) of this subpart are normally considered separate entities in determining whether the concern that is to perform the contract meets the applicable standards for responsibility. However, the Contracting Officer shall consider an affiliate's past performance and integrity when they may adversely affect the prospective purchaser's responsibility.

[53 FR 33132, Aug. 30, 1988]

§223.102   Procedures when sale is not awarded to highest bidder.

If the highest bid is not accepted and the sale is still deemed desirable, all bids may be rejected and the timber readvertised; or, if the highest bidder cannot meet the requirements under which the timber was advertised or the withholding of award to him is based on one or more of paragraphs (c), (d), and (e) of §223.100, award at the highest price bid may be offered to the next highest qualified bidder or to the other qualified bidders in order of their bids until the award is accepted by one or refused by all of the qualified bidders.

(92 Stat. 1301, Pub. L. 95-465)

[44 FR 73029, Dec. 17, 1979. Redesignated at 49 FR 2761, Jan. 23, 1984, and 53 FR 33132, Aug. 30, 1988]

§223.103   Award of small business set-aside sales.

If timber is advertised as set aside for competitive bidding by small business concerns, award will be made to the highest bidder who qualifies as a small business concern and who has not been determined by the Small Business Administration to be ineligible for preferential award of set-aside sales. If there are no qualified small business bidders any readvertisement shall be without restriction on the size of bidders.

(92 Stat. 1301, Pub. L. 95-465)

[44 FR 73029, Dec. 17, 1979. Redesignated at 49 FR 2761, Jan. 23, 1984, and 53 FR 33132, Aug. 30, 1988]

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