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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of February 21, 2020

Title 30Chapter VSubchapter BPart 550Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 30: Mineral Resources
Subpart A—General

Primary Lease Requirements, Lease Term Extensions, and Lease Cancellations

§550.181   When may the Secretary cancel my lease and when am I compensated for cancellation?

If the Secretary cancels your lease under this part or under 30 CFR part 556, you are entitled to compensation under §550.184. Section 550.185 states conditions under which you will receive no compensation. The Secretary may cancel a lease after notice and opportunity for a hearing when:

(a) Continued activity on the lease would probably cause harm or damage to life (including fish and other aquatic life), property, any mineral deposits (in areas leased or not leased), or the marine, coastal, or human environment;

(b) The threat of harm or damage will not disappear or decrease to an acceptable extent within a reasonable period of time;

(c) The advantages of cancellation outweigh the advantages of continuing the lease in force; and

(d) A suspension has been in effect for at least 5 years or you request termination of the suspension and lease cancellation.

§550.182   When may the Secretary cancel a lease at the exploration stage?

BOEM may not approve an exploration plan (EP) under 30 CFR part 550, subpart B, if the Regional Supervisor determines that the proposed activities may cause serious harm or damage to life (including fish and other aquatic life), property, any mineral deposits, the National security or defense, or to the marine, coastal, or human environment, and that the proposed activity cannot be modified to avoid the condition(s). The Secretary may cancel the lease if:

(a) The primary lease term has not expired (or if the lease term has been extended) and exploration has been prohibited for 5 years following the disapproval; or

(b) You request cancellation at an earlier time.

§550.183   When may BOEM or the Secretary extend or cancel a lease at the development and production stage?

(a) BOEM may extend your lease if you submit a DPP and the Regional Supervisor disapproves the plan according to the regulations in 30 CFR part 550, subpart B. Following the disapproval:

(1) BOEM will allow you to hold the lease for 5 years, or less time at your request;

(2) Any time within 5 years after the disapproval, you may reapply for approval of the same or a modified plan; and

(3) The Regional Supervisor will approve, disapprove, or require modification of the plan under 30 CFR part 550, subpart B.

(b) If the Regional Supervisor has not approved a DPP or required you to submit a DPP for approval or modification, the Secretary will cancel the lease:

(1) When the 5-year period in paragraph (a)(1) of this section expires; or

(2) If you request cancellation at an earlier time.

§550.184   What is the amount of compensation for lease cancellation?

When the Secretary cancels a lease under §§550.181, 550.182 or 550.183 of this subpart, you are entitled to receive compensation under 43 U.S.C. 1334(a)(2)(C). You must show the Director that the amount of compensation claimed is the lesser of paragraph (a) or (b) of this section:

(a) The fair value of the cancelled rights as of the date of cancellation, taking into account both:

(1) Anticipated revenues from the lease; and

(2) Costs reasonably anticipated on the lease, including:

(i) Costs of compliance with all applicable regulations and operating orders; and

(ii) Liability for cleanup costs or damages, or both, in the case of an oil spill.

(b) The excess, if any, over your revenues from the lease (plus interest thereon from the date of receipt to date of reimbursement) of:

(1) All consideration paid for the lease (plus interest from the date of payment to the date of reimbursement); and

(2) All your direct expenditures (plus interest from the date of payment to the date of reimbursement):

(i) After the issue date of the lease; and

(ii) For exploration or development, or both.

(c) Compensation for leases issued before September 18, 1978, will be equal to the amount specified in paragraph (a) of this section.

§550.185   When is there no compensation for a lease cancellation?

You will not receive compensation from BOEM for lease cancellation if:

(a) BOEM disapproves a DPP because you do not receive concurrence by the State under section 307(c)(3)(B)(i) or (ii) of the CZMA, and the Secretary of Commerce does not make the finding authorized by section 307(c)(3)(B)(iii) of the CZMA;

(b) You do not submit a DPP under 30 CFR part 550, subpart B or do not comply with the approved DPP;

(c) As the lessee of a nonproducing lease, you fail to comply with the Act, the lease, or the regulations issued under the Act, and the default continues for 30 days after BOEM mails you a notice by overnight mail;

(d) The Regional Supervisor disapproves a DPP because you fail to comply with the requirements of applicable Federal law; or

(e) The Secretary forfeits and cancels a producing lease under section 5(d) of the Act (43 U.S.C. 1334(d)).

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