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Title 30Chapter IISubchapter BPart 250Subpart I → Subject Group

Title 30: Mineral Resources
Subpart I—Platforms and Structures

Inspection, Maintenance, and Assessment of Platforms

§250.919   What in-service inspection requirements must I meet?

(a) You must submit a comprehensive in-service inspection report annually by November 1 to the Regional Supervisor that must include:

(1) A list of fixed and floating platforms you inspected in the preceding 12 months;

(2) The extent and area of inspection for both the above-water and underwater portions of the platform and the pertinent components of the mooring system for floating platforms;

(3) The type of inspection employed (e.g., visual, magnetic particle, ultrasonic testing);

(4) The overall structural condition of each platform, including a corrosion protection evaluation; and

(5) A summary of the inspection results indicating what repairs, if any, were needed.

(b) If any of your structures have been exposed to a natural occurrence (e.g., hurricane, earthquake, or tropical storm), the Regional Supervisor may require you to submit an initial report of all structural damage, followed by subsequent updates, which include the following:

(1) A list of affected structures;

(2) A timetable for conducting the inspections described in section 14.4.3 of API RP 2A-WSD (as incorporated by reference in §250.198); and

(3) An inspection plan for each structure that describes the work you will perform to determine the condition of the structure.

(c) The Regional Supervisor may also require you to submit the results of the inspections referred to in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, including a description of any detected damage that may adversely affect structural integrity, an assessment of the structure's ability to withstand any anticipated environmental conditions, and any remediation plans. Under §§250.900(b)(3) and 250.905, you must obtain approval from BSEE before you make major repairs of any damage unless you meet the requirements of §250.900(c).

§250.920   What are the BSEE requirements for assessment of fixed platforms?

(a) You must document all wells, equipment, and pipelines supported by the platform if you intend to use either the A-2 or A-3 assessment category. Assessment categories are defined in API RP 2A-WSD, Section 17.3 (as incorporated by reference in §250.198). If BSEE objects to the assessment category you used for your assessment, you may need to redesign and/or modify the platform to adequately demonstrate that the platform is able to withstand the environmental loadings for the appropriate assessment category.

(b) You must perform an analysis check when your platform will have additional personnel, additional topside facilities, increased environmental or operational loading, inadequate deck height, or suffered significant damage (e.g., experienced damage to primary structural members or conductor guide trays or global structural integrity is adversely affected); or the exposure category changes to a more restrictive level (see Sections 17.2.1 through 17.2.5 of API RP 2A-WSD, incorporated by reference in §250.198, for a description of assessment initiators).

(c) You must initiate mitigation actions for platforms that do not pass the assessment process of API RP 2A-WSD. You must submit applications for your mitigation actions (e.g., repair, modification, decommissioning) to the Regional Supervisor for approval before you conduct the work.

(d) The BSEE may require you to conduct a platform design basis check when the reduced environmental loading criteria contained in API RP 2A-WSD Section 17.6 are not applicable.

(e) By November 1, 2009, you must submit a complete list of all the platforms you operate, together with all the appropriate data to support the assessment category you assign to each platform and the platform assessment initiators (as defined in API RP 2A-WSD) to the Regional Supervisor. You must submit subsequent complete lists and the appropriate data to support the consequence-of-failure category every 5 years thereafter, or as directed by the Regional Supervisor.

(f) The use of Section 17, Assessment of Existing Platforms, of API RP 2A-WSD is limited to existing fixed structures that are serving their original approved purpose. You must obtain approval from the Regional Supervisor for any change in purpose of the platform, following the provisions of API RP 2A-WSD, Section 15, Re-use.

[76 FR 64462, Oct. 18, 2011, as amended at 81 FR 36150, June 6, 2016]

§250.921   How do I analyze my platform for cumulative fatigue?

(a) If you are required to analyze cumulative fatigue on your platform because of the results of an inspection or platform assessment, you must ensure that the safety factors for critical elements listed in §250.908 are met or exceeded.

(b) If the calculated life of a joint or member does not meet the criteria of §250.908, you must either mitigate the load, strengthen the joint or member, or develop an increased inspection process.

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