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Title 30Chapter IISubchapter BPart 250Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 30: Mineral Resources
Subpart A—General

Naming and Identifying Facilities and Wells (Does Not Include MODUs)

§250.150   How do I name facilities and wells in the Gulf of Mexico Region?

(a) Assign each facility a letter designation except for those types of facilities identified in paragraph (c)(1) of this section. For example, A, B, CA, or CB.

(1) After a facility is installed, rename each predrilled well that was assigned only a number and was suspended temporarily at the mudline or at the surface. Use a letter and number designation. The letter used must be the same as that of the production facility, and the number used must correspond to the order in which the well was completed, not necessarily the number assigned when it was drilled. For example, the first well completed for production on Facility A would be renamed Well A-1, the second would be Well A-2, and so on; and

(2) When you have more than one facility on a block, each facility installed, and not bridge-connected to another facility, must be named using a different letter in sequential order. For example, EC 222A, EC 222B, EC 222C.

(3) When you have more than one facility on multiple blocks in a local area being co-developed, each facility installed and not connected with a walkway to another facility should be named using a different letter in sequential order with the block number corresponding to the block on which the platform is located. For example, EC 221A, EC 222B, and EC 223C.

(b) In naming multiple well caissons, you must assign a letter designation.

(c) In naming single well caissons, you must use certain criteria as follows:

(1) For single well caissons not attached to a facility with a walkway, use the well designation. For example, Well No. 1;

(2) For single well caissons attached to a facility with a walkway, use the same designation as the facility. For example, rename Well No.10 as A-10; and

(3) For single well caissons with production equipment, use a letter designation for the facility name and a letter plus number designation for the well. For example, the Well No. 1 caisson would be designated as Facility A, and the well would be Well A-1.

§250.151   How do I name facilities in the Pacific Region?

The operator assigns a name to the facility.

§250.152   How do I name facilities in the Alaska Region?

Facilities will be named and identified according to the Regional Director's directions.

§250.153   Do I have to rename an existing facility or well?

You do not have to rename facilities installed and wells drilled before January 27, 2000, unless the Regional Director requires it.

§250.154   What identification signs must I display?

(a) You must identify all facilities, artificial islands, and mobile offshore drilling units with a sign maintained in a legible condition.

(1) You must display an identification sign that can be viewed from the waterline on at least one side of the platform. The sign must use at least 3-inch letters and figures.

(2) When helicopter landing facilities are present, you must display an additional identification sign that is visible from the air. The sign must use at least 12-inch letters and figures and must also display the weight capacity of the helipad unless noted on the top of the helipad. If this sign is visible to both helicopter and boat traffic, then the sign in paragraph (a)(1) of this section is not required.

(3) Your identification sign must:

(i) List the name of the lessee or designated operator;

(ii) In the GOM OCS Region, list the area designation or abbreviation and the block number of the facility location as depicted on OCS Official Protraction Diagrams or leasing maps;

(iii) In the Pacific OCS Region, list the lease number on which the facility is located; and

(iv) List the name of the platform, structure, artificial island, or mobile offshore drilling unit.

(b) You must identify singly completed wells and multiple completions as follows:

(1) For each singly completed well, list the lease number and well number on the wellhead or on a sign affixed to the wellhead;

(2) For wells with multiple completions, downhole splitter wells, and multilateral wells, identify each completion in addition to the well name and lease number individually on the well flowline at the wellhead; and

(3) For subsea wells that flow individually into separate pipelines, affix the required sign on the pipeline or surface flowline dedicated to that subsea well at a convenient location on the receiving platform. For multiple subsea wells that flow into a common pipeline or pipelines, no sign is required.

§§250.160-250.167   [Reserved]

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