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Title 30Chapter IISubchapter BPart 250Subpart A → Subject Group

Title 30: Mineral Resources
Subpart A—General


§250.125   Service fees.

(a) The table in this paragraph (a) shows the fees that you must pay to BSEE for the services listed. The fees will be adjusted periodically according to the Implicit Price Deflator for Gross Domestic Product by publication of a document in the Federal Register. If a significant adjustment is needed to arrive at the new actual cost for any reason other than inflation, then a proposed rule containing the new fees will be published in the Federal Register for comment.

Service—processing of the
Fee amount30 CFR citation
(1) Suspension of Operations/Suspension of Production (SOO/SOP) Request$2,123§250.171(e).
(2) Deepwater Operations Plan (DWOP)$3,599§250.292(q).
(3) Application for Permit to Drill (APD); Form BSEE-0123$2,113 for initial applications only; no fee for revisions§250.410(d); §250.513(b); §250.1617(a).
(4) Application for Permit to Modify (APM); Form BSEE-0124$125§250.465(b); §250.513(b); §250.613(b); §250.1618(a); §250.1704(g).
(5) New Facility Production Safety System Application for facility with more than 125 components$5,426
$14,280 additional fee will be charged if BSEE conducts a pre-production inspection of a facility offshore, and $7,426 for an inspection of a facility while in a shipyard
A component is a piece of equipment or ancillary system that is protected by one or more of the safety devices required by API RP 14C (as incorporated by reference in §250.198)
(6) New Facility Production Safety System Application for facility with 25-125 components$1,314
$8,967 additional fee will be charged if BSEE conducts a pre-production inspection of a facility offshore, and $5,141 for an inspection of a facility while in a shipyard
(7) New Facility Production Safety System Application for facility with fewer than 25 components$652§250.842.
(8) Production Safety System Application—Modification with more than 125 components reviewed$605§250.842.
(9) Production Safety System Application—Modification with 25-125 components reviewed$217§250.842.
(10) Production Safety System Application—Modification with fewer than 25 components reviewed$92§250.842.
(11) Platform Application—Installation—Under the Platform Verification Program$22,734§250.905(l).
(12) Platform Application—Installation—Fixed Structure Under the Platform Approval Program$3,256§250.905(l).
(13) Platform Application—Installation—Caisson/Well Protector$1,657§250.905(l)
(14) Platform Application—Modification/Repair$3,884§250.905(l).
(15) New Pipeline Application (Lease Term)$3,541§250.1000(b).
(16) Pipeline Application—Modification (Lease Term)$2,056§250.1000(b).
(17) Pipeline Application—Modification (ROW)$4,169§250.1000(b).
(18) Pipeline Repair Notification$388§250.1008(e).
(19) Pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW) Grant Application$2,771§250.1015(a).
(20) Pipeline Conversion of Lease Term to ROW$236§250.1015(a).
(21) Pipeline ROW Assignment$201§250.1018(b).
(22) 500 Feet From Lease/Unit Line Production Request$3,892§250.1156(a).
(23) Gas Cap Production Request$4,953§250.1157.
(24) Downhole Commingling Request$5,779§250.1158(a).
(25) Complex Surface Commingling and Measurement Application$4,056§250.1202(a); §250.1203(b); §250.1204(a).
(26) Simple Surface Commingling and Measurement Application$1,371§250.1202(a); §250.1203(b); §250.1204(a).
(27) Voluntary Unitization Proposal or Unit Expansion$12,619§250.1303(d).
(28) Unitization Revision$896§250.1303(d).
(29) Application to Remove a Platform or Other Facility$4,684§250.1727.
(30) Application to Decommission a Pipeline (Lease Term)$1,142§250.1751(a) or §250.1752(a).
(31) Application to Decommission a Pipeline (ROW)$2,170§250.1751(a) or §250.1752(a).

(b) Payment of the fees listed in paragraph (a) of this section must accompany the submission of the document for approval or be sent to an office identified by the Regional Director. Once a fee is paid, it is nonrefundable, even if an application or other request is withdrawn. If your application is returned to you as incomplete, you are not required to submit a new fee when you submit the amended application.

(c) Verbal approvals are occasionally given in special circumstances. Any action that will be considered a verbal permit approval requires either a paper permit application to follow the verbal approval or an electronic application submittal within 72 hours. Payment must be made with the completed paper or electronic application.

[76 FR 64462, Oct. 18, 2011, as amended at 77 FR 50891, Aug. 22, 2012; 78 FR 60213, Oct. 1, 2013; 81 FR 26014, Apr. 29, 2016; 81 FR 61916, Sept. 7, 2016]

§250.126   Electronic payment instructions.

(a) You must file all payments electronically through the Fees for Services page on the BSEE Web site at http://www.bsee.gov. This includes, but is not limited to, all OCS applications, permits, or any filing fees. You must include a copy of the Pay.gov confirmation receipt page with your application, permit, or filing fee.

(b) If you submitted an application or permit through eWell, you must use the interactive payment feature in that system, which directs you through Pay.gov to make a payment. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your payment confirmation receipt in the event that any questions arise regarding your transaction.

[81 FR 36149, June 6, 2016]

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