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e-CFR data is current as of July 14, 2020

Title 27Chapter ISubchapter APart 20Subpart F → Subject Group

Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms
Subpart F—Formulas and Statements of Process

Approval Policies

§20.100   General.

(a) In addition to the limitations in this part, and if necessary to protect the revenue or public safety, the appropriate TTB officer, when approving Form 5150.19 may:

(1) Specify on the Form 5150.19 the size of containers in which any article may be sold;

(2) Specify the maximum quantity that may be sold to any person at one time; or

(3) Restrict the sale of an article to a specific class of vendee and for a specific use.

(b) Approval by the appropriate TTB officer of formulas, samples, or statements of process means only that they meet the standards of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The approval does not require the issuance of a permit under subpart D of this part to withdraw and use specially denatured spirits in those formulas, articles, or statements of process.

[T.D. ATF-199, 50 FR 9162, Mar. 6, 1985, as amended by T.D. ATF-435, 66 FR 5474, Jan. 19, 2001; TD TTB-140 81 FR 59457, Aug. 30, 2016]

§20.101   Drafting formulas.

(a) In preparing Form 5150.19, the manufacturer shall, for each ingredient containing ethyl alcohol, identify—

(1) The percent alcohol by volume of the ingredient, if known, and

(2) The supplier's name and serial number or approval date of the supplier's approved formula covering the manufacture of the ingredient.

(b) In preparing Form 5150.19, manufacturers may—

(1) Identify ingredients by generic names rather than brand names, and

(2) Identify quantities of ingredients used in ranges rather than in finite quantities.

(c) If ranges of ingredients are used, as authorized by paragraph (b)(2) of this section—

(1) The lower range shall not be zero for any ingredient, and

(2) The range for usage of specially denatured spirits shall not exceed ±5%.

§20.102   Bay rum, alcoholado, or alcoholado-type toilet waters.

Unless manufactured exclusively for export under a formula approved by TTB and endorsed “For Export Only,” bay rum, alcoholado, or alcoholado-type toilet waters made with S.D.S. shall contain in each gallon of finished product:

(a) 71 milligrams of denatonium benzoate (also known as benzyldiethyl (2:6-xylylcarbamoyl methyl) ammonium benzoate) in addition to any of this material used as a denaturant in the specially denatured alcohol;

(b) 2 grams of tartar emetic; or

(c) 0.5 avoirdupois ounce of sucrose octaacetate.

[TD TTB-140, 81 FR 59457, Aug. 30, 2016]

§20.103   [Reserved]

§20.104   Residual alcohol in spirit vinegar.

Commercial strength (40 grain) vinegar made from specially denatured alcohol may contain trace amounts of residual alcohol, not to exceed 0.5 percent of alcohol by volume, in the finished product.

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