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Title 25Chapter ISubchapter HPart 166Subpart E → Subject Group

Title 25: Indians
Subpart E—Grazing Rental Rates, Payments, and Late Payment Collections

Rental Payments

§166.409   How is my grazing rental payment determined?

The grazing rental payment is the total of the grazing rental rate multiplied by the number of AUMs or acres covered by the permit.

§166.410   When are grazing rental payments due?

The initial grazing rental payment is due and payable as specified in the permit or 15 days after the BIA approves the permit, whichever is later. Subsequent payments are due as specified in the permit.

§166.411   Will a permittee be notified when a grazing rental payment is due?

Each permit states the schedule of rental payments agreed to by the parties. We will issue an invoice to the permittee 30 to 60 days prior to the rental payment due date.

§166.412   What if the permittee does not receive an invoice that a grazing rental payment is due?

If we fail to send an invoice or if we send an invoice and the permittee does not receive it, the permittee is still responsible for making timely payment of all amounts due under the permit.

§166.413   To whom are grazing rental payments made?

(a) A permit must specify whether grazing rental payments will be made directly to the Indian landowners or to us on behalf of the Indian landowners. If the permit provides for payment to be made directly to the Indian landowners, the permit must also require that the permittee retain specific documentation evidencing proof of payment, such as canceled checks, cash receipt vouchers, or copies of money orders or cashier's checks, consistent with the provisions of §§166.1000 and 166.1001 of this part.

(b) Grazing rental payments made directly to the Indian landowners must be made to the parties specified in the permit, unless the permittee receives a notice of a change of ownership. Unless otherwise provided in the permit, grazing rental payments may not be made payable directly to anyone other than the Indian landowners.

(c) A permit which provides for grazing rental payments to be made directly to the Indian landowners must also provide for such payments to be suspended and rent thereafter paid to us, rather than directly than to the Indian landowners, if:

(1) An Indian landowner dies;

(2) An Indian landowner requests that payment be made to us;

(3) An Indian landowner is found by us to be in need of assistance in managing his/her financial affairs; or

(4) We determine, in our discretion and after consultation with the Indian landowner(s), that direct payment should be discontinued.

§166.414   What forms of grazing rental payments are acceptable?

(a) When grazing rental payments are made directly to the Indian landowners, the form of payment must be acceptable to the Indian landowners.

(b) Payments made to us may be delivered in person or by mail. We will not accept cash, foreign currency, or third-party checks. We will accept:

(1) Personal or business checks drawn on the account of the permittee;

(2) Money orders;

(3) Cashier's checks;

(4) Certified checks; or

(5) Electronic funds transfer payments.

§166.415   What will the BIA do if the permittee fails to make a direct payment to an Indian landowner?

Within five business days of the Indian landowner's notification to us that a payment has not been received, we will contact the permittee either in writing or by telephone requesting that the permittee provide documentation (e.g., canceled check, cash receipt voucher, copy of a money order or cashier's check) showing that payment has been made to the Indian landowner. If the permitee fails to provide such documentation, we will follow the procedures identified in §166.419 of this part to collect the money on behalf of the Indian landowner or to cancel the permit.

§166.416   May a permittee make a grazing rental payment in advance of the due date?

Rent may be paid no more than 30 days in advance, unless otherwise specified in the permit.

§166.417   May an individual Indian landowner modify the terms of the permit on a fractionated tract for advance grazing rental payment?

No. An individual Indian landowner of a fractionated tract may not modify a permit to allow a grazing rental payment in advance of the due date specified in the initial approved permit.

§166.418   When is a grazing rental payment late?

A grazing rental payment is late if it is not received on or before the due date.

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