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e-CFR data is current as of April 3, 2020

Title 24Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter BPart 232Subpart C → Subject Group

Title 24: Housing and Urban Development
Subpart C—Eligibility Requirements—Supplemental Loans To Finance Purchase and Installation of Fire Safety Equipment

Eligible Security Instruments

§232.525   Note and security form.

The lender shall present for insurance a note and security instrument, if required, on forms approved by the Commissioner for use in the jurisdiction in which the property to be improved is located.

§232.530   Disbursement of proceeds.

At the time of endorsement for insurance of the note by the Commissioner, the entire principal amount of the note shall have been disbursed to the borrower or to his creditors for his account and with his consent.

§232.535   Loan multiples—minimum principal.

The loan shall involve a principal obligation in multiples of $100, and the minimum principal obligation shall be $10,000.

[40 FR 4908, Feb. 3, 1975]

§232.540   Method of loan payment and amortization period.

See 24 CFR 200.82 titled “Maturity” for loan payment and amortization period requirements applicable to mortgages insured under 24 CFR part 232.

[80 FR 48027, Aug. 11, 2015]

§232.545   Covenant against liens.

(a) The security instrument shall contain a covenant against the creation by the borrower of additional liens against the property superior or inferior to the lien of such instrument, except with the prior approval of the Commissioner.

(b) The covenant required under paragraph (a) of this section shall not apply where a lien inferior to the lien of the insured mortgage is given in favor of a Federal, State or local governmental agency or instrumentality under such circumstances as may be approved by the Commissioner, provided the source of funds for repayment of the inferior lien is limited to surplus cash or residual receipts.

[36 FR 24641, Dec. 22, 1971, as amended at 48 FR 35393, Aug. 4, 1983; 49 FR 12215, Mar. 29, 1984]

§232.550   Accumulation of next premium.

The security instrument shall provide for payments by the borrower to the lender on each interest payment date of an amount sufficient to accumulate in the hands of the lender one payment period prior to its due date the next annual insurance premium payable by the lender to the Commissioner.

§232.555   Security instrument and lien.

The security instrument shall cover the entire property included in the project, shall be a lien on the real property of the project under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the project is located, and may be junior to such prior liens or mortgages indebtedness as the Commissioner may approve. The Commissioner may from time to time require such other security, in lieu of, or in addition to, a lien on real property as he may prescribe.

§232.560   Interest rate.

(a) The loan shall bear interest at the rate agreed upon by the lender and the borrower.

(b) Interest shall be payable in monthly installments on the principal amount of the loan outstanding on the due date of each installment.

[39 FR 28966, Aug. 12, 1974, as amended at 53 FR 3366, Feb. 5, 1988; 53 FR 8885, Mar. 18, 1988]

§232.565   Maximum loan amount.

The principal amount of the loan shall not exceed the lower of the Commissioner's estimate of the cost of the fire safety equipment, including the cost of installation and eligible fees, or the amount supported by ninety percent (90%) of the residual income, which is ninety percent (90%) of the amount of net income remaining after payment of all existing debt service requirements, as determined by the Commissioner. The cost of installation may include the cost of such other work to be performed on the project necessary to meet the requirements of the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Commissioner to enhance the fire safety of the project, and such costs incidental to installation as may be approved by the Commissioner.

[40 FR 4908, Feb. 3, 1975, as amended at 80 FR 48028, Aug. 11, 2015]

§232.570   Endorsement of credit instrument.

The Commissioner shall indicate his insurance of the loan by endorsing the credit instrument and identifying the section of the Act and regulations under which the loan is insured and the date of insurance, subject to the presentation and approval by him of the following:

(a) Certification of full disbursement of loan proceeds as provided for in §232.530.

(b) Certification of costs as required by §232.610.

(c) Certification that fire safety equipment was installed as required by §232.500(c).

[39 FR 28966, Aug. 12, 1974, as amended at 80 FR 48028, Aug. 11, 2015]

§232.580   Application of payments.

(a) The security instrument shall provide that all monthly payments to be made by the borrower shall be added together and this aggregate amount shall be paid by the borrower upon each monthly payment date in a single payment. The lender shall apply the payment to the following items in the order set forth:

(1) Premium charges under the contract of insurance;

(2) Interest on the loan;

(3) Amortization of the principal of the loan;

(b) Any deficiency in the amount of any monthly payments required under paragraph (a) of this section shall constitute an event of default and the loan shall further provide for a grace period of 30 days within which time the default must be cured.

§232.585   Prepayment privilege and prepayment charge.

The security instrument shall contain a provision permitting prepayment of the loan in whole or in part upon any interest payment date after giving to the lender 30 days' advance written notice and it may contain a provision, with the approval of the Commissioner, for a reasonable charge in the event of prepayment.

§232.586   Minimum principal loan amount.

A mortgagee may not require, as a condition of providing a loan secured by a mortgage insured under this subpart, that the principal amount of the mortgage exceed a minimum amount established by the mortgagee.

[53 FR 8885, Mar. 18, 1988]

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