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Title 24Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter BPart 203Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 24: Housing and Urban Development
Subpart B—Contract Rights and Obligations

Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund and Distributive Shares

§203.420   Nature of Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.

The Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund shall consist of the General Surplus Account and the Participating Reserve Account.

§203.421   Allocation of Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund income or loss.

For any semiannual period in which Mutual Mortgage Insurance operations shall result in a net income, or loss, the Commissioner shall allocate, after taking into account the actuarial status of the entire Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, such net income or such loss to the General Surplus Account and/or to the Participating Reserve Account as the Commissioner may determine to be in accord with sound actuarial and accounting practice. In determining net income or loss, the Commissioner shall take into consideration all income received from fees, premiums and earnings on investments of the fund, operating expenses and provision for losses to the fund.

[56 FR 18948, Apr. 24, 1991]

§203.422   Right and liability under Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.

No mortgagor or mortgagee shall have any vested right in a credit balance in either the General Surplus Account or the Participating Reserve Account. No mortgagor or mortgagee shall be subject to any liability arising under the mutuality of the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.

§203.423   Distribution of distributive shares.

(a) The Commissioner may provide for the distribution to the mortgagor of a share of the participating reserve account if the contract of insurance is terminated by:

(1) Conveyance to one other than the Commissioner and a claim for the insurance benefits is not presented by the mortgage (§203.315), provided, however, in the case of a mortgage insured pursuant to an application for a conditional commitment received on or after May 19, 1988, (or, as appropriate, an application for mortgage insurance endorsement under the Single Family Direct Endorsement program, as provided in §203.255, where the property appraisal report is signed by the mortgagee's underwriter on or after May 19, 1988, no distribution shall be made if the mortgagee forecloses the mortgage or accepts a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure;

(2) Prepayment of the mortgage (§203.316); or

(3) Voluntary agreement of the mortgagor and mortgagees (§203.317).

(b) The Commissioner shall determine the amount of the distributive share by multiplying the amount of the premium or premiums paid by the applicable distributive share percentage for mortgages insured in the year the mortgage was endorsed for insurance. The Commissioner shall determine the applicable distributive share percentage in an equitable manner and in accordance with sound financial and actuarial practice, taking into account the cumulative actual financial and actuarial experiences through the end of the most recent calendar year.

[48 FR 28806, June 23, 1983, as amended at 52 FR 1329, Jan. 13, 1987; 53 FR 10530, Apr. 1, 1988; 61 FR 36453, July 10, 1996]

§203.424   Maximum amount of distributive shares.

In no event shall a distributive share of the Participating Reserve Account exceed the aggregate scheduled annual premiums of the mortgagor to the year of termination of the insurance.

§203.425   Finality of determination.

The determination of the Commissioner as to the amount to be paid to any mortgagor from the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund shall be final and conclusive.

§203.426   Inapplicability to housing in older declining urban areas.

The provisions of §§203.420 through 203.425 shall not apply to mortgages financing housing in declining urban areas meeting the requirements of §203.43a.

§203.427   Statute of limitations on payment of distributive shares.

The Commissioner shall not distribute any distributive share to an eligible mortgagor under §203.423 beginning on the date which is six years after the date the Commissioner first transmitted written notification of eligibility to the last known address of the mortgagor, unless the mortgagor has applied in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Commissioner for payment of the share within the six-year period. The Commissioner shall transfer any amounts no longer eligible for distribution under this section from the Participating Reserve Account to the General Surplus Account.

[59 FR 49816, Sept. 30, 1994]

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