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Title 15Subtitle BChapter IXSubchapter DPart 970Subpart B → Subject Group

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade
Subpart B—Applications


§970.209   Substantial compliance with application requirements.

(a) Priority of right for the issuance of licenses to new entrants will be established on the basis of the chronological order in which license applications which are in substantial compliance with the requirements established under this subpart are filed with the Administrator pursuant to §970.200.

(b) In order for an application to be in substantial compliance with the requirements of this subpart, it must include information specifically identifiable with and materially responsive to each requirement contained in §§970.201 through 970.208. A determination on substantial compliance relates only to whether the application contains the required information, and does not constitute a determination on certification of the application, or on issuance or transfer of a license.

(c) The Administrator will make a determination as to whether the application is in substantial compliance. Within 30 days after receipt of an application and the opening of coordinates describing the application area, he will issue written notice to the applicant regarding such determination. The notice will identify, if applicable, in what respects the application is not in either full or substantial compliance. If the application is in substantial but not full compliance, the notice will specify the information which the applicant must submit in order to bring it into full compliance, and why the additional information is necessary.

[46 FR 45898, Sept. 15, 1981, as amended at 47 FR 11513, Mar. 17, 1982]

§970.210   Reasonable time for full compliance.

Priority of right will not be lost in case of any application filed which is in substantial but not full compliance, as specified in §970.209, if the Administrator determines that the applicant, within 60 days after issuance to the applicant by the Administrator of written notice that the application is in substantial but not full compliance, has brought the application into full compliance with the requirements of §§970.201 through 970.208.

[46 FR 45898, Sept. 15, 1981; 47 FR 5966, Feb. 9, 1982]

§970.211   Consultation and cooperation with Federal agencies.

(a) Promptly after his receipt of an application and the opening of coordinates describing the application area, the Administrator will distribute a copy of the application to each other Federal agency or department which, pursuant to section 103(e) of the Act, has identified programs or activities within its statutory responsibilities which would be affected by the activities proposed in the application (i.e., the Departments of State, Transportation, Justice, Interior, Defense, Treasury and Labor, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, Small Business Administration and National Science Foundation). Based on its legal responsibilities and authorities, each such agency or department may, not later than 60 days after it receives a copy of the application which is in full compliance with this subpart, recommend certification of the application, issuance or transfer of the license, or denial of such certification, issuance or transfer. The advice or recommendation by the Attorney General or Federal Trade Commission on antitrust review, pursuant to §970.207, must be submitted within 90 days after their receipt of a copy of the application which is in full compliance with this subpart. NOAA will use the benefits of this process of consultation and cooperation to facilitate necessary Federal decisions on the proposed exploration activities, pursuant to the mandate of section 103(e) of the Act to reduce the number of separate actions required to satisfy Federal agencies' statutory responsibilities.

(b) In any case in which a Federal agency or department recommends a denial, it will set forth in detail the manner in which the application does not comply with any law or regulation within its area of responsibility and will indicate how the application may be amended, or how terms, conditions or restrictions might be added to the license to assure compliance with such law or regulation.

(c) A recommendation from another Federal agency or department for denying or amending an application will not affect its having been in substantial compliance with the requirements of this subpart, pursuant to §970.209, for purposes of establishing priority of right. However, pursuant to section 103(e) of the Act, NOAA will cooperate with such agencies and with the applicant with the goal of resolving the concerns raised and satisfying the statutory responsibilities of these agencies.

[46 FR 45898, Sept. 15, 1981, as amended at 47 FR 11513, Mar. 17, 1982]

§970.212   Public notice, hearing and comment.

(a) Notice and comments. The Administrator will publish in the Federal Register, for each application for an exploration license, notice that such application has been received. Subject to 15 CFR 971.802, interested persons will be permitted to examine the materials relevant to such application. Interested persons will have at least 60 days after publication of such notice to submit written comments to the Administrator.

(b) Hearings. (1) After preparation of the draft EIS on an application pursuant to section 109(d) of the Act, the Administrator shall hold a public hearing on the application and the draft EIS in an appropriate location, and may employ such additional methods as he deems appropriate to inform interested persons about each application and to invite their comments thereon.

(2) If the Administrator determines there exists one or more specific and material factual issues which require resolution by formal processes, at least one formal hearing will be held in the District of Columbia metropolitan area in accordance with the provisions of subpart I of 15 CFR part 971. The record developed in any such formal hearing will be part of the basis of the Administrator's decisions on an application.

(c) Hearings held pursuant to this section and other procedures will be consolidated insofar as practicable with hearings held and procedures employed by other agencies.

[46 FR 45898, Sept. 15, 1981, as amended at 54 FR 547, Jan. 6, 1989]

§970.213   Amendment to an application.

After an application has been submitted to the Administrator, but before a determination is made on the issuance or transfer of a license, the applicant must submit an amendment to the application if required by a significant change in the circumstances represented in the original application and affecting the requirements of this subpart. Applicants should consult with NOAA to determine if changes in circumstances are sufficiently significant to require submission of an amendment. The application, as amended, would then serve as the basis for determinations by the Administrator under this part. For each amendment judged by the Administrator to be significant, he will provide a copy of such amendment to each other Federal agency and department which received a copy of the original application, and also will provide for public notice, hearing and comment on the amendment pursuant to §970.212. Such amendment, however, will not affect the priority of right established by the filing of the original application. After the issuance of or transfer of a license, any revision by the licensee will be made pursuant to §970.513.

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