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e-CFR data is current as of July 8, 2020

Title 10Chapter IISubchapter APart 205Subpart W → Subject Group

Title 10: Energy
Subpart W—Electric Power System Permits and Reports; Applications; Administrative Procedures and Sanctions; Grid Security Emergency Orders

Application for Authorization to Transmit Electric Energy to a Foreign Country

§205.300   Who shall apply.

(a) An electric utility or other entity subject to DOE jurisdiction under part II of the Federal Power Act who proposes to transmit any electricity from the United States to a foreign country must submit an application or be a party to an application submitted by another entity. The application shall be submitted to the Office of Utility Systems of the Economic Regulatory Administration (EPA).

(b) In connection with an application under §§205.300 through 205.309, attention is directed to the provisions of §§205.320 through 205.327, below, concerning applications for Presidential Permits for the construction, connection, operation, or maintenance, at the borders of the United States, of facilities for the transmission of electric energy between the United States and a foreign country in compliance with Executive Order 10485, as amended by Executive Order 12038.

§205.301   Time of filing.

Each application should be made at least six months in advance of the initiation of the proposed electricity export, except when otherwise permitted by the ERA to resolve an emergency situation.

§205.302   Contents of application.

Every application shall contain the following information set forth in the order indicated below:

(a) The exact legal name of the applicant.

(b) The exact legal name of all partners.

(c) The name, title, post office address, and telephone number of the person to whom correspondence in regard to the application shall be addressed.

(d) The state or territory under the laws of which the applicant is organized or incorporated, or authorized to operate. If the applicant is authorized to operate in more than one state, all pertinent facts shall be included.

(e) The name and address of any known Federal, State or local government agency which may have any jurisdiction over the action to be taken in this application and a brief description of that authority.

(f) A description of the transmission facilities through which the electric energy will be delivered to the foreign country, including the name of the owners and the location of any remote facilities.

(g) A technical discussion of the proposed electricity export's reliability, fuel use and system stability impact on the applicant's present and prospective electric power supply system. Applicant must explain why the proposed electricity export will not impair the sufficiency of electric supply on its system and why the export will not impede or tend to impede the regional coordination of electric utility planning or operation.

(h) The original application shall be signed and verified under oath by an officer of the applicant having knowledge of the matters set forth therein.

§205.303   Required exhibits.

There shall be filed with the application and as a part thereof the following exhibits:

(a) Exhibit A. A copy of the agreement or proposed agreement under which the electricity is to be transmitted including a listing of the terms and conditions. If this agreement contains proprietary information that should not be released to the general public, the applicant must identify such data and include a statement explaining why proprietary treatment is appropriate.

(b) Exhibit B. A showing, including a signed opinion of counsel, that the proposed export of electricity is within the corporate power of the applicant, and that the applicant has complied or will comply with all pertinent Federal and State laws.

(c) Exhibit C. A general map showing the applicant's overall electric system and a detailed map highlighting the location of the facilities or the proposed facilities to be used for the generation and transmission of the electric energy to be exported. The detailed map shall identify the location of the proposed border crossing point(s) or power transfer point(s) by Presidential Permit number whenever possible.

(d) Exhibit D. If an applicant resides or has its principal office outside the United States, such applicant shall designate, by irrevocable power of attorney, an agent residing within the United States. A verified copy of such power of attorney shall be furnished with the application.

(e) Exhibit E. A statement of any corporate relationship or existing contract between the applicant and any other person, corporation, or foreign government, which in any way relates to the control or fixing of rates for the purchase, sale or transmission of electric energy.

(f) Exhibit F. An explanation of the methodology (Operating Procedures) to inform neighboring electric utilities in the United States of the available capacity and energy which may be in excess of the applicant's requirements before delivery of such capacity to the foreign purchaser. Approved firm export, diversity exchange and emergency exports are exempted from this requirement. Those materials required by this section which have been filed previously with the ERA may be incorporated by reference.

§205.304   Other information.

Where the application is for authority to export less than 1,000,000 kilowatt hours annually, applicants need not furnish the information called for in §§205.302(g) and 205.303 (Exhibit C). Applicants, regardless of the amount of electric energy to be exported, may be required to furnish such supplemental information as the ERA may deem pertinent.

§205.305   Transferability.

(a) An authorization to transmit electric energy from the United States to a foreign country granted by order of the ERA under section 202(e) of the Federal Power Act shall not be transferable or assignable. Provided written notice is given to the ERA within 30 days, the authorization may continue in effect temporarily in the event of the involuntary transfer of this authority by operation of law (including transfers to receivers, trustees, or purchasers under foreclosure or judicial sale). This continuance is contingent on the filing of an application for permanent authorization and may be effective until a decision is made thereon.

(b) In the event of a proposed voluntary transfer of this authority to export electricity, the transferee and the transferor shall file jointly an application pursuant to this subsection, setting forth such information as required by §§205.300 through 205.304, together with a statement of reasons for the transfer.

(c) The ERA may at any time subsequent to the original order of authorization, after opportunity for hearing, issue such supplemental orders as it may find necessary or appropriate.

§205.306   Authorization not exclusive.

No authorization granted pursuant to section 202(e) of the Act shall be deemed to prevent an authorization from being granted to any other person or entity to export electric energy or to prevent any other person or entity from making application for an export authorization.

§205.307   Form and style; number of copies

An original and two conformed copies of an application containing the information required under §§205.300 through 205.309 must be filed.

§205.308   Filing schedule and annual reports.

(a) Persons authorized to transmit electric energy from the United States shall promptly file all supplements, notices of succession in ownership or operation, notices of cancellation, and certificates of concurrence. In general, these documents should be filed at least 30 days prior to the effective date of any change.

(b) A change in the tariff arrangement does not require an amendment to the authorization. However, any entity with an authorization to export electric energy shall file with the ERA, and the appropriate state regulatory agency, a certified copy of any changed rate schedule and terms. Such changes may take effect upon the date of filing of informational data with the ERA.

(c) Persons receiving authorization to transmit electric energy from the United States shall submit to the ERA, by February 15 each year, a report covering each month of the preceding calendar year detailing the gross amount of kilowatt-hours of energy, by authorized category, received or delivered, and the cost and revenue associated with each category.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under Control No. 1901-0245)

[45 FR 71560, Oct. 28, 1980, as amended at 46 FR 63209, Dec. 31, 1981]

§205.309   Filing procedures and fees.

Applications shall be addressed to the Office of Utility Systems of the Economic Regulatory Administration. Every application shall be accompanied by a fee of $500.00. Fee payment shall be by check, draft, or money order payable to the Treasurer of the United States. Copies of applications and notifications of rate changes shall be furnished to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and all affected State public utility regulatory agencies.

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