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Title 9Chapter ISubchapter BPart 54Subpart A → §54.3

Title 9: Animals and Animal Products
Subpart A—Scrapie Indemnification Program

§54.3   Animals eligible for indemnity payments.

(a) Indemnity may be paid for an animal only after the owner of the animal has applied for indemnification and been approved in accordance with §54.4. Indemnity may be paid only for the following:

(1) Destruction of high-risk animals;

(2) Destruction of animals based on an epidemiologic investigation, when the Administrator determines that the destruction of these animals will contribute to the eradication of scrapie;

(3) Destruction of live scrapie-positive animals;

(4) Destruction of animals that test positive on a live-animal screening test; and

(5) Destruction of suspect animals that are destroyed at the request of an APHIS representative.

(b) Indemnity will be paid to an owner only for animals actually in a flock at the time indemnity is first offered in writing, and for offspring born to animals in that flock within 60 days after the time indemnity is first offered in writing. Animals removed from the flock as part of an investigation or a post-exposure management and monitoring plan (PEMMP) will be paid indemnity based on the calculated prices at the time an APHIS representative designates, in writing, the animals for removal. If an owner declines to remove an animal within 60 days of when indemnity is first offered the owner will receive the lower value of when indemnity was first offered in writing or when the animal was actually removed. APHIS may withdraw an indemnity offer if an owner does not make animals available for inventory, gestational assessment, and testing within 30 days, does not remove an animal within 60 days of the written indemnity offer or by the date specified in a flock plan or PEMMP, or fails to provide APHIS animal registration certificates, sale and movement records, or other records requested in accordance with §54.5. No indemnity will be paid for any animal, or the progeny of any animal, that has been moved or handled by the owner in violation of the requirements of the Animal Health Protection Act or the regulations promulgated thereunder. No indemnity will be paid for an animal added to the premises while a flock is under investigation or while it is an infected or source flock other than natural additions. No indemnity will be paid for natural additions born more than 60 days after the owner is notified they are eligible for indemnity unless the Administrator makes a determination that the dam could not be removed within the allowed time as a result of conditions outside the control of the owner. No indemnity will be paid unless the owner has signed and is in compliance with the requirements of a flock plan or post-exposure management and monitoring plan (PEMMP) as described in §54.8 unless the requirement for a flock plan or PEMMP has been waived by the Administrator. No indemnity will be paid until the premises, including all structures, holding facilities, conveyances, and materials contaminated because of occupation or use by the depopulated animals, have been properly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with §54.7(e), unless premises or portions of premises have been exempted from the cleaning and disinfecting requirements per §54.8(j)(1); Except that, partial indemnity may be paid when the Administrator determines that weather or other factors outside the control of the owner make immediate disinfection impractical. No indemnity will be paid to an owner for any animals if the owner established or increased his flock for the purpose of collecting or increasing indemnity.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0101)

[66 FR 43982, Aug. 21, 2001, as amended at 84 FR 11182, Mar. 25, 2019]

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