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Title 7Subtitle BChapter VIIISubchapter APart 800 → §800.98

Title 7: Agriculture

§800.98   Weighing grain in combined lots.

(a) General. The weighing of bulk or sacked grain loaded aboard, or being loaded aboard, or unloaded from two or more carriers as a combined lot shall be conducted according to this section and the instructions.

(b) Weighing procedure—(1) Single lot weighing. (i) Single lots of grain that are to be weighed as a combined lot may be weighed at multiple locations, provided that:

(A) The lots are contained in the same type of carrier; and

(B) Weighing is performed at each individual location in a reasonably continuous operation.

(ii) The grain loaded into or unloaded from each carrier must be weighed in accordance with procedures prescribed in the instructions. In the case of sacked grain, a representative weight sample must be obtained from the grain in each carrier unless otherwise specified in the instructions.

(2) Recertification. Grain that has been weighed and certified as two or more single lots may be recertified as a combined lot, provided that the original weight certificates issued for the single lots have been or will be surrendered to the appropriate agency or field office, and the official personnel who performed the weighing service for the single lots and the official personnel who are to recertify the grain as a combined lot determine that the weight of the grain in the lots has not since changed, and in the case of sacked grain, that the weight samples used as a basis for weighing the single lots were representative at the time of the weighing.

(3) Grain uniform in quality. An applicant may request that grain be weighed and certificated as a combined lot whether or not the grain is uniform in quality for the purpose of inspection under the Act.

(c) Certification procedures—(1) General. Each certificate for a combined-lot Class X or Class Y weighing service shall show the identification for the “Combined lot” or, at the request of the applicant, the identification of each carrier in the combined lot. The identification and any seal information for the carriers may be shown on the reverse side of the weight certificate, provided the statement “See reverse side” is shown on the face of the certificate in the space provided for remarks.

(2) Recertification. If a request for a combined-lot Class X or Class Y weighing service is filed after the grain in the single lots has been weighed and certified, the combined-lot weighing certificate must show the following:

(i) The date of weighing the grain in the combined lot (if the single lots were weighed on different dates, the latest dates must be shown);

(ii) A serial number, other than the serial numbers of the weight certificates that are to be superseded;

(iii) The name of the elevator(s) from which or into which the grain in the combined lot was loaded or unloaded;

(iv) A statement showing the weight of the grain in the combined lot;

(v) A completed statement showing the identification of any superseded certificate as follows: “This combined-lot certificate supersedes certificate Nos. ___, dated ______; and

(vi) If at any time of issuing the combined-lot weight certificate, the superseded certificates are not in the custody of the agency or field office, the statement “The superseded certificates identified herein have not been surrendered” must be shown clearly in the space provided for remarks beneath the statement identifying the superseded certificates. If the superseded certificates are in the custody of the agency or field office, the superseded certificates must be clearly marked “Void.”

(3) Part lot. If a part of a combined lot of grain in inbound carriers is unloaded and a part is left in the carriers, the grain that is unloaded shall be certificated in accordance with the provisions in §800.97(c)(2).

(4) Official mark. When grain is weighed as a combined lot in one continuous operation, upon request by the applicant, the following statement shall be shown on the weight certificate: “Loaded under continuous official weighing,” or “Loaded under continuous official inspection and weighing.”

(5) Further combining. After a combined-lot weight certificate has been issued, there shall be no further combining and no dividing of the certificate.

(6) Limitations. No combined-lot weight certificate shall be issued (i) for any weighing service other than as described in this section or (ii) which shows a weight of grain different from the total of the combined single lot.

[52 FR 6496, Mar. 4, 1987, as amended at 78 FR 43757, July 22, 2013]

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