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Title 7Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter CPart 283Subpart B → §283.4

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart B—Appeals of QC Claims of $50,000 or More

§283.4   Filing appeals for QC claims of $50,000 or more.

(a) Time. A State agency may appeal the bill for collection from FNS for a QC claim of $50,000 or more for a SNAP QC error rate in excess of the tolerance level. A State agency shall file a written notice of appeal, in accordance with this subpart, within 10 days of receipt of the bill for collection from FNS for a QC claim of $50,000 or more. The State agency may request an extension to the 10-day filing requirement in accordance with §283.22(f). FNS shall issue the bill for collection by certified mail or personal service.

(b) Exhaustion of administrative remedies. The State agency must appeal the bill for collection to the ALJ, pursuant to this subpart, and exhaust the available administrative remedies before filing suit in the Federal District Courts.

(c) Filing. The notice of appeal shall be filed with the Hearing Clerk in accordance with §283.22(b).

(d) Content of the notice. (1) A notice of appeal, in order to be considered acceptable, must contain the following information:

(i) A brief and clear statement that it is an appeal from a QC claim of $50,000 or more identifying the period the claim covers, the date and amount of the bill for collection, and the date of receipt of the bill for collection;

(ii) Identification of the State agency as the appellant and FNS as the appellee;

(iii) A statement that the notice of appeal is filed pursuant to section 14(a) of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008;

(iv) A copy of the bill for collection which constitutes the basis for the filing of the notice of appeal shall be attached to the notice.

(2) Failure to file an acceptable notice of appeal may result in a challenge by FNS to the notice, dismissal of the notice by the ALJ and a waiver of the opportunity for further appeal or review by the Judicial Officer unless the State agency pursues the options as discussed in §§283.17(d) and 283.20.

(e) Receipt of notice of appeal and assignment of docket number. Upon receipt of a notice of appeal, the Hearing Clerk shall assign the appeal a docket number. The Hearing Clerk shall:

(1) Send the State agency a letter which shall include the following information:

(i) Advice that the notice of appeal has been received and the date of receipt;

(ii) The docket number assigned to the appeal and instructions that all future communications related to the appeal shall reference the docket number, and;

(iii) Advice that the State agency must file and serve its appeal petition, as set forth in §283.22, not later than 60 days after receiving a notice of the claim. Failure to file a timely appeal petition may result in a waiver of further appeal rights.

(2) Send FNS a copy of the notice of appeal and a copy of the letter to the State agency.

(f) Stay of collection. The filing of a timely notice of appeal shall automatically stay the action of FNS to collect the QC claim asserted against the State agency until a decision is reached on the acceptability of the appeal, and in the case of an acceptable appeal, until a final administrative determination has been issued. However, interest will accrue on the outstanding claim amount during the stay as provided in section 13(a)(1) of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended (7 U.S.C. 2022(a)(1)).

(g) Content of the appeal petition. The appeal petition shall include:

(1) A brief statement of the allegations of fact and provisions of law that constitute the basis for the appeal including a statement as to whether a factual basis for good cause relief exists;

(2) The nature of the relief sought, and;

(3) A request for an oral hearing, if desired by the State agency. Failure to request an oral hearing will result in a forfeiture of the opportunity for such a hearing, except as provided in §283.15(a).

(h) FNS answer. Upon service of the State agency appeal petition, FNS shall:

(1) File an answer, in accordance with §283.6, not later than 60 days after the State agency submits its appeal petition and;

(2) Advise the Hearing Clerk if FNS wishes to have an oral hearing.

(i) Oral hearing not requested. If no oral hearing has been requested, the appeal shall proceed in accordance with the procedures set forth under subpart C of this part.

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