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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XVIIISubchapter HPart 1980Subpart E → §1980.454

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart E—Business and Industrial Loan Program

§1980.454   Conditions precedent to issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee.

In addition to compliance with the requirements of §1980.60 of subpart A of this subpart, compliance with the following provisions are required prior to issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee.

(a) Transfer of lenders. The Rural Development State Director may approve a substitution of a new eligible lender in place of a former lender who holds an outstanding Conditional Commitment for Guarantee (where the Loan Note Guarantee has not yet been issued and the loan is within the State Director's loan approval authority) provided there are no changes in the borrower's ownership or control, loan purposes, scope of project and loan conditions in the Form RD 449-14 and the loan agreement remains the same. To effect such a substitution, the former lender will provide Rural Development with a letter stating the reasons it no longer desires to be a lender for the project. For loans in excess of the State Director's loan approval authority, National Office concurrence is required. The State Director will submit a recommendation concerning the transfer of lenders along with the lender's letter stating the reasons it no longer desires to be a lender for the project. The substituted lender will execute a new Part “B” of Form RD 449-1. If approved by Rural Development, the State Director will issue a letter or amendment to the original Form RD 449-14 reflecting the new lender and the new lender will acknowledge acceptance of the letter or amendment in writing.

(b) Substitution of borrowers. Rural Development will not issue a Loan Note Guarantee to the lender who is in receipt of a Form RD 449-14 with an obligation in a previous fiscal year if the originally approved borrower (including changes in legal entity) or owners are changed. The only exception to this provision prohibiting a change in the legal entity's form of ownership is when the originally approved borrower or owner is replaced with substantially the same individuals with substantially the same interests, as originally approved and identified in the Form RD 449-1, item 15. All requests for exceptions must be approved by the Rural Development National Office.

(c) Changes in terms and conditions in Form RD 449-14. It is the intent of Rural Development that once the Form RD 449-14 is issued and accepted by the lender, the commitment is not to be modified as to the scope of the project, overall facility concept, project purpose, use of proceeds or terms and conditions. Should changes be requested by the lender, the State Director will negotiate with the lender and proposed borrower any proposed changes to the originally accepted Form RD 449-14. If, as a result of these negotiations, the lender, proposed borrower or State Director presents alternate conditions which would result in a change in the scope of the project, and if the loan exceeds the State Director's loan approval authority, the State Director will submit these changes in the conditions by memorandum to the National Office for consideration with a copy of the revised Form FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 449-14 and any amendments thereto. Changes to the conditional commitment may be approved by the State Director for loans within their loan approval authority.

(d) Additional requirements for B&I guaranteed loans. All B&I borrowers and lenders, as applicable, must comply with Appendix D, paragraphs (I) (A) and (B); (II)(A) through (II)(A)(2)(g)(1); (II) (B) and (C); (III) (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E).

(e) Preguarantee review. Coincident with, or immediately after loan closing, the lender will contact Rural Development and provide those documents and certifications required in §§1980.60 and 1980.61 of subpart A of this part. Only when the Rural Development B&I or C&BP Chief or Loan Specialist, as required in paragraph B. (Administrative) of this section, is satisfied that all conditions for the guarantee have been met will the Loan Note Guarantee be executed.

(f) Loan closing. When loan closing plans are established, the lender will notify Rural Development.

(g) Closing of working capital loans. The State Director will not issue a Loan Guarantee for a working capital loan prior to the completion of all proposed construction for the project. Working capital loan funds will not be used to pay short-term notes.


A. The State Director reviews: 1. [Reserved]

2. Plans for inspections made on construction projects. These should be coordinated with the lender and borrower. Form RD 424-12, “Inspection Reports,” may be used by the State Engineer or Architect who will make an inspection of the projects which involve substantial construction. The inspection shall be completed prior to the issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee to assure all construction is complete. The State Loan Specialist or Chief may also participate in the inspections.

3. Cost overruns, if any, and how they will be met. State Directors may approve cost overruns for projects in any amount or percentage within their loan approval authority not to exceed 10 percent in loan amounts between $1 million and $10 million.

4. Basic credit requirements of all loans.

B. In all cases, the Program Chief or the B&I Loan Specialist will conduct a preguarantee review before issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee to assure that all requirements of the application, Conditional Commitment for Guarantee and Loan Agreement have been met including the required certifications using language specified by the regulations, and will provide such verification in the loan file, including arrangements for annual audit reports. In the conduct of this review, all requirements of §1980.60(a) of Subpart A of this part will be reviewed and special attention should be paid to reviewing current financial statements of the borrower to assure that no adverse change has taken place. The District Director may participate in the review.

C. The State Director or any other Rural Development personnel shall not sign any documents other than those specifically provided for in Subparts A or E of this part. No certificates shall be signed except the “Certificate of Incumbency and Signature” as set forth as Appendix B of this subpart.

D. Par (a) Transfer of Lender. The State Director will analyze all requests for substituted lenders including the servicing capability, eligibility and experience of the new lender before the request is approved. If approved, notify the Finance Office of the change using Form RD 1980-42, Do not deobligate and reobligate the loan if the Form RD 449-14 was issued in a previous fiscal year.

E. Par (b) Substitution of borrowers. The State Director will review any request for exceptions to substitution of borrowers and forward such requests with a memorandum of facts and recommendations to the National Office for a decision. The National Office will not approve any request where the legal entity is changed, such as from a corporation to a partnership, etc., or if the ownership changes more than 20 percent.

F. Par (c) Changes in terms and conditions in Form RD 449-14. The State Director will review any request for changes to Form RD 449-14. Only those changes which do not materially affect the project, its capacity, employment, original projections or credit factors may be approved. Changes in legal entities or where tax considerations are the reason for change will not be approved when modifying any loan guarantee or conditions of guarantee. State Directors may approve these changes in terms and conditions if the loan is within the State Director's loan approval authority and the change will not result in a major change in the scope of the project. Changes in terms and conditions for loans in excess of the State Director's loan approval authority, must be submitted to the National Office with a memorandum of facts and recommendations for review and concurrence.

In order to identify the number and types of action taken, the following procedures are to be followed when requests of this type are approved by Rural Development.

1. Start with the number 1 when the first modification is approved and enter this number in the upper right hand corner of the Letter of Concurrence and on the related “Modification or Administration Action” sheet.

2. Next to the modified wording on the work copy of the Conditional Commitment for Guarantee and the Term Loan Agreement or any form which has been modified, pencil in a short cross reference to the modification and identify the number given it.

3. File the copies of the “Modification or Administrative Action” sheet and related Letters of Concurrence numerically in the docket directly on top of the affected original documents of conditions.

4. This order of recordkeeping should include any requests which were declined by the National Office.

[52 FR 6501, Mar. 4, 1987, as amended at 53 FR 26413, July 12, 1988; 57 FR 4359, Feb. 5, 1992; 61 FR 18495, Apr. 26, 1996]

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