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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XVIIPart 1735Subpart C → §1735.31

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart C—Types of Loans

§1735.31   RUS cost-of-money.

(a) RUS makes cost-of-money loans, under section 305(d)(2) of the RE Act. To qualify for cost-of-money loans, a borrower must meet each of the following requirements:

(1) The average number of proposed subscribers per mile of line in the service area of the borrower is not more than 15, or the borrower has a projected TIER (including the proposed loans) of at least 1.0, but not greater than 5.0, as determined by the feasibility study prepared in connection with the loans, see 7 CFR part 1737, subpart H; and

(2) The Administrator has approved and the borrower is participating in a telecommunications modernization plan for the state, see 7 CFR part 1751, subpart B.

(b) To determine the RUS cost-of-money, the total loan amount will be multiplied by the ratio of RUS cost-of-money funds appropriated for the fiscal year to the sum of RUS cost-of-money funds appropriated for the fiscal year in which the loan is approved. If during the fiscal year the amount of funds appropriated changes, the ratio will be adjusted accordingly and applied only to those loans approved afterwards.

(c) The RUS cost-of-money loan shall bear interest as described in paragraphs (c)(1) and (2) of this section.

(1) Each advance of funds included in RUS cost-of-money loans shall bear interest at a rate (the “Cost of Money Interest Rate”) equal to the current cost of money to the Federal Government for loans of a similar maturity. The Cost of Money Rate is determined when the funds are advanced to the borrower but cannot exceed 7 percent per year.

(2) RUS shall use the Federal Treasury Statistical Release (the “Statistical Release”) issued by the United States Treasury to determine the interest rate for each advance of RUS cost-of-money loan funds. Generally, the Statistical Release is issued each Monday to cover the preceding week. RUS shall determine the Cost of Money Interest Rate as follows:

(i) Each advance shall bear the interest rate stated in the applicable Statistical Release for Treasury constant maturities with a maturity similar to that of the advance.

(ii) RUS shall determine the interest rate for an advance bearing a maturity other than those stated in the applicable Statistical Release by straight-line interpolation between the next higher and next lower stated maturities.

(iii) The first Statistical Release published after the date of an advance shall apply to that advance.

(iv) If the interest rate determined under paragraph (c)(2)(i) or (c)(2)(ii) of this section is higher than 7 percent, then the advance shall bear interest at the rate of 7 percent per year.

(v) Advances with maturities greater than 30 years shall bear interest at the rate stated in the applicable Statistical Release for 30-year maturities.

(vi) RUS may use an alternative method to determine the Cost of Money Interest Rate if the Treasury ceases to issue the Statistical Release or changes its format or frequency of issue so that it is no longer appropriate for use in the manner described in paragraph (c)(2) of this section. In this eventuality, RUS shall immediately notify all borrowers with unadvanced RUS cost-of-money loan funds. RUS may, with the borrower's consent, determine the Cost of Money Interest Rate on a case-by-case basis for subsequent advances of RUS cost-of-money loan funds but may also decide, in its discretion, that it is unable to continue advancing funds until an alternative method is in effect.

(vii) Refer to §1735.43(a) for additional information on maturities of RUS loans.

(viii) RUS shall provide borrowers with prompt written confirmation of the Cost of Money Interest Rate borne by each advance of funds included in a RUS cost-of-money loan.

(d) Generally, no more than 10 percent of lending authority from appropriations in any fiscal year for RUS cost-of-money loans may be loaned to a single borrower. RUS will publish by notice in the Federal Register the dollar limit that may be loaned to a single borrower in that particular fiscal year based on approved RUS lending authority.

(e) On request of any borrower who is eligible for RUS cost-of-money loans for which funds are not available, the borrower shall be considered to have applied for a loan guarantee under section 306 of the RE Act.

(f) RUS cost-of-money loans may be made simultaneously with hardship loans or guaranteed loans.

[58 FR 66255, Dec. 20, 1993, as amended at 62 FR 46870, Sept. 5, 1997; 84 FR 59921, Nov. 7, 2019]

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