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e-CFR data is current as of July 9, 2020

Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIVSubchapter CPart 1493Subpart B → §1493.100

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart B—CCC Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-102) Operations

§1493.100   Terms and requirements of the Payment Guarantee.

(a) CCC's obligation. The Payment Guarantee will provide that CCC agrees to pay the Holder of the Payment Guarantee an amount not to exceed the Guaranteed Value, plus Eligible Interest, in the event that the Foreign Financial Institution fails to pay under the Foreign Financial Institution Letter of Credit and, if applicable, the Terms and Conditions Document. Payment by CCC will be in U.S. dollars.

(b) Period of guarantee coverage. (1) The Holder of the Payment Guarantee may, with respect to a series of shipments made within a 30 calendar day period, elect to have the Payment Guarantee coverage being on the Weighted Average Export Date for such shipments. The first allowable 30 calendar day period for bundling of shipments to compute the Weighted Average Export Date for such shipments begins on the first Date of Export for transactions covered by the Payment Guarantee. Shipments within each subsequent 30 calendar day period may be bundled with other shipments made within the same 30 calendar period to determine the Weighted Average Export Date for such shipments.

(2)(i) The period of coverage under the Payment Guarantee begins on the earlier of the following dates and will continue during the credit term specified on the Payment Guarantee or any amendments thereto:

(A) The Date(s) of Export or the Weighted Average Export Date(s), as selected by the Holder of the Payment Guarantee consistent with paragraph (b)(1) of this section; or

(B) The date when Ordinary Interest begins to accrue, or the weighted average date when interest begins to accrue.

(ii) However, the Payment Guarantee becomes effective on the Date(s) of Export of the U.S. Agricultural Commodities specified in the Exporter's application for the Payment Guarantee.

(c) Terms of the CCC Payment Guarantee. The terms of CCC's coverage will be set forth in the Payment Guarantee, as approved by CCC, and will include the provisions of this subpart, which may be supplemented by any Program Announcements and notices to participants in effect at the time the Payment Guarantee is approved by CCC.

(d) Final date to export. The final date to export shown on the Payment Guarantee will be one month, as determined by CCC, after the contractual deadline for shipping.

(e) Reserve coverage for loading tolerances. The Exporter may apply for a Payment Guarantee and, if coverage is available, pay the guarantee fee, based on the mean of the lower and upper loading tolerances of the Firm Export Sales Contract; however, the Exporter may also request that CCC reserve additional guarantee coverage to accommodate up to the amount of the upward loading tolerance specified in the Firm Export Sales Contract. The amount of coverage that can be reserved to accommodate the upward loading tolerance is limited to ten (10) percent of the Port Value of the sale. If such additional guarantee coverage is available at the time of application and the Director determines to make such reservation, CCC will so indicate to the Exporter. In the event that the Exporter ships a quantity greater than the amount on which the guarantee fee was paid (i.e., the mean of the upper and lower loading tolerances), it may obtain the additional coverage from CCC, up to the amount of the upward loading tolerance, by filing for an application for amendment to the Payment Guarantee, and by paying the additional amount of fee applicable. If such application for an amendment to the Payment Guarantee is not filed with CCC by the Exporter and the additional fee not received by CCC within 30 calendar days after the date of the last export against the Payment Guarantee, CCC may cancel the reserve coverage originally set aside for the Exporter.

(f) Certain export sales are ineligible for GSM-102 Payment Guarantees. (1) An export sale (or any portion thereof) is ineligible for Payment Guarantee coverage if at any time CCC determines that:

(1) The commodity is not a U.S. Agricultural Commodity;

(2) The export sale includes corrupt payments or extra sales or services or other items extraneous to the transactions provided, financed, or guaranteed in connection with the export sale;

(3) The export sale does not comply with applicable U.S. law, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and other anti-bribery measures;

(4) If the U.S. Agricultural Commodity is vegetable oil or a vegetable oil product, any of the agricultural commodity or product has been or will be used as a basis for a claim of a refund, as drawback, pursuant to section 313 of the Tariff Act of 1930, 19 U.S.C. 1313, of any duty, tax or fee imposed under Federal law on an imported commodity or product;

(5) Either the Importer or the Intervening Purchaser, if any, is excluded or disqualified from participation in U.S. government programs; or

(6) The sale is not an Eligible Export Sale.

(g) Certain exports of U.S. Agricultural Commodities are ineligible for Payment Guarantee coverage. The following exports are ineligible for coverage under a GSM-102 Payment Guarantee except where it is determined by the Director to be in the best interest of CCC to provide guarantee coverage on such exports:

(1) Exports of U.S. Agricultural Commodities with a Date of Export prior to the date of receipt by CCC of the Exporter's written application for a Payment Guarantee;

(2) Exports of U.S. Agricultural Commodities with a Date of Export later than the final date to export shown on the Payment Guarantee or any amendments thereof;

(3) Exports of U.S. Agricultural Commodities where the date of issuance of a Foreign Financial Institution Letter of Credit is later than 30 calendar days after:

(i) The Date of Export, or

(ii) The Weighted Average Export Date, if the Holder of the Payment Guarantee has elected to have the Payment Guarantee coverage begin on the Weighted Average Export Date; or

(4) Exports of U.S. Agricultural Commodities that have been guaranteed by CCC under another Payment Guarantee. If CCC determines that an export of U.S. Agricultural Commodities has been guaranteed under multiple Payment Guarantees (or coverage has been requested under multiple Payment Guarantees), CCC will determine which Payment Guarantee (or application for Payment Guarantee), if any, corresponds to an Eligible Export Sale.

(h) Additional requirements. The Payment Guarantee may contain such additional terms, conditions, and limitations as deemed necessary or desirable by the Director. Such additional terms, conditions or qualifications as stated in the Payment Guarantee are binding on the Exporter and the Assignee.

(i) Amendments. A request for an amendment of a Payment Guarantee may be submitted only by the Exporter, with the written concurrence of the Assignee, if any. The Director will consider such a request only if the amendment sought is consistent with this subpart and any applicable Program Announcements and sufficient budget authority exists. Any amendment to the Payment Guarantee, particularly those that result in an increase in CCC's liability under the Payment Guarantee, may result in an increase in the guarantee fee. CCC reserves the right to request additional information from the Exporter to justify the request and to charge a fee for amendments. Such fees will be announced and available on the USDA Web site. Any request to amend the Foreign Financial Institution on the Payment Guarantee will require that the Holder of the Payment Guarantee resubmit to CCC the certifications in §1493.120(c)(1)(i) or §1493.140(d).

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