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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIVSubchapter CPart 1488Subpart A → §1488.8

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Financing of Export Sales of Agricultural Commodities From Private Stocks Under CCC Export Credit Sales Program (GSM-5)

§1488.8   Documents required after delivery.

(a) CCC will purchase an exporter's account receivable only if the Treasurer, Commodity Credit Corporation, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250, receives the documents specified in paragraphs (b) through (e) of this section and any documentation and certifications required by any supplements to these regulations within forty-five days, or any extension thereof by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, CCC, after date of delivery of commodities exported or to be exported under the financing agreement.

(b) The exporter shall submit a “Combined Application for Disbursement, Assignment of Account Receivable and Certification” which shall include:

(1) A written application for disbursement, showing the financing agreement number and the port value of the commodity delivered.

(2) An assignment of the account receivable arising from the export sale, in form and substance acceptable to CCC.

(3) The exporter's certification (i) that he has entered into a contract to sell an eligible commodity; (ii) of the date of sale, the grade, quality, quantity, agreed upon price for the commodity and payment terms and interest in accordance with the financing agreement; (iii) that he has in his files documents evidencing the export sale contract and the obligation of the importer to him for the financed portion of the export sale and will retain and furnish them to CCC on demand until 3 years after the end of the financing period; (iv) that agricultural commodities of the grade, quality, and quantity called for in the exporter's sale as registered with CCC have been delivered to the foreign importer; and (v) that he knows of no defenses to the account receivable assigned to CCC.

(c) A copy of the sales invoice to the foreign importer, or, if the commodity has been sold through an intervening purchaser, a copy of the exporter's sales invoice to the intervening purchaser and of the intervening purchaser's sales invoice to the foreign importer.

(d) A copy of the document evidencing export provided for in §1488.9 and, if the consignee is other than the foreign importer named in the financing agreement, such additional information as CCC may request to show that export was made in accordance with the instructions of, or the export sale contract with, the foreign importer. If delivery is before export in a warehouse acceptable to CCC, the warehouse receipt or other documents acceptable to CCC evidencing delivery of the commodity to the importer or his agent. If delivery is before export in a container or a lash or seabee barge at a U.S. inland or coastal point, for export shipment under a through bill of lading, one copy of the through bill of lading with an onboard (truck, rail car, or lash or seabee barge) endorsement, dated and signed or initialed on behalf of the export carrier. The through bill of lading must be certified by the exporter as being a true copy and must show the quantity, the date, and place of loading the commodity on a truck, or rail car, or lash or seabee barge, the name of the originating carrier, the destination of the commodity, and the name of both the exporter and the importer.

(e) A bank obligation or obligations in accordance with §1488.7(c), §1488.10, §1488.12 and paragraph (i) of this section, naming CCC as beneficiary, in form and substance acceptable to CCC, covering the amount of the application for disbursement, citing the financing agreement number; and providing for the payment of interest in accordance with §1488.14.

(f) On receipt of the documents described in paragraphs (b) through (e) of this section and any documentation and certifications required by any supplements to these regulations, the Treasurer, CCC will pay promptly to the exporter the amount of the account receivable or the dollar amount of sales registered in accordance with §1488.5, whichever is the lesser.

(g) If an acceptable application for disbursement and the supporting documents described in paragraphs (b) through (e) of this section have not been received by CCC within 45 days from the date of the delivery, or any extension thereof by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, CCC, the financing agreement shall be void.

(h) [Reserved]

(i) If for any reason a draft drawn under a foreign bank obligation is dishonored or if the issuing bank is insolvent, in bankruptcy, in receivership, or in liquidation, or has made an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or for any other reason discontinues or suspends payments to depositors or creditors, or otherwise ceases to operate on an unrestricted basis, any balance due on the account receivable assured by the obligation issued by such bank shall, at the option of CCC, become immediately due and payable. CCC may permit the substitution of another acceptable foreign bank obligation covering such balance due if confirmed in accordance with §1488.12.

[42 FR 10999, Feb. 25, 1977, as amended at 42 FR 27569, May 31, 1977; Amdt. 5, 43 FR 25992, June 16, 1978]

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