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Title 50Chapter VIPart 680Subpart A → §680.5

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart A—General

§680.5   Recordkeeping and reporting (R&R).

(a) General requirements—(1) Recording and reporting crab. Any CR crab harvested that is retained must be recorded and reported.

(2) Responsibility. (i) The participants in the CR fisheries are responsible for complying with the following R&R requirements:

Recordkeeping and reporting report Person responsible Reference
(A) Longline and pot gear catcher vessel daily fishing logbookOwner and operator of vessel§679.5(c)(1).
(B) Longline and pot gear catcher/processor daily cumulative production logbookOwner and operator of vessel§679.5(c)(1).
(C) Product Transfer Report (PTR)Owner and operator of catcher/processor; Owner and manager of shoreside processor or SFCP; RCR§679.5(g).
(D) U.S. Vessel Activity Report (VAR)Owner and operator of vessel§679.5(k).
(E) Transhipment AuthorizationOwner and operator of a catcher/processor; RCR§679.5(l)(3).
(F) IFQ Departure ReportOwner and operator of vessel§679.5(l)(4).
(G) CR Crab Landing ReportRCR§679.5(e)
(H) [Reserved]      
(I) Eligible Crab Community Organization (ECCO) Annual Report for an Eligible Crab Community (ECC)ECCO§680.5(f).
(J) RCR Fee Submission FormRCR§680.5(g).
(K) Crab Economic Data Report (EDR)Owners or leaseholders of a catcher vessel, catcher/processor, shoreside processor, or SFCP§680.6.
(L) CR RCR Ex vessel Volume and Value ReportRCR§680.5(m)

(3) Representative. Designation of a representative to complete R&R requirements does not relieve the person(s) responsible for compliance from ensuring compliance with this section.

(4) Submittal of information. A person must submit to NMFS all information, records, and reports required in this section in English and in a legible, timely, and accurate manner, based on A.l.t.; if handwritten or typed, in indelible ink.

(5) Alteration of records. A person may not alter or change any entry or record submitted to NMFS, except that an inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect entry or record may be corrected after notifying the Regional Administrator at the address and facsimile number listed on each form, or as provided the opportunity on the Internet.

(6) Inspection of records. A person responsible for R&R under paragraph (a)(2) of this section must make available for inspection all reports, forms, scale receipts, and CR crab landing report receipts upon the request of an authorized officer for the time periods indicated in paragraph (a)(7) of this section.

(7) Retention of records. A person responsible for R&R under paragraph (a)(2) of this section must retain all reports and receipts as follows:

(i) On site. Until the end of the crab fishing year during which the records were made and for as long thereafter as crab or crab products recorded in the records are retained onboard the vessel or on site at the facility; and

(ii) For 3 years. For 3 years after the end of the crab fishing year during which the records were made.

(8) Landing verification and inspection. Each CR crab landing and all crab retained on board the vessel making a CR crab landing are subject to verification and inspection by authorized officers.

(9) Sampling. Each CR crab landing and all crab retained onboard a vessel making a CR crab landing are subject to sampling by authorized officers and observers.

(b) IFQ crab landings—(1) Landing reports. See §679.5(e) of this chapter.

(2) Properly debited landing. All landed crab catch must be weighed, reported, and debited from the appropriate IFQ account under which the catch was harvested, and IPQ account under which it was received, as appropriate (see §679.5(e) of this chapter).

(c)-(e) [Reserved]

(f) ECCO Annual Report. (1) Annually by June 30, each ECCO must submit a complete annual report on its crab QS activity for the prior crab fishing year for each ECC represented by the ECCO. The ECCO must submit a copy of the annual report to the governing body of each community represented by the ECCO and to the Regional Administrator, NMFS, Alaska Region; P.O. Box 21668; Juneau, AK 99802.

(2) Contents of ECCO Annual Report. A complete annual report must include the following information for the crab IFQ derived from the QS held by the ECCO:

(i) Name, ADF&G vessel registration number, USCG documentation number, and Federal crab vessel permit of each vessel from which the crab IFQ was harvested;

(ii) Name and business addresses of individuals employed as crew members when fishing the crab IFQ;

(iii) Criteria used by the ECCO to distribute crab IFQ leases among eligible community residents;

(iv) Description of efforts made to ensure that crab IFQ lessees employ crew members who are eligible community residents of the ECC aboard vessels on which crab IFQ derived from QS held by a ECCO is being fished;

(v) Description of the process used to solicit lease applications from eligible community residents of the ECC on whose behalf the ECCO is holding QS;

(vi) Names and business addresses and amount of crab IFQ requested by each individual applying to receive crab IFQ from the ECCO;

(vii) Any changes in the bylaws of the ECCO, board of directors, or other key management personnel;

(viii) Copies of minutes, bylaw changes, motions, and other relevant decision making documents from ECCO board meetings.

(g) RCR fee submission form (See §680.44). (1) Applicability. An RCR or the RCR's authorized representative, who receives any CR crab pursuant to §680.44 must submit to NMFS online a complete RCR fee form as instructed on the form at NMFS Alaska Region website at http://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov.

(2) Due date and submittal. The reporting period of the RCR fee submission shall be the crab fishing year. An RCR must submit any crab cost recovery fee liability payment(s) and the RCR fee submission form to NMFS online not later than July 31 following the crab fishing year in which the CR crab landings were made.

(3) Required information. An RCR must accurately record on the RCR fee submission form the following information:

(i) Identification of the RCR. Enter the printed full name, NMFS person ID, RCR permit number, social security number or Federal tax identification number of the RCR. Enter the permanent or temporary business mailing address (indicate whether permanent or temporary), and the business telephone number, facsimile number, and e-mail address (if available).

(ii) Signature of applicant. Enter printed name and signature of applicant and date signed. If authorized representative, attach authorization to application.

(h) Product transfer report. (See §679.5(g).)

(i) U.S. Vessel activity report (VAR). (See §679.5(k).)

(j) Transshipment authorization. (See §679.5(l)(3).)

(k) IFQ departure report. (See §679.5(l)(4).)

(l) Catcher vessel longline and pot daily fishing logbook (DFL) and catcher/processor daily cumulative production logbook (DCPL). (See §679.5 (c)).

(m) CR Registered Crab Receiver (RCR) Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report—(1) Applicability. An RCR that also operates as a shoreside processor or stationary floating crab processor and receives and purchases landings of CR crab must submit annually to NMFS a complete CR RCR Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report, as described in this paragraph (m), for each reporting period in which the RCR receives CR crab.

(2) Reporting period. The reporting period of the CR RCR Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report shall extend from August 1 through May 31 of the following year, inclusive.

(3) Due date. A complete CR RCR Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report must be received by the Regional Administrator no later than May 31 of the reporting period in which the RCR received CR crab.

(4) Information required. The RCR must log in to http://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov using the RCR's password and NMFS person ID to submit a CR RCR Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report. The NMFS software autofills the RCR name. The User must review the autofilled cells to ensure that they are accurate. The RCR must enter the information in paragraphs (m)(4)(i) through (iv) of this section for a complete CR RCR Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report for priced crab delivered raw:

(i) RCR identification. (A) RCR permit number.

(B) Landing month.

(C) Port (location of facility or vessel).

(ii) CR crab program (e.g., IFQ, CDQ, ADAK).

(iii) CR crab pounds purchased and ex-vessel value. Enter for each program, fishery, species, and month.

(A) Pounds purchased. The total CR crab pounds purchased by fishery and species for each month.

(B) Ex-vessel value paid. The total gross ex-vessel value paid for raw CR crab pounds before any deductions are made for goods and services provided to the CR crab harvesters. The gross value includes all value paid in any form (e.g., dollars, goods, services, bait, ice, fuel, repairs, machinery replacement, etc.), and any retro payments paid for crab in paragraph (m)(4)(iii)(A) of this section.

(iv) Certification. By using the RCR NMFS ID and password and submitting the report, the RCR certifies that all information is true, correct, and complete to the best of his or her knowledge and belief.

(5) Submittal. The RCR must complete and submit online by electronic submission to NMFS the CR Registered Crab Receiver Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report available at https://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov.

[70 FR 10241, Mar. 2, 2005, as amended at 70 FR 33395, June 8, 2005; 70 FR 75421, Dec. 20, 2005; 73 FR 76189, Dec. 15, 2008; 74 FR 51519, Oct. 7, 2009; 75 FR 56486, Sept. 16, 2010; 80 FR 15897, Mar. 26, 2015; 81 FR 23649, Apr. 22, 2016]

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