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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of May 28, 2020

Title 48Chapter 6Subchapter HPart 652Subpart 652.2 → §652.245-71

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 652.2—Text of Provisions and Clauses

652.245-71   Special Reports of Government Property.

As prescribed in 645.107-70(b), insert the following clause:

Special Reports of Government Property (FEB 2015)

(a) Definitions. As used in this clause:

Disposition means government property that has been removed from use on the contract.

Highway motor vehicle means any vehicle, self propelled or drawn by mechanical power, designed and operated principally for highway transportation of property or passengers. (41 CFR 102-34.35).

(b) The Contractor shall establish and maintain a property management system that is in accordance with the clause at FAR 52.245-1, Government Property. This clause supplements these requirements by specifying the U.S. Department of State capitalized property reporting requirements.

(c) The Contractor shall submit electronically one report on an annual basis and three other reports on a quarterly basis for the following:

(1) Where highway motor vehicles or aircraft, regardless of cost, are provided by the Government or acquired by the Contractor for the account of the Government;

(2) Where software exceeding $500,000 in value, including labor cost to develop, is provided by the Government or acquired by the Contractor for the account of the Government; or

(3) Where personal property greater than $25,000 (not in paragraph (c)(1) of this clause) is provided by the Government or acquired by the Contractor for the account of the Government. The personal property must be complete within itself; does not lose its identity or become a component part of other property when put into use; and is of a durable nature with an estimated useful life expectancy to exceed two years.

(d) The Contractor shall submit all annual and quarterly reports in the following format, except as stated in paragraph (e) of this clause:

(1) Property shall be grouped by the following property classifications:

(i) Highway motor vehicles;

(ii) Communications equipment;

(iii) Information technology (formerly called automated data processing) equipment;

(iv) Reproduction equipment;

(v) Security equipment;

(vi) Software;

(vii) Software-in-development;

(viii) Medical equipment;

(ix) Aircraft property; and

(x) Other depreciable personal property.

(2) Data elements for each unit of property shall include:

(i) Contract number: Federal Government contract or purchase order number;

(ii) Task Order number;

(iii) Property classification: From classification listed in paragraph (d)(1) of this clause;

(iv) Denotation as either government-furnished property (GFP) or contractor-acquired property (CAP) (If from another DOS contract, or government agency, please specify);

(v) Noun name of property (i.e., generator);

(vi) Description of property;

(vii) Manufacturer;

(viii) Model;

(ix) Serial number;

(x) National Stock Number if applicable

(xi) Unique-item identifier or equivalent: such as barcode label (tag number) or system-assigned number. For highway motor vehicles, this must be the vehicle identification number (VIN);

(xii) Date received: Date contractor took possession;

(xiii) Date placed in service;

(xiv) Acquisition cost (As defined in FAR clause 52.245-1(a)): Use estimated fair-market value for property transferred or donated, at the time acquired, if actual cost is unknown;

(xv) Estimated useful life in years: The period during which the property is expected to provide the service for which it was intended. This should normally be equivalent to the depreciation schedule;

(xvi) Current location of the property: Country and city;

(xvii) Disposal Date;

(xviii) Disposal Method;

(e) The Contractor shall submit a full property report, as described in this clause, including affirmation, for the report covering the first quarter of the base contract. Thereafter, submission of reports shall follow the time frames outlined in paragraph (h) below. Quarterly property reports, other than the annual report, may be either full property reports or only updates to the full property report. Quarterly reports do not require affirmations even when the Contractor chooses to submit a full property report. Affirmations are only required for the report covering the first quarter of the contract and the annual report for each subsequent option year of the contract. If the Contractor submits a full property report, dispositions subsequent to any previous report must also be identified in the report. If a Contractor submits a quarterly report in the form of an update, the update shall include acquisitions and dispositions.

(f) The Contractor shall provide any required affirmation in the following format. The affirmation shall be signed by the Contractor's managerial personnel (as defined in FAR clause 52.245-1):

“I hereby affirm that a physical inventory of the government property (as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 45.101) of Department of State contract number (insert contract number) has been completed as of (insert date), the inventory has been reconciled to our records and the property information in our report, and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this inventory is accurate, current, and complete.









(g) In addition to the information required above, the Contractor shall include in all property reports:

(1) The current degree to which properly qualified Government personnel have evaluated the Contractor's property management system as being an adequate property management system;

(2) The name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address of the qualified Government person(s) who performed the evaluation of the Contractor's property management system; and

(3) The cognizant contractor government property manager.

(h) Reports shall cover the following time periods and are due on the following dates:

ReportPeriod coveredDue date
1st Quarter ReportFor 1st quarter ending December 31January 15.
2nd Quarter Report (Annual Property Report)For 2nd quarter ending March 31April 30.
3rd Quarter ReportFor 3rd quarter ending June 30July 15.
4th Quarter ReportFor 4th quarter ending September 30October 8.

(i) The Contractor shall send a copy of all reports to the individuals listed below. The Contractor shall submit reports in electronic format as an attachment to an email. The affirmation described in paragraph (f) of this clause shall be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (including the signature), while the inventories, both quarterly and annual, shall be in Microsoft Excel format (Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel versions shall be compatible with versions used by DOS). Send all reports to:

(1) The contracting officer;

(2) The Property Administrator;

(3) The contracting officer's representative (COR);

(4) [email protected];

(5) [email protected]; and

(6) All individuals listed below (if any):

[contracting officer shall list individuals, if any].

(j) The Contractor shall cooperate by responding timely to all follow up questions and requests for supporting documentation whether requested by the Department or external auditors.

(End of clause)

[78 FR 76076, Dec. 16, 2013, as amended at 80 FR 6925, Feb. 9, 2015]

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