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Title 46Chapter ISubchapter NPart 148Subpart A → §148.10

Title 46: Shipping
Subpart A—General

§148.10   Permitted materials.

(a) A material listed in Table 148.10 of this section may be transported as a bulk solid cargo on a vessel if it is carried according to this part. A material that is not listed in Table 148.10 of this section, but which is hazardous or a Potentially Dangerous Material (PDM), requires a Special Permit under §148.15 of this part to be transported on the navigable waters of the United States.

(b) For each listed material, Table 148.10 identifies the hazard class and gives the BCSN or directs the user to the preferred BCSN. In addition, the table lists specific hazardous or potentially dangerous characteristics associated with each material and specifies or references detailed special requirements in this part pertaining to the stowage or transport of specific bulk solid materials. The column descriptions for Table 148.10 are defined as follows:

(1) Column 1: Bulk Solid Material Descriptions and Bulk Cargo Shipping Names (BCSN). Column 1 lists the bulk solid material descriptions and the BCSNs of materials designated as hazardous or PDM. BCSNs are limited to those shown in Roman type. Trade names and additional descriptive text are shown in italics.

(2) Column 2: I.D. Number. Column 2 lists the identification number assigned to each BCSN associated with a hazardous material. Those preceded by the letters “UN” are associated with BCSNs considered appropriate for international voyages as well as domestic voyages. Those preceded by the letters “NA” are associated with BCSNs not recognized for international voyages, except to and from Canada.

(3) Column 3: Hazard Class or Division. Column 3 designates the hazard class or division, or PDM, as appropriate, corresponding to each BCSN.

(4) Column 4: References. Column 4 refers the user to the preferred BCSN corresponding to bulk solid material descriptions listed in Column 1.

(5) Column 5: Hazardous or Potentially Dangerous Characteristics. Column 5 specifies codes for hazardous or potentially dangerous characteristics applicable to specific hazardous materials or PDMs. Refer to §148.11 of this part for the meaning of each code.

(6) Column 6: Other Characteristics. Column 6 contains other pertinent characteristics applicable to specific bulk solid materials listed in Column 1.

(7) Column 7: Special Requirements. Column 7 specifies the applicable sections of Part 148 of this chapter that contain detailed special requirements pertaining to stowage and/or transportation of specific bulk solid materials in this part. This column is completed in a manner which indicates that “§148.” precedes the designated numerical entry.

(c) The following requirements apply to combinations of bulk solids carried at the same time and in the same compartment or hold:

Combinations of bulk solid materialsRequirements
(1) Material listed in Table 148.10 carried with any other non-hazardous bulk solid materialRequirements specified in Table 148.10 for the listed material.
(2) Material carried under Special Permit with any non-hazardous bulk solid materialRequirements specified in the Special Permit.
(3) Two or more materials listed in Table 148.10Must apply for a Special Permit.

(d) An owner, agent, master, operator, or person in charge of a vessel or barge carrying materials listed in Table 148.10 of this section must follow the requirements contained in 46 CFR part 4 for providing notice and reporting of marine casualties and retaining voyage records.

Table 148.10—Bulk Solid Hazardous Materials Table

Bulk solid material descriptions and bulk cargo shipping namesI.D. No.Hazard class or
ReferencesHazardous or potentially dangerous characteristics (see §148.11)Other characteristicsSpecial
requirements (§148.*  *  *)
Aluminum Ferrosilicon PowderUN13954.3, 6.1   2, 3Fine powder or briquettes135, 255, 405(b), 407, 415(a) & (e), 420(b), 445
Aluminum NitrateUN14385.1   4Colorless or white crystals140
Aluminum Silicon Powder, UncoatedUN13984.3   2, 3   135, 255, 405(b), 407 415(a) & (e), 420(b), 445
Aluminum Smelting By-products or Aluminum Re-melting ByproductsUN31704.3   1, 2, 3Includes aluminum dross, residues, spent cathodes, spent potliner, and skimmings135, 405(b), 420(b), 445
Ammonium NitrateUN19425.1   5, 27   140, 205, 405(a), 407, 410
Ammonium Nitrate Based FertilizerUN20675.1   5, 27   140, 205, 405(a), 407, 410
Ammonium Nitrate Based FertilizerUN20719   6Nitrogen, Phosphate, or Potash140, 220, 405(a), 407
Barium NitrateUN14665.1, 6.1   4, 7   140
Brown Coal BriquettesPDM   11, 12, 14, 25   155, 240, 405(b), 407, 415(b), 420(a), 445
Calcium fluorideSee Fluorospar   
Calcium NitrateUN14545.1   4White crystals or powder140, 227
Calcium OxideSee Lime, Unslaked   
Castor BeansUN29699   10Whole beans150, 235
CharcoalPDM   1, 11, 12Screenings, briquettes155
Chili SaltpeterSee Sodium Nitrate
Chilean Natural NitrateSee Sodium Nitrate   
CoalPDM   11, 12, 13, 14, 25   155, 240, 405(b), 407, 415(b), 420(a) & (c), 445, 450
CopraUN13634.2   11, 12Dry130, 242
Direct reduced iron (A) with not more than 5% finesPDM   1, 2, 12Hot-molded briquettes155, 250, 420(b)
Direct reduced iron (B) with not more than 5% finesPDM   1, 2, 12Lumps, pellets, and cold-molded briquettes155, 245, 405(b), 407, 420(b), 445
Environmentally Hazardous Substances, Solid, n.o.s.UN30779Hazardous substances listed in 40 CFR part 30215   150, 270
FerrophosphorousPDM   2, 3Including briquettes155, 415(e), 445
Ferrosilicon with 30-90% siliconUN14084.3, 6.1   2, 3   135, 255, 405(b), 407, 415(a) & (e), 420(b), 445
Ferrosilicon with 25%-30% silicon or 90% or more siliconPDM      155, 255, 405(b), 407, 415 (a) & (e), 420(b), 445
Ferrous SulfateSee Environmentally Hazardous Substances, Solid, n.o.s   
Ferrous Metal Borings, Shavings, Turnings, or CuttingsUN27934.2   11, 12   130, 260
Fish Meal Stabilized or Fish Scrap, StabilizedUN22169   11, 12Ground and pelletized (mixture), anti-oxidant treated150, 265
FluorosparPDM   8, 24   155, 440(a), 450
Garbage TankageSee Tankage   
Iron Oxide, Spent or Iron Sponge, SpentUN13764.2   3, 11, 12, 14   130, 275, 415(c), (d) & (f), 445
Iron SwarfSee Ferrous Metal Borings, Shavings, Turnings, or Cuttings   
Lead NitrateUN14695.1, 6.1   4, 7, 22, 26   140, 270
LigniteSee Brown Coal Briquettes   
Lime, UnslakedPDM   1   155, 230
Linted Cotton Seed containing not more than 9% moisture and not more than 20.5% oilPDM   11, 12   155
Magnesia, UnslakedPDM   1Lightburned magnesia, calcined magnesite155, 280
Magnesium NitrateUN14745.1   4   140
Metal Sulfide ConcentratesPDM   8, 11, 12, 22, 24Solid, finely divided sulfide concentrates of copper, iron, lead, nickel, zinc, or other metalliferous ores155, 285, 450
Peat Moss with moisture content of more than 65% by weightPDM   8, 12, 13, 14, 24Fine to coarse fibrous structure155, 290, 450
Pencil PitchSee Pitch Prill   
Petroleum Coke calcined or uncalcined at >55 °C (131 °F)PDM   11   155, 295
Pitch PrillPDM   14, 16   155
Potassium NitrateUN14865.1   4   140
Prilled Coal TarSee Pitch Prill   
Pyrites, CalcinedPDM   8, 9, 24Fly ash155, 225, 450
Pyritic ashSee Pyrites, Calcined   
QuicklimeSee Lime, Unslaked   
Radioactive MaterialUN29127   17Low specific activity145, 300
Radioactive MaterialUN29137   17Surface contaminated objects145, 300
Rough Ammonia TankageSee Tankage   
SaltpeterSee Potassium Nitrate   
SawdustPDM   12, 18   155, 405(a), 407
Seed CakeUN13864.2   12, 19Mechanically expelled or solvent extractions130, 310
Seed CakeUN22174.2   12, 19Solvent extractions130, 310
Silicomanganese with silicon content of 25% or morePDM   2, 3, 12With known hazard profile or known to evolve gases155, 405(b), 407, 415(a) & (d), 420(b), 445
Sodium NitrateUN14985.1   4   140
Sodium Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate MixtureUN14995.1   4Mixtures prepared as fertilizer140
Steel SwarfSee Ferrous Metal Borings, Shavings, Turnings, or Cuttings   
SulfurUN13504.1   14, 20Lumps or coarse-grained powder125, 315, 405(a), 407, 435
SulfurNA13509   14, 20Not subject to the requirements of this subchapter when formed into specific shapes (i.e., prills, granules, pellets, pastiles, or flakes)125, 315, 405(a), 407, 435
TankagePDM   11   155, 320
Tankage FertilizerSee Tankage   
Vanadium OrePDM   21   155
Wood chips, Wood Pellets, Wood Pulp PelletsPDM   12   155, 325
Zinc AshesUN14354.3   2, 3, 23Includes zinc dross, residues, and skimmings135, 330, 405(b), 407, 420(b), 435, 445

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