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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 60Subpart OOO → §60.676

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart OOO—Standards of Performance for Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants

§60.676   Reporting and recordkeeping.

(a) Each owner or operator seeking to comply with §60.670(d) shall submit to the Administrator the following information about the existing facility being replaced and the replacement piece of equipment.

(1) For a crusher, grinding mill, bucket elevator, bagging operation, or enclosed truck or railcar loading station:

(i) The rated capacity in megagrams or tons per hour of the existing facility being replaced and

(ii) The rated capacity in tons per hour of the replacement equipment.

(2) For a screening operation:

(i) The total surface area of the top screen of the existing screening operation being replaced and

(ii) The total surface area of the top screen of the replacement screening operation.

(3) For a conveyor belt:

(i) The width of the existing belt being replaced and

(ii) The width of the replacement conveyor belt.

(4) For a storage bin:

(i) The rated capacity in megagrams or tons of the existing storage bin being replaced and

(ii) The rated capacity in megagrams or tons of replacement storage bins.

(b)(1) Owners or operators of affected facilities (as defined in §§60.670 and 60.671) for which construction, modification, or reconstruction commenced on or after April 22, 2008, must record each periodic inspection required under §60.674(b) or (c), including dates and any corrective actions taken, in a logbook (in written or electronic format). The owner or operator must keep the logbook onsite and make hard or electronic copies (whichever is requested) of the logbook available to the Administrator upon request.

(2) For each bag leak detection system installed and operated according to §60.674(d), the owner or operator must keep the records specified in paragraphs (b)(2)(i) through (iii) of this section.

(i) Records of the bag leak detection system output;

(ii) Records of bag leak detection system adjustments, including the date and time of the adjustment, the initial bag leak detection system settings, and the final bag leak detection system settings; and

(iii) The date and time of all bag leak detection system alarms, the time that procedures to determine the cause of the alarm were initiated, the cause of the alarm, an explanation of the actions taken, the date and time the cause of the alarm was alleviated, and whether the cause of the alarm was alleviated within 3 hours of the alarm.

(3) The owner or operator of each affected facility demonstrating compliance according to §60.674(e) by following the requirements for processed stone handling operations in the Lime Manufacturing NESHAP (40 CFR part 63, subpart AAAAA) must maintain records of visible emissions observations required by §63.7132(a)(3) and (b) of 40 CFR part 63, subpart AAAAA.

(c) During the initial performance test of a wet scrubber, and daily thereafter, the owner or operator shall record the measurements of both the change in pressure of the gas stream across the scrubber and the scrubbing liquid flow rate.

(d) After the initial performance test of a wet scrubber, the owner or operator shall submit semiannual reports to the Administrator of occurrences when the measurements of the scrubber pressure loss and liquid flow rate decrease by more than 30 percent from the average determined during the most recent performance test.

(e) The reports required under paragraph (d) of this section shall be postmarked within 30 days following end of the second and fourth calendar quarters.

(f) The owner or operator of any affected facility shall submit written reports of the results of all performance tests conducted to demonstrate compliance with the standards set forth in §60.672 of this subpart, including reports of opacity observations made using Method 9 (40 CFR part 60, appendix A-4) to demonstrate compliance with §60.672(b), (e) and (f).

(g) The owner or operator of any wet material processing operation that processes saturated and subsequently processes unsaturated materials, shall submit a report of this change within 30 days following such change. At the time of such change, this screening operation, bucket elevator, or belt conveyor becomes subject to the applicable opacity limit in §60.672(b) and the emission test requirements of §60.11.

(h) The subpart A requirement under §60.7(a)(1) for notification of the date construction or reconstruction commenced is waived for affected facilities under this subpart.

(i) A notification of the actual date of initial startup of each affected facility shall be submitted to the Administrator.

(1) For a combination of affected facilities in a production line that begin actual initial startup on the same day, a single notification of startup may be submitted by the owner or operator to the Administrator. The notification shall be postmarked within 15 days after such date and shall include a description of each affected facility, equipment manufacturer, and serial number of the equipment, if available.

(2) For portable aggregate processing plants, the notification of the actual date of initial startup shall include both the home office and the current address or location of the portable plant.

(j) The requirements of this section remain in force until and unless the Agency, in delegating enforcement authority to a State under section 111(c) of the Act, approves reporting requirements or an alternative means of compliance surveillance adopted by such States. In that event, affected facilities within the State will be relieved of the obligation to comply with the reporting requirements of this section, provided that they comply with requirements established by the State.

(k) Notifications and reports required under this subpart and under subpart A of this part to demonstrate compliance with this subpart need only to be sent to the EPA Region or the State which has been delegated authority according to §60.4(b).

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