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e-CFR data is current as of July 10, 2020

Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 63Subpart EEEE → §63.2382

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart EEEE—National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Organic Liquids Distribution (Non-Gasoline)

§63.2382   What notifications must I submit and when and what information should be submitted?

(a) You must submit each notification in subpart SS of this part, Table 12 to this subpart, and paragraphs (b) through (d) of this section that applies to you. You must submit these notifications according to the schedule in Table 12 to this subpart and as specified in paragraphs (b) through (d) of this section. You must also comply with the requirements specified in §63.2346(l).

(b)(1) Initial Notification. If you startup your affected source before February 3, 2004, you must submit the Initial Notification no later than 120 calendar days after February 3, 2004.

(2) If you startup your new or reconstructed affected source on or after February 3, 2004, you must submit the Initial Notification no later than 120 days after initial startup.

(c) If you are required to conduct a performance test, you must submit the Notification of Intent to conduct the test at least 60 calendar days before it is initially scheduled to begin as required in §63.7(b)(1).

(d)(1) Notification of Compliance Status. If you are required to conduct a performance test, design evaluation, or other initial compliance demonstration as specified in Table 5, 6, or 7 to this subpart, you must submit a Notification of Compliance Status.

(2) Notification of Compliance Status requirements. The Notification of Compliance Status must include the information required in §63.999(b) and in paragraphs (d)(2)(i) through (ix) of this section.

(i) The results of any applicability determinations, emission calculations, or analyses used to identify and quantify organic HAP emissions from the affected source.

(ii) The results of emissions profiles, performance tests, engineering analyses, design evaluations, flare compliance assessments, inspections and repairs, and calculations used to demonstrate initial compliance according to Tables 6 and 7 to this subpart. For performance tests, results must include descriptions of sampling and analysis procedures and quality assurance procedures. If performance test results are submitted electronically via CEDRI in accordance with §63.2386(g), the unit(s) tested, the pollutant(s) tested, and the date that such performance test was conducted may be submitted in the Notification of Compliance Status in lieu of the performance test results. The performance test results must be submitted to CEDRI by the date the Notification of Compliance Status is submitted.

(iii) Descriptions of monitoring devices, monitoring frequencies, and the operating limits established during the initial compliance demonstrations, including data and calculations to support the levels you establish.

(iv) Descriptions of worst-case operating and/or testing conditions for the control device(s).

(v) Identification of emission sources subject to overlapping requirements described in §63.2396 and the authority under which you will comply.

(vi) The applicable information specified in §63.1039(a)(1) through (3) for all pumps and valves subject to the work practice standards for equipment leak components in Table 4 to this subpart, item 4.

(vii) If you are complying with the vapor balancing work practice standard for transfer racks according to Table 4 to this subpart, item 3.a, include a statement to that effect and a statement that the pressure vent settings on the affected storage tanks are greater than or equal to 2.5 psig.

(viii) The information specified in §63.2386(c)(10)(i), unless the information has already been submitted with the first Compliance report. If the information specified in §63.2386(c)(10)(i) has already been submitted with the first Compliance report, the information specified in §63.2386(d)(3) and (4), as applicable, shall be submitted instead.

(ix) For flares subject to the requirements of §63.2380, you must also submit the information in this paragraph in a supplement to the Notification of Compliance Status within 150 days after the first applicable compliance date for flare monitoring. In lieu of the information required in §63.987(b), the Notification of Compliance Status must include flare design (e.g., steam-assisted, air-assisted, or non-assisted); all visible emission readings, heat content determinations (including information required by §63.670(j)(6)(i), as applicable), flow rate measurements, and exit velocity determinations made during the initial visible emissions demonstration required by §63.670(h), as applicable; and all periods during the compliance determination when the pilot flame or flare flame is absent.

(3) Submitting Notification of Compliance Status. Beginning no later than the compliance dates specified in §63.2342(e), you must submit all subsequent Notification of Compliance Status reports to the EPA via CEDRI, which can be accessed through EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) (https://cdx.epa.gov/). If you claim some of the information required to be submitted via CEDRI is confidential business information (CBI), then submit a complete report, including information claimed to be CBI, to the EPA. Submit the file on a compact disc, flash drive, or other commonly used electronic storage medium and clearly mark the medium as CBI. Mail the electronic medium to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, Sector Policies and Programs Division, U.S. EPA Mailroom (C404-02), Attention: Organic Liquids Distribution Sector Lead, 4930 Old Page Rd., Durham, NC 27703. The same file with the CBI omitted must be submitted to the EPA via EPA's CDX as described earlier in this paragraph. You may assert a claim of EPA system outage or force majeure for failure to timely comply with this reporting requirement provided you meet the requirements outlined in §63.2386(i) or (j), as applicable.

[69 FR 5063, Feb. 3, 2004, as amended at 71 FR 42910, July 28, 2006; 85 FR 40767, July 7, 2020]

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