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Title 28Chapter IPart 100 → §100.19

Title 28: Judicial Administration

§100.19   Adjustments to agreement estimate.

(a) Adjustments prior to the incurrence of a cost. (1) In accordance with §100.17(d)(2), the carrier shall notify the FBI when any change affecting the level of reimbursement occurs.

(2) Upon such notification, if the adjustment results in an increase in the estimated reimbursement, the FBI will review the submission and determine if

(i) Funds are available;

(ii) The adjustment is justified and necessary to accomplish the goals of the agreement; and

(iii) It is in the best interest of the government to approve the expenditure.

(3) The FBI will provide the decision as to the acceptability of any increase to the carrier in writing.

(b) Adjustments after the incurrence of a cost. Any cost incurred that exceeds the provision in §100.16(e)(2) will be reviewed by the FBI to determine reasonability, allowability, and if it is in the best interest of the government to approve the expenditure for reimbursement.

(c) Reduction for defective cost data. (1) The cost shall be reduced accordingly and the agreement shall be modified to reflect the reduction if any cost estimate negotiated in connection with the CALEA compliance effort, or any cost reimbursable under the effort is increased because:

(i) The carrier or a subcontractor furnished cost data to the government that were not complete, accurate, and current;

(ii) A subcontractor or prospective subcontractor furnished the cost data to the carrier that were not complete, accurate, and current; or

(iii) Any of these parties furnished data of any description that were not accurate.

(2) Any reduction in the negotiated cost under §100.19(c)(1) due to defective data from a prospective subcontractor that was not subsequently awarded the subcontract shall be limited to the amount by which either the actual subcontract or the actual cost to the carrier, if there was no subcontract, was less than the prospective subcontract cost estimate submitted by the carrier, provided that the actual subcontract cost was not itself affected by defective cost data.

(3) If the FBI determines under §100.19(c)(1) that a cost reduction should be made, the carrier shall not raise the following matters as a defense:

(i) The carrier or subcontractor was a sole source supplier or otherwise was in a superior bargaining position and thus the costs of the agreement would not have been modified even if accurate, complete, and current cost data had been submitted;

(ii) The FBI should have known that the cost data at issue were defective even though the carrier or subcontractor took no affirmative action to bring the character of the data to the attention of the FBI;

(iii) The carrier or subcontractor did not submit accurate cost data. Except as prohibited, an offset in an amount determined appropriate by the FBI based upon the facts shall be allowed against the cost reimbursement of an agreement amount reduction if the carrier certifies to the FBI that, to the best of the carrier's knowledge and belief, the carrier is entitled to the offset in the amount requested and the carrier proves that the cost data were available before the date of agreement on the cost of the agreement (or cost of the modification) and that the data were not submitted before such date. An offset shall not be allowed if the understated data were known by the carrier to be understated when the agreement was signed; or the Government proves that the facts demonstrate that the agreement amount would not have increased even if the available data had been submitted before the date of agreement on cost; or

(4) In the event of an overpayment, the carrier shall be liable to and shall pay the United States at that time such overpayment as was made, with simple interest on the amount of such overpayment to be computed from the date(s) of overpayment to the carrier to the date the Government is repaid by the carrier at the applicable underpayment rate effective for each quarter prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury under 26 U.S.C. 6621(a)(2).

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