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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of March 26, 2020

Title 27Chapter ISubchapter APart 21Subpart G → §21.151

Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms
Subpart G—Denaturants Authorized for Denatured Spirits

§21.151   List of denaturants authorized for denatured spirits.

Following is an alphabetical listing of denaturants authorized for use in denatured spirits:

Denaturants Authorized for Completely Denatured Alcohol (C.D.A), Specially Denatured Alcohol (S.D.A.), and Specially Denatured Rum (S.D.R.)

AcetaldehydeS.D.A. 29.
Acetone, U.S.PS.D.A. 23-A, 23-H.
AcetaldolC.D.A. 18.
AlkylateC.D.A. 20.
Almond oil, bitter, N.F.XS.D.A. 38-B.
Alpha TerpineolS.D.A. 38-B.
Ammonia, aqueousS.D.A. 36.
Ammonia solution, strong, N.FS.D.A. 36.
Anethole, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Anise oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Bay oil (myrcia oil), N.F.XIS.D.A. 38-B, 39-D.
Benzaldehyde, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Bergamot oil, N.F.XIS.D.A. 38-B.
Boric acid, N.FS.D.A. 38-F.
Brucine alkaloidS.D.A. 40.
Brucine sulfate, N.F.IXS.D.A. 40.
n-Butyl alcoholS.D.A. 44.
tert-Butyl alcoholS.D.A. 39-B, 40, 40-A, 40-B, 40-C.
Camphor, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
Caustic soda, liquidS.D.A. 36.
Cedar leaf oil, U.S.P.XIIIS.D.A. 38-B.
Chlorothymol, N.F.XIIS.D.A. 38-B, 38-F.
Cinnamic aldehyde (cinnamaldehyde), N.F.IXS.D.A. 38-B.
Cinnamon oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Citronella oil, naturalS.D.A. 38-B.
Clove oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Coal tar, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
Cornmint oilS.D.A. 38-B.
CyclohexaneS.D.A. 3-A.
Denatonium benzoate, N.F.S.D.A. 1, 40-B.
Diethyl phthalateS.D.A. 39-B, 39-C.
Distilled lime oilS.D.A. 38-B.
Ethyl acetateC.D.A. 35; S.D.A. 29, 35-A.
Ethyl etherS.D.A. 13-A, 19, 32.
Ethyl tertiary butyl etherC.D.A. 20.
Eucalyptol, N.F.XIIS.D.A. 37, 38-B.
Eucalyptus oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Eugenol, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
Formaldehyde solution, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-D.
GasolineC.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 28-A.
Gasoline, unleadedC.D.A. 18, 19, 20; S.D.A 28-A.
Glycerin (Glycerol), U.S.PS.D.A. 31-A.
Green soap, U.S.PS.D.A.
Guaiacol, N.F.XS.D.A. 38-B.
HeptaneC.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 2-B, 28-A.
HexaneS.D.A. 2-B.
n-HexaneS.D.A. 2-B.
High octane denaturant blendC.D.A. 20.
Hydrochloric acid, N.FS.D.A. 38-F.
Iodine, U.S.PS.D.A. 25, 25-A.
Isopropyl alcoholS.D.A. 3-C.
KeroseneC.D.A. 18, 19, 20.
Kerosene (deodorized)C.D.A. 18, 19, 20.
L(-)-CarvoneS.D.A. 38-B.
Lavender oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Lemon oilS.D.A. 38-B.
Menthol, U.S.PS.D.A. 37, 38-B, 38-D, 38-F.
Methyl alcoholS.D.A. 1, 3-A, 30.
Methylene blue, U.S.PS.D.A. 4; S.D.R. 4.
Methyl isobutyl ketoneC.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1, 23-H.
Methyl n-butyl ketoneC.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1.
Methyl salicylate, N.FS.D.A. 38-B
Methyl tertiary butyl etherC.D.A. 20.
Mustard oil, volatile (allyl isothiocyanate), U.S.P.XIIS.D.A. 38-B.
NaphthaC.D.A. 20.
Natural gasolineC.D.A. 20.
Nicotine solutionS.D.A. 4; S.D.R. 4.
Nitropropane, mixed isomers ofC.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1.
Peppermint oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Peppermint oil, terpenelessS.D.A. 38-B.
Phenol, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
Phenyl salicylate (salol), N.F.XIS.D.A. 38-B.
Pine needle oil, dwarf, N.F.S.D.A. 38-B.
Pine oil, N.F.S.D.A. 38-B.
Poloxamer 407, N.F.S.D.A. 38-F.
Polysorbate 80, N.FS.D.A. 38-F.
Potassium hydroxideS.D.A. 36.
Potassium iodide, U.S.PS.D.A. 25, 25-A.
PyronateC.D.A. 18.
QuassinS.D.A. 40.
Quinine bisulfate, N.F.XIS.D.A. 39-D.
Quinine sulfate, U.S.PS.D.A. 39-D.
RaffinateC.D.A. 20.
Rosemary oil, N.F. XIIS.D.A. 38-B.
Rubber hydrocarbon solventC.D.A. 18, 19, 20; S.D.A. 2-B, 28-A.
SafroleS.D.A. 38-B.
Sassafras oil, N.F.XIS.D.A. 38-B.
Shellac (refined)S.D.A. 45.
Soap, hard, N.F.XIS.D.A. 31-A.
Sodium iodide, U.S.PS.D.A. 25, 25-A.
Sodium salicylate, U.S.PS.D.A. 39-D.
Spearmint oil, N.FS.D.A. 38-B.
Spearmint oil, terpenelessS.D.A. 38-B.
Spike lavender oil, naturalS.D.A. 38-B.
Storax, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
Straight run gasolineC.D.A. 20.
Sucrose octaacetateS.D.A. 40-A.
Thyme oil, N.F.XIIS.D.A. 38-B.
Thymol, N.FS.D.A. 37, 38-B, 38-F.
Tolu balsam, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-B.
TolueneC.D.A. 12-A; S.D.A. 2-B.
Turpentine oil, N.F.XIS.D.A. 38-B.
VinegarS.D.A. 18.
Zinc chloride, U.S.PS.D.A. 38-F.

[T.D. ATF-133, 48 FR 24673, June 2, 1983, as amended by T.D. ATF-442, 66 FR 12854, Mar. 1, 2001; T.D. TTB-140, 81 FR 59463, Aug. 30, 2016]

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