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Title 12Chapter VIISubchapter APart 702Subpart B → §702.206

Title 12: Banks and Banking
Subpart B—Mandatory and Discretionary Supervisory Actions

§702.206   Net worth restoration plans.

(a) Schedule for filing—(1) Generally. A federally insured credit union shall file a written net worth restoration plan (NWRP) with the appropriate Regional Director and, if State-chartered, the appropriate State official, within 45 calendar days of the effective date of classification as either “undercapitalized,” “significantly undercapitalized” or “critically undercapitalized,” unless the NCUA Board notifies the credit union in writing that its NWRP is to be filed within a different period.

(2) Exception. An otherwise “adequately capitalized” credit union that is reclassified “undercapitalized” on safety and soundness grounds under §702.102(b) is not required to submit a NWRP solely due to the reclassification, unless the NCUA Board notifies the credit union that it must submit an NWRP.

(3) Filing of additional plan. Notwithstanding paragraph (a)(1) of this section, a credit union that has already submitted and is operating under a NWRP approved under this section is not required to submit an additional NWRP due to a change in net worth category (including by reclassification under §702.102(b)), unless the NCUA Board notifies the credit union that it must submit a new NWRP. A credit union that is notified to submit a new or revised NWRP shall file the NWRP in writing with the appropriate Regional Director within 30 calendar days of receiving such notice, unless the NCUA Board notifies the credit union in writing that the NWRP is to be filed within a different period.

(4) Failure to timely file plan. When a credit union fails to timely file an NWRP pursuant to this paragraph, the NCUA Board shall promptly notify the credit union that it has failed to file an NWRP and that it has 15 calendar days from receipt of that notice within which to file an NWRP.

(b) Assistance to small credit unions. Upon timely request by a credit union having total assets of less than $10 million (regardless how long it has been in operation), the NCUA Board shall provide assistance in preparing an NWRP required to be filed under paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Contents of NWRP. An NWRP must—

(1) Specify—

(i) A quarterly timetable of steps the credit union will take to increase its net worth ratio so that it becomes “adequately capitalized” by the end of the term of the NWRP, and to remain so for four (4) consecutive calendar quarters. If “complex,” the credit union is subject to a risk-based net worth requirement that may require a net worth ratio higher than six percent (6%) to become “adequately capitalized”;

(ii) The projected amount of earnings to be transferred to the regular reserve account in each quarter of the term of the NWRP as required under §702.201(a), or as permitted under §702.201(b);

(iii) How the credit union will comply with the mandatory and any discretionary supervisory actions imposed on it by the NCUA Board under this subpart;

(iv) The types and levels of activities in which the credit union will engage; and

(v) If reclassified to a lower category under §702.102(b), the steps the credit union will take to correct the unsafe or unsound practice(s) or condition(s);

(2) Include pro forma financial statements, including any off-balance sheet items, covering a minimum of the next two years; and

(3) Contain such other information as the NCUA Board has required.

(4) Notwithstanding paragraphs (c)(1), (2), and (3) of this section, the Board may permit a credit union that is undercapitalized to submit to the Regional Director a streamlined NWRP plan attesting that its reduction in capital was caused by share growth and that such share growth is a temporary condition due to COVID-19. A streamlined NWRP plan is permitted between May 28, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

(d) Criteria for approval of NWRP. The NCUA Board shall not accept a NWRP plan unless it—

(1) Complies with paragraph (c) of this section;

(2) Is based on realistic assumptions, and is likely to succeed in restoring the credit union's net worth; and (3) Would not unreasonably increase the credit union's exposure to risk (including credit risk, interest-rate risk, and other types of risk).

(e) Consideration of regulatory capital. To minimize possible long-term losses to the NCUSIF while the credit union takes steps to become “adequately capitalized,” the NCUA Board shall, in evaluating an NWRP under this section, consider the type and amount of any form of regulatory capital which may become established by NCUA regulation, or authorized by State law and recognized by NCUA, which the credit union holds, but which is not included in its net worth.

(f) Review of NWRP—(1) Notice of decision. Within 45 calendar days after receiving an NWRP under this part, the NCUA Board shall notify the credit union in writing whether the NWRP has been approved, and shall provide reasons for its decision in the event of disapproval.

(2) Delayed decision. If no decision is made within the time prescribed in paragraph (f)(1) of this section, the NWRP is deemed approved.

(3) Consultation with State officials. In the case of an NWRP submitted by a federally insured State-chartered credit union (whether an original, new, additional, revised or amended NWRP), the NCUA Board shall, when evaluating the NWRP, seek and consider the views of the appropriate State official, and provide prompt notice of its decision to the appropriate State official.

(g) NWRP not approved—(1) Submission of revised NWRP. If an NWRP is rejected by the NCUA Board, the credit union shall submit a revised NWRP within 30 calendar days of receiving notice of disapproval, unless it is notified in writing by the NCUA Board that the revised NWRP is to be filed within a different period.

(2) Notice of decision on revised NWRP. Within 30 calendar days after receiving a revised NWRP under paragraph (g)(1) of this section, the NCUA Board shall notify the credit union in writing whether the revised NWRP is approved. The Board may extend the time within which notice of its decision shall be provided.

(3) Disapproval of reclassified credit union's NWRP. A credit union which has been classified “significantly undercapitalized” under §702.102(a)(4)(ii) shall remain so classified pending NCUA Board approval of a new or revised NWRP.

(h) Amendment of NWRP. A credit union that is operating under an approved NWRP may, after prior written notice to, and approval by the NCUA Board, amend its NWRP to reflect a change in circumstance. Pending approval of an amended NWRP, the credit union shall implement the NWRP as originally approved.

(i) Publication. An NWRP need not be published to be enforceable because publication would be contrary to the public interest.

[65 FR 8584, Feb. 18, 2000, as amended at 67 FR 71092, Nov. 29, 2002; 85 FR 31957, May 28, 2020]

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