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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XVIIISubchapter HPart 1951Subpart F → Appendix

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart F—Analyzing Credit Needs and Graduation of Borrowers

Exhibit B to Subpart F of Part 1951—Suggested Outline for Seeking Information From Lenders on Credit Criteria for Graduation of Single Family Housing Loans

Name of Lender:
Name of County Supervisor:
Service Area:

1. Is the lender interested in making loans to refinance rural housing borrowers? Yes:__; No:__.

If later, when?

How much credit does the lender expect to have available in the next three to four months for making such loans? $______

In the next twelve (12) months? $______

2. What are the loan terms? ______

3. What is the current interest rate? ______ Variable rate. Fixed rate.

If variable, how is it determined? ______

4. Is a risk differential used in establishing interest rates charged for new customers? Yes: __; No: __.

If yes, explain:

5. What can a typical loan applicant be expected to pay for:

   DollarsOr percent
a. Filing an application
b. Real estate appraisal
c. Credit report
d. Loan orgination fee
e. Loan closing costs

6. Is mortgage guarantee insurance required? Yes: __; No: __. If yes, how many years? __. Cost? ______.

7. Is there a minimum or maximum loan size policy? Yes: __; No: __.

If yes, explain:

8. Is there a minimum and maximum home value the lender will loan on? Yes: __; No: __. If yes, minimum: $______; maximum: $______.

9. Does the lender use a loan to market value ratio? ______

10. Is there a minimum net and gross income criteria? Yes: __; No: __. If yes, net: $______; gross: $______.

11. Does the lender use a minimum loan or home value to income ratio? Yes: __; No: __. If yes, loan to income ratio: ______ Value to income ratio: ______

12. Is there a percentage of gross income a typical applicant should have available to pay housing costs? ______

a. To pay for principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI)? __%.

b. To pay for the total housing costs and other credit obligations? __%.

13. Are there any age of home, housing type, site size, and/or geographic restriction policies? Yes: __; No: __.

If yes, List:
   14. Other Comments:

15. For the purpose of reducing the number of inappropriate referrals, would the lender like the opportunity to review specific borrower financial information prior to the borrower being asked to file a formal application? Yes: __; No: __. If the answer is yes, only those borrowers who are listed on Form RD 1951-24 will be referred to the bank. The lenders should be advised, however, the information supplied to them will not include the borrower's name, social security number, exact address, or place of employment that could be used to link a specific borrower to the information being provided by Rural Development.

[48 FR 40203, Sept. 6, 1983; 48 FR 41142, Sept. 14, 1983]

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