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e-CFR data is current as of February 18, 2020

Title 50Chapter IISubchapter CPart 226 → Appendix

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

Table 1 to Part 226—Major Steller Sea Lion Rookery Sites

Major Steller sea lion rookery sites are identified in the following table. Where two sets of coordinates are given, the baseline extends in a clockwise direction from the first set of geographic coordinates along the shoreline at mean lower-low water to the second set of coordinates. Where only one set of coordinates is listed, that location is the base point.

State/region/siteBoundaries to—
Western Aleutians:
Agattu I.:
Cape Sabak152 23.5N173 43.5E52 22.0N173 41.0E
Gillon Point152 24.0N173 21.5E
Attu I.152 54.5N172 28.5E52 57.5N172 31.5E
Buldir I.152 20.5N175 57.0E52 23.5N172 51.0E
Central Aleutians:
Adak I.151 36.5N176 59.0W51 38.0N176 59.5W
Agligadak I.152 06.5N172 54.0W
Amchitka I.:1
Column Rock151 32.5N178 49.5E
East Cape151 22.5N179 28.0E51 21.5N179 25.0E
Ayugadak I.151 45.5N178 24.5E
Gramp Rock151 29.0N178 20.5W
Kasatochi I.152 10.0N175 31.5W52 10.5N175 29.0W
Kiska I.:
Lief Cove151 57.5N177 21.0E51 56.5N177 20.0E
Cape St. Stephen151 52.5N177 13.0E51 53.5N177 12.0E
Seguam I./Saddleridge152 21.0N172 35.0W52 21.0N172 33.0W
Semisopochnoi I.:
Pochnoi Pt151 58.5N179 45.5E51 57.0N179 46.0E
Petrel Pt152 01.5N179 37.5E52 01.5E179 39.0E
Tag I.151 33.5N178 34.5W
Ulak I.151 20.0N178 57.0W51 18.5N178 59.5W
Yunaska I.152 42.0N170 38.5W52 41.0N170 34.5W
Eastern Aleutian:
Adugak I.152 55.0N169 10.5W
Akun I./Billings Head154 18.0N165 32.5W54 18.0N165 31.5W
Akutan I./Cape Morgan154 03.5N166 00.0W54 05.5N166 05.0W
Bogoslof I.1 253 56.0N168 02.0W
Ogchul I.153 00.0N168 24.0W
Sea Lion Rocks. (Amak)155 28.0N163 12.0W
Ugamak I.154 14.0N164 48.0W54 13.0N164 48.0W
Bering Sea:
Walrus I.157 11.0N169 56.0W
Western Gulf of Alaska:
Atkins I.155 03.5N159 18.5W
Chernabura I.154 47.5N159 31.0W54 45.5N159 33.5W
Clubbing Rocks (N)154 43.0N162 26.5W
Clubbing Rocks (S)154 42.0N162 26.5W
Pinnacle Rock154 46.0N161 46.0W
Central Gulf of Alaska:
Chirikof I.155 46.5N155 39.5W55 46.5N155 43.0W
Chowiet I.156 00.5N156 41.5W56 00.5N156 42.0W
Marmot I.158 14.5N151 47.5W58 10.0N151 51.0W
Outer I.159 20.5N150 23.0W59 21.0N150 24.5W
Sugarloaf I.158 53.0N152 02.0W
Eastern Gulf of Alaska:
Seal Rocks160 10.0N146 50.0W
Fish I.159 53.0N147 20.5W
Southeast Alaska:
Forrester I.54 51.0N133 32.0W54 52.5N133 35.5W
Hazy I55 52.0N134 34.0W55 51.5N134 35.0W
White Sisters57 38.0N136 15.5W
Rogue Reef: Pyramid Rock42 26.4N124 28.1W
Orford Reef:
Long Brown Rock42 47.3N124 36.2W
Seal Rock42 47.1N124 35.4W
Ano Nuevo I.37 06.3N122 20.3W
Southeast Farallon I.37 41.3N123 00.1W
Sugarloaf I. & Cape Mendocino40 26.0N124 24.0W

1Includes an associated 20 NM aquatic zone.

2Associated 20 NM aquatic zone lies entirely within one of the three special foraging areas.

[58 FR 45278, Aug. 27, 1993]

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