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e-CFR data is current as of December 9, 2019

Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 63Subpart NNNNN → Appendix

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart NNNNN—National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Hydrochloric Acid Production

Table 7 to Subpart NNNNN of Part 63—Applicability of General Provisions to Subpart NNNNN

As stated in §63.9065, you must comply with the applicable General Provisions requirements according to the following:

Citation Requirement Applies to subpart NNNNN Explanation
§63.1Initial applicability determination; applicability after standard established; permit requirements; extensions; notificationsYes.
§63.2DefinitionsYesAdditional definitions are found in §63.9075.
§63.3Units and abbreviationsYes.
§63.4Prohibited activities; compliance date; circumvention, severabilityYes.
§63.5Construction/reconstruction applicability; applications; approvalsYes.
§63.6(a)Compliance with standards and maintenance requirements-applicabilityYes.
§63.6(b)(1)-(4)Compliance dates for new or reconstructed sourcesYes§63.8995 specifies compliance dates.
§63.6(b)(5)Notification if commenced construction or reconstruction after proposalYes.
§63.6(b)(7)Compliance dates for new or reconstructed area sources that become majorYes§63.8995 specifies compliance dates.
§63.6(c)(1)-(2)Compliance dates for existing sourcesYes§63.8995 specifies compliance dates.
§63.6(c)(5)Compliance dates for existing area sources that become majorYes§63.8995 specifies compliance dates.
§63.6(e)(1)-(2)Operation and maintenance requirementsYes.
§63.6(e)(3)SSM plansYes.
§63.6(f)(1)Compliance except during SSMYes.
§63.6(f)(2)-(3)Methods for determining complianceYes.
§63.6(g)Use of an alternative non-opacity emission standardYes.
§63.6(h)Compliance with opacity/visible emission standardsNoSubpart NNNNN does not specify opacity or visible emission standards.
§63.6(i)Extension of compliance with emission standardsYes.
§63.6(j)Presidential compliance exemptionYes.
§63.7(a)(1)-(2)Performance test datesYesExcept for existing affected sources as specified in §63.9010(b).
§63.7(a)(3)Administrator's Clean Air Act section 114 authority to require a performance testYes.
§63.7(b)Notification of performance test and reschedulingYes.
§63.7(c)Quality assurance program and site-specific test plansYes.
§63.7(d)Performance testing facilitiesYes.
§63.7(e)(1)Conditions for conducting performance testsYes.
§63.7(f)Use of an alternative test methodYes.
§63.7(g)Performance test data analysis, recordkeeping, and reportingYes.
§63.7(h)Waiver of performance testsYes.
§63.8(a)(1)-(3)Applicability of monitoring requirementsYesAdditional monitoring requirements are found in §63.9005(d) and 63.9035.
63.8(a)(4)Monitoring with flaresNoSubpart NNNNN does not refer directly or indirectly to §63.11.
§63.8(b)Conduct of monitoring and procedures when there are multiple effluents and multiple monitoring systemsYes.
§63.8(c)(1)-(3)Continuous monitoring system O&MYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.8(c)(4)Continuous monitoring system requirements during breakdown, out-of-control, repair, maintenance, and high-level calibration driftsYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.8(c)(5)Continuous opacity monitoring system (COMS) minimum proceduresNoSubpart NNNNN does not have opacity or visible emission standards.
§63.8(c)(6)Zero and high level calibration checksYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.8(c)(7)-(8)Out-of-control periods, including reportingYes.
§63.8(d)-(e)Quality control program and CMS performance evaluationNoApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.8(f)(1)-(5)Use of an alternative monitoring methodYes.
§63.8(f)(6)Alternative to relative accuracy testNoOnly applies to sources that use continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS).
§63.8(g)Data reductionYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.9(a)Notification requirements—applicabilityYes.
§63.9(b)Initial notificationsYesExcept §63.9045(c) requires new or reconstructed affected sources to submit the application for construction or reconstruction required by §63.9(b)(1)(iii) in lieu of the initial notification.
§63.9(c)Request for compliance extensionYes.
§63.9(d)Notification that a new source is subject to special compliance requirementsYes.
§63.9(e)Notification of performance testYes.
§63.9(f)Notification of visible emissions/opacity testNoSubpart NNNNN does not have opacity or visible emission standards.
§63.9(g)(1)Additional CMS notifications—date of CMS performance evaluationYes.
§63.9(g)(2)Use of COMS dataNoSubpart NNNNN does not require the use of COMS.
§63.9(g)(3)Alternative to relative accuracy testingNoApplies only to sources with CEMS.
§63.9(h)Notification of compliance statusYesExcept the submission date specified in §63.9(h)(2)(ii) is superseded by the date specified in §63.9045(f).
§63.9(i)Adjustment of submittal deadlinesYes.
§63.9(j)Change in previous informationYes.
§63.10(a)Recordkeeping/reporting applicabilityYes.
§63.10(b)(1)General recordkeeping requirementsYes§§63.9055 and 63.9060 specify additional recordkeeping requirements.
§63.10(b)(2)(i)-(xi)Records related to SSM periods and CMSYes.
§63.10(b)(2)(xii)Records when under waiverYes.
§63.10(b)(2)(xiii)Records when using alternative to relative accuracy testNoApplies only to sources with CEMS.
§63.10(b)(2)(xiv)All documentation supporting initial notification and notification of compliance statusYes.
§63.10(b)(3)Recordkeeping requirements for applicability determinationsYes.   
§63.10(c)Additional recordkeeping requirements for sources with CMSYesApplies as modified by §63.9005 (d).
§63.10(d)(1)General reporting requirementsYes§63.9050 specifies additional reporting requirements.
§63.10(d)(2)Performance test resultsYes§63.9045(f) specifies submission date.
§63.10(d)(3)Opacity or visible emissions observationsNoSubpart NNNNN does not specify opacity or visible emission standards.
§63.10(d)(4)Progress reports for sources with compliance extensionsYes.
§63.10(d)(5)SSM reportsYes.
§63.10(e)(1)Additional CMS reports—generalYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.10(e)(2)(i)Results of CMS performance evaluationsYesApplies as modified by §63.9005(d).
§63.10(e)(2)Results of COMS performance evaluationsNoSubpart NNNNN does not require the use of COMS.
§63.10(e)(3)Excess emissions/CMS performance reportsYes.
§63.10(e)(4)Continuous opacity monitoring system data reportsNoSubpart NNNNN does not require the use of COMS.
§63.10(f)Recordkeeping/reporting waiverYes.
§63.11Control device requirements—applicabilityNoFacilities subject to subpart NNNNN do not use flares as control devices.
§63.12State authority and delegationsYes§63.9070 lists those sections of subparts NNNNN and A that are not delegated.
§63.14Incorporation by referenceYesSubpart NNNNN does not incorporate any material by reference.
§63.15Availability of information/confidentialityYes.

[68 FR 19090, Apr. 17, 2003, as amended at 71 FR 17748, Apr. 7, 2006]

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