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e-CFR data is current as of July 9, 2020

Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 63Subpart RRR → Appendix

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart RRR—National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Secondary Aluminum Production

Appendix A to Subpart RRR of Part 63—General Provisions Applicability to Subpart RRR

CitationRequirementApplies to RRRComment
§63.1(a)(1)-(4)General ApplicabilityYes
§63.1(b)Initial Applicability DeterminationYesEPA retains approval authority.
§63.1(c)(1)Applicability After Standard EstablishedYes
§63.1(c)(2)Yes§63.1500(e) exempts area sources subject to this subpart from the obligation to obtain Title V operating permits.
§63.1(e)Applicability of Permit ProgramYes
§63.2DefinitionsYesAdditional definitions in §63.1503.
§63.3Units and AbbreviationsYes
§63.4(a)(1)-(2)Prohibited ActivitiesYes
§63.5(a)Applicability of Preconstruction Review and NotificationYes
§63.5(b)(1)Requirements for Existing, Newly, Constructed Sources and Reconstructed SourcesYes
§63.5(d)Application for Approval of Construction or ReconstructionYes
§63.5(e)Approval of Construction or ReconstructionYes
§63.5(f)Approval of Construction or Reconstruction Based on Prior State Preconstruction ReviewYes
§63.6(a)Applicability for Compliance with Standards and Maintenance RequirementsYes
§63.6(b)(1)-(5)Compliance Dates for New and Reconstructed SourcesYes§63.1501 specifies dates.
§63.6(c)(1)Compliance Dates for Existing SourcesYes§63.1501 specifies dates.
§63.6(e)(1)(i)Operation and Maintenance RequirementsNoSee §63.1506(a)(5) for general duty requirement. Any other cross reference to §63.6(3)(1)(i) in any other general provision referenced shall be treated as a cross reference to §63.1506(a)(5).
§63.6(e)(3)Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction PlanNo
§63.6(f)(1)Compliance with Nonopacity Emission StandardsNo
§63.6(g)Use of an Alternative Nonopacity Emission StandardNo
§63.6(h)(1)Applicability for Compliance with Opacity and Visible Emission StandardsNo
§63.6(h)(2)Methods for Determining ComplianceYes
§63.6(i)(1)-(14)Extension of ComplianceYes
§63.6(j)Exemption from ComplianceYes
§63.7(a)Applicability and Performance Test DatesYesExcept §63.1511 establishes dates for initial performance tests.
§63.7(b)Notification of Performance TestYes
§63.7(c)Quality Assurance ProgramYes
§63.7(d)Performance Testing FacilitiesYes
§63.7(e)(1)Conduct of Performance TestsNo
§63.7(f)Use of an Alternative Test MethodYes
§63.7(g)(1)-(3)Data Analysis, Recordkeeping, and ReportingYesExcept for §63.7(g)(2), which is reserved.
§63.7(h)(1)-(5)Waiver of Performance TestsYes
§63.8(a)(1)Applicability for Monitoring RequirementsYes
§63.8(b)Conduct of MonitoringYes
§63.8(c)(1)(i)Operation and Maintenance of Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS)NoSee §63.1506(a)(5) for general duty requirement.
§63.8(d)(1)-(2)Quality Control ProgramYes
§63.8(d)(3)Yes, except for last sentence, which refers to an SSM plan. SSM plans are not required
§63.8(e)Performance Evaluation of CMSYes
§63.8(f)(1)-(5)Use of an Alternative Monitoring MethodNo§63.1501(w) includes provisions for monitoring alternatives.
§63.8(f)(6)Alternative to the Relative Accuracy TestYes
§63.8(g)(1)Reduction of Monitoring DataYes
§63.8(g)(2)No§63.1512 requires five 6-minute averages for an aluminum scrap shredder.
§63.9(a)Applicability and General Information for Notification RequirementsYes
§63.9(b)(1)-(5)Initial NotificationsYesExcept §63.9(b)(3) is reserved.
§63.9(c)Request for Compliance ExtensionYes
§63.9(d)Notification that Source is Subject to Special Compliance RequirementsYes
§63.9(e)Notification of Performance TestYes
§63.9(f)Notification of Opacity and Visible Emission ObservationsYes
§63.9(g)Additional Notification Requirement for Sources with CMSYes
§63.9(h)(1)-(3)Notification of Compliance StatusYesExcept §63.1515 establishes dates notification of compliance status reports.
§63.9(i)Adjustment of Deadlines for Required CommunicationsYes
§63.9(j)Change in Information Already ProvidedYes
§63.10(a)Applicability and General Information for Recordkeeping and Reporting RequirementsYes
§63.10(b)(1)General Recordkeeping RequirementsYes
§63.10(b)(2)(i), (ii), (iv), (v)No
§63.10(b)(2)(iii), (vi)-(xiv)Yes§63.1517 includes additional requirements.
§63.10(b)(3)Recordkeeping Requirement for Applicability DeterminationsYes
§63.10(c)(1)Additional Recordkeeping Requirements for Sources with CMSYes
§63.10(d)(1)General Reporting RequirementsYes
§63.10(d)(2)Reporting Results of Performance TestsYes
§63.10(d)(3)Reporting Results of Opacity or Visible Emission ObservationsYes
§63.10(d)(4)Progress ReportsNoSee §63.1516(d).
§63.10(d)(5)Periodic Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction ReportsNoSee §63.1516(d).
§63.10(e)(1)-(2)Additional Reporting Requirements for Sources with CMSYes
§63.10(e)(3)Excess Emissions and CMS Performance Report and Summary ReportYesReporting deadline given in §63.1516.
§63.10(e)(4)Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS) Data Produced During a Performance TestYes
§63.10(f)Waiver of Recordkeeping or Reporting RequirementsYes
§63.11(a)-(e)Control Device and Work Practice RequirementsNoFlares not applicable.
§63.12(a)-(c)State Authority and DelegationsYesEPA retains authority for applicability determinations.
§63.14Incorporations by ReferenceYesACGIH Guidelines, ASTM D7520-13, and Interim Procedures for Estimating Risks Associated with Exposures to Mixtures of Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins and -Dibenzofurans (CDDs and CDFs) and 1989 Update.
§63.15Availability of Information and ConfidentialityYes
§63.16Performance Track ProvisionsNo

[81 FR 38093, June 13, 2016]

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