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Title 15Subtitle BChapter IXSubchapter BPart 922Subpart P → Appendix

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade
Subpart P—Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Appendix VII to Subpart P of Part 922—Areas To Be Avoided Boundary Coordinates

In The Vicinity of the Florida Keys

[Reference Charts: United States 11466, 27th Edition—September 1, 1990 and United States 11450, 4th Edition—August 11, 1990]

Point Latitude Longitude
125°45.00 N80°06.10 W
225°38.70 N80°02.70 W
325°22.00 N80°03.00 W
425°06.38 N80°10.48 W
524°56.37 N80°19.26 W
624°37.90 N80°47.30 W
724°29.20 N81°17.30 W
824°22.30 N81°43.17 W
924°28.00 N81°43.17 W
1024°28.70 N81°43.50 W
1124°29.80 N81°43.17 W
1224°33.10 N81°35.15 W
1324°33.60 N81°26.00 W
1424°38.20 N81°07.00 W
1524°43.20 N80°53.20 W
1624°46.10 N80°46.15 W
1724°51.10 N80°37.10 W
1824°57.50 N80°27.50 W
1925°09.90 N80°16.20 W
2025°24.00 N80°09.10 W
2125°31.50 N80°07.00 W
2225°39.70 N80°06.85 W
2325°45.00 N80°06.10 W

In the Vicinity of Key West Harbor

[Reference Chart: United States 11434, 21st Edition—August 11, 1990]

Point Latitude Longitude
2424 deg.27.95' N81 deg.48.65' W.
2524 deg.23.00' N81 deg.53.50' W.
2624 deg.26.60' N81 deg.58.50' W.
2724 deg.27.75' N81 deg.55.70' W.
2824 deg.29.35' N81 deg.53.40' W.
2924 deg.29.35' N81 deg.50.00' W.
3024 deg.27.95' N81 deg.48.65' W.

Area Surrounding the Marquesas Keys

[Reference Chart: United States 11434, 21st Edition—August 11, 1990]

Point Latitude Longitude
3124 deg.26.60' N81 deg.59.55' W.
3224 deg.23.00' N82 deg.03.50' W.
3324 deg.23.60' N82 deg.27.80' W.
3424 deg.34.50' N82 deg.37.50' W.
3524 deg.43.00' N82 deg.26.50' W.
3624 deg.38.31' N81 deg.54.06' W.
3724 deg.37.91' N81 deg.53.40' W.
3824 deg.36.15' N81 deg.51.78' W.
3924 deg.34.40' N81 deg.50.60' W.
4024 deg.33.44' N81 deg.49.73' W.
4124 deg.31.20' N81 deg.52.10' W.
4224 deg.28.70' N81 deg.56.80' W.
4324 deg.26.60' N81 deg.59.55' W.

Area Surrounding the Dry Tortugas Islands

[Reference Chart: United States 11434, 21st Edition—August 11, 1990]

Point Latitude Longitude
4424 deg.32.00' N82 deg.53.50' W.
4524 deg.32.00' N83 deg.00.05' W.
4624 deg.39.70' N83 deg.00.05' W.
4724 deg.45.60' N82 deg.54.40' W.
4824 deg.45.60' N82 deg.47.02' W.
4924 deg.42.80' N82 deg.43.90' W.
5024 deg.39.50' N82 deg.43.90' W.
5124 deg.35.60' N82 deg.46.40' W.
5224 deg.32.00' N82 deg.53.50' W.

[66 FR 4377, Jan. 17, 2001, as amended at 66 FR 34534, June 29, 2001]

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