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e-CFR data is current as of July 13, 2020

Title 7Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter EPart 91 → Subpart G

Title 7: Agriculture

Subpart G—Reporting

§91.24   Reports of test results.
§91.25   Certificate requirements.
§91.26   Issuance of certificates.
§91.27   Corrections to certificates prior to issuance.
§91.28   Issuance of corrected certificates or amendments for analysis reports.
§91.29   Issuance of duplicate certificates or reissuance of an analysis report.
§91.30   Maintenance and retention of copies of certificates or analysis reports.

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§91.24   Reports of test results.

(a) Results of analyses are provided, in writing, by facsimile, by e-mail or other electronic means to the applicant.

(b) Results of test analyses and laboratory determinations provided by AMS laboratory services only apply to the submitted samples and do not represent the quality, condition or disposition of the lot from which each sample was taken.

(c) Applicants may call the appropriate Science and Technology laboratory for interim or final results prior to issuance of the formal report. The advance results may be telegraphed, e-mailed, telephoned, or sent by facsimile to the applicant. Any additional expense for advance information shall be borne by the requesting party.

(d) A letter report in lieu of an official certificate of analysis may be issued by a laboratory representative when such action appears to be more suitable than a certificate: Provided, that, issuance of such report is approved by the Deputy Administrator.

[75 FR 17288, Apr. 6, 2010]

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§91.25   Certificate requirements.

Certificates of analysis and other memoranda concerning laboratory service and the reporting of results should have the following requirements:

(a) Certificates of analysis shall be on standard printed forms approved by the Deputy Administrator;

(b) Shall be printed in English;

(c) Shall have results typewritten, computer generated, or handwritten in ink and shall be clearly legible;

(d) Shall show the results of laboratory tests in a uniform, accurate, and concise manner with abbreviations identified on the form;

(e) Shall show the information required by §§91.26 through 91.29; and

(f) Show only such other information and statements of fact as are provided in the instructions authorized by the Deputy Administrator.

[75 FR 17288, Apr. 6, 2010]

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§91.26   Issuance of certificates.

(a) The person signing and issuing the certificate of analysis shall be one of the following:

(1) The scientist who performed the analysis;

(2) Another technician of the laboratory facility, who has been given power of attorney by the scientist who performed the analytical testing and been authorized by the Deputy Administrator to affix the scientist's signature to a certificate. The power of attorney shall be on file with the employing office or laboratory of the Science and Technology program;

(3) A person designated as the “laboratory director in charge,” when the certificate represents composite analyses by several technicians.

(b) The laboratory certificate shall be prepared in accordance with the facts set forth in the official memoranda made by the scientist or technicians in connection with the analysis.

(c) Whenever a certificate is signed by a person under a power of attorney, the certificate should so indicate. The signature of the holder of power shall appear under the name of the scientist who personally analyzed the sample, and whenever a certificate issued is signed by a scientist in charge, that title must appear in connection with the signature.

[58 FR 42415, Aug. 9, 1993, as amended at 65 FR 64311, Oct. 26, 2000]

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§91.27   Corrections to certificates prior to issuance.

(a) The accuracy of the statements and information shown on certificates of analysis must be verified by the individual whose name or signature, or both, is shown on the certificate or by the authorized agent who affixed the name or signature, or both. When a name or signature, or both, is affixed by an authorized agent, the initials of the agent shall appear directly below or following the name, or signature of the person. Errors found during this process shall be corrected according to this section.

(b) Only official personnel or their authorized agents may make corrections, additions, or other changes to certificates.

(c) No corrections, additions, or other changes shall be made which involve identification, quality, or quantity. If such errors are found, a new certificate shall be prepared and issued and the incorrect certificate marked “Void.” Otherwise, errors may be corrected, provided there is evidence of satisfactory correction procedures as follows:

(1) The corrections are neat and legible;

(2) Each correction is initialed by the individual who corrects the certificate; and

(3) The corrections and initials are shown on the original and all copies.

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§91.28   Issuance of corrected certificates or amendments for analysis reports.

(a) A corrected certificate of analysis or an amended letter report may be issued by the laboratory representative who issued the original certificate or report after distribution of the form if errors, such as incorrect dates, analytical results, or test determination statements, lot numbers, or errors in any other pertinent information require the issuance of a corrected certificate or an amended report.

(b) Whenever a corrected certificate or amended report is issued, such certificate or report shall supersede the original form which was issued in error. The superseded certificate or incorrect report shall become null and void after the issuance of the corrected certificate or the amended analysis report.

(c) The corrected certificates or amended reports shall show the following:

(1) The terms “Corrected Original” and “Corrected Copy;”

(2) A statement identifying the superseded certificate or incorrect letter report and the corrections;

(3) A new serial number or new date of issuance; and

(4) The same statements and information, including permissive statements, that were shown on the incorrect certificate or the incorrect report, along with the correct statement or information, shall be shown on the corrected form.

(d) If all copies of the incorrect certificate or incorrect report can be obtained, then the superseded form shall be marked “Void” when submitted.

(e) Corrected certificates or amended letter reports cannot be issued for a certificate that has been superseded by another certificate, or superseded on the basis of a subsequent analysis or an additional laboratory test determination.

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§91.29   Issuance of duplicate certificates or reissuance of an analysis report.

(a) Upon request by an applicant, a duplicate certificate or an additional report may be issued for a lost, destroyed, or otherwise not obtainable original form.

(b) The duplicate certificate or the reissuance of an analysis report shall be at the expense of the applicant.

(c) Requests for duplicate certificates or additional analysis reports shall be filed as follows:

(1) In writing;

(2) By the applicant who requested the service covered by the lost, destroyed, or otherwise not obtainable original form; and

(3) With the office that issued the initial certificate or original laboratory analysis report.

(d) The duplicate certificates or reissued analysis reports shall show the following:

(1) The terms “Duplicate Original,” and the copies shall show “Duplicate Copy,”

(2) A statement that the certificate or letter report was issued in lieu of a lost or destroyed or otherwise not obtainable certificate or laboratory analysis report; and

(3) The same statements and information, including permissive statements, that were shown on the original certificate or the initial analysis report shall be shown on the duplicate form.

(e) Duplicate certificates or duplicate analysis reports shall be issued as promptly as possible and distributed as the original certificates or original analysis reports and their copies.

(f) Duplicate certificates shall not be issued for certificates that have been superseded.

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§91.30   Maintenance and retention of copies of certificates or analysis reports.

(a) At least one copy of each certificate or analysis report shall be filed in the laboratory for a period of not less than 3 years either from the date of issuance of the document, from the date of voiding a certificate, or from the date last payment is made by the applicant for a reported laboratory determination, whichever is later.

(b) Whenever any document, because of its condition, becomes unsuitable for its intended or continued use, the laboratory personnel shall make a copy of the original document.

(c) True copies shall be retained as photocopies, microfilm, microfiche, or other accurate reproductions and durable forms of the original document. Where reduction techniques, such as microfilming are used, suitable reader and photocopying equipment shall be readily available. Such reproductions shall be treated and considered for all purposes as though they were the original documents.

(d) All documents required to be maintained under this part shall be kept confidential and shall be disclosed only to the applicants or other persons with the applicants' knowledge and permission. Only such information as the Administrator deems relevant shall be disclosed to the public without the applicants' permission, and then, only in a suit or administrative hearing brought at the direction, or on the request, of the Administrator, or to which the Administrator or any other officer of the United States is a party.

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