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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of February 26, 2020

Title 7Subtitle BChapter XVIIPart 1784 → Subpart D

Title 7: Agriculture

Subpart D—Grant Processing

§1784.26   Planning, development, and procurement.
§1784.27   Grant closing and disbursement of Funds.
§1784.28   Grantee accounting methods, management reporting, and audits.
§1784.29   Grant servicing and accountability.
§1784.30   Subsequent grants.
§1784.31   Exception authority.
§§1784.32-1784.34   [Reserved]

§1784.26   Planning, development, and procurement.

(a) If RUS is the lead agency and will provide oversight for the project, a certification should be obtained from the State agency, or the Environmental Protection Agency if the State does not have primacy, stating that the proposed improvements will be in compliance with requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and/or Clean Water Act and the applicable requirements of 2 CFR part 200 and 2 CFR part 400.

(b) Applicants that will bid and construct a project in phases, must provide assurance that the full scope of each specific phase of the project will be functional. In the event that the actual cost is anticipated to exceed the funding originally allocated for the project, all potential options will be reviewed and considered, including but not limited to acquiring additional funds or a reduction in project scope. RUS, ANTHC, and VSW will ensure that all items that were funded and within the scope of the project, including all phases, are functional when all funds have been disbursed.

§1784.27   Grant closing and disbursement of Funds.

(a) The Water and Waste Grant Agreement for rural and native villages in Alaska, or other approved form(s) will be executed by all applicants. To view all forms and agreements, refer to the USDA RUS Water and Environmental Programs Web site.

(b) Grant funds will be distributed from the Treasury at the time they are actually needed by the applicant using multiple advances. Instructions regarding disbursement of funds can be found in the Letter of Conditions.

(c) If there is a significant reduction in project costs, the applicant's funding needs will be reassessed. Decreases in RUS funds will be based on revised project costs and current number of users. Other factors, including RUS regulations used at the time of grant approval, will continue to be used as published at the time of grant approval. Obligated grant funds not needed to complete the proposed project will be deobligated. In such cases applicable forms, the letter of conditions, and other items will be revised.

§1784.28   Grantee accounting methods, management reporting, and audits.

(a) All Agency grantees will follow the reporting requirements as outlined in 7 CFR 1782.

(b) Other reporting requirements are as follows:

(1) During the construction period, for the reporting of expenses incurred for projects under this part, the party responsible for the administration of the project will complete an audit report in accordance with §1782.10 (which includes GAGAS and 2 CFR part 200 Subpart F “Audit Requirements”). RUS may request a copy of this report.

(2) After the construction period and for the life of the facility, the recipient community will be responsible to meet the requirements outlined in 2 CFR parts 200, 400, 415, 416, and 7 CFR part 1780.47 paragraphs a through d. These requirements must be outlined in funding documents from RUS, ANTHC, and VSW and in agreements with the recipient communities. RUS may request this information for the life of the facility.

(c) The requirements found in 2 CFR parts 200, 400, 415 and 416 shall apply to all grants made under the RAVG program and shall be set forth in the respective grant agreement where required.

§1784.29   Grant servicing and accountability.

(a) Grants will be serviced in accordance with 7 CFR part 1782.

(b) RUS reserves the right to request and review project files from grantees at any time.

(c) If at any time an application is determined ineligible, 7 CFR part 11 will be followed.

§1784.30   Subsequent grants.

Subsequent grants will be processed in accordance with the requirements set forth in this part. The initial and subsequent grants made to complete a previously approved project must comply with the maximum grant requirements set forth in§1784.8(f) of this part.

§1784.31   Exception authority.

The Administrator may, in individual cases, make an exception to any requirement or provision of this part which is not inconsistent with the authorizing statute or other applicable law and is determined to be in the Government's best interest.

§§1784.32-1784.34   [Reserved]

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