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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XVIIPart 1710 → Subpart D

Title 7: Agriculture

Subpart D—Basic Requirements for Loan Approval

§1710.150   General.
§1710.151   Required findings for all loans.
§1710.152   Primary support documents.
§1710.153   Additional requirements and procedures.
§1710.154   Board of Director Resolutions.
§§1710.155-1710.199   [Reserved]

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§1710.150   General.

The RE Act and prudent lending practice require that the Administrator make certain findings before approving an electric loan or loan guarantee. The borrower shall provide the evidence determined by the Administrator to be necessary to make these findings.

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§1710.151   Required findings for all loans.

(a) Area coverage. Adequate electric service will be made available to the widest practical number of rural users in the borrower's service area during the life of the loan. See §1710.103.

(b) Feasibility. The loan is feasible and it will be repaid on time according to the terms of the mortgage, note, and loan contract. At any time after the original determination of feasibility, the Administrator may require the borrower to demonstrate that the loan remains feasible if there have been, or are anticipated to be, material changes in the borrower's costs, loads, rates, rate disparity, revenues, or other relevant factors from the time that feasibility was originally determined. See §1710.112 and subpart G of this part.

(c) Security. RUS will have a first lien on the borrower's total system or other adequate security, and adequate financial and managerial controls will be included in loan documents. See §1710.113.

(d) Interim financing. For loans that include funds to replace interim financing, there is satisfactory evidence that the interim financing was used for purposes approved by RUS and that the loan meets all applicable requirements of this part.

(e) Facilities for nonrural areas. Whenever a borrower proposes to use loan funds for the improvement, expansion, construction, or acquisition of electric facilities for non-RE Act beneficiaries, there is satisfactory evidence that such funds are necessary and incidental to furnishing or improving electric service for RE Act beneficiaries. See §1710.104.

(f) Facilities to be included in rate base. In states having jurisdiction, the borrower has provided satisfactory evidence based on the information available, such as an opinion of counsel, that the state regulatory authority will not exclude from the borrower's rate base any of the facilities included in the loan request, or otherwise prevent the borrower from charging rates sufficient to repay with interest the debt incurred for the facilities. Such evidence may be based on, but not necessarily limited to, the provisions of applicable state laws; the rules and policies of the state authority; precedents in other similar cases; statements made by the state authority; any assurances given to the borrower by the state authority; and other relevant information and experience.

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§1710.152   Primary support documents.

The following primary support documents and studies must be prepared by the borrower for approval by RUS in order to support a loan application:

(a) Load forecast. The load forecast provides the borrower and RUS with an understanding of the borrower's future system loads, the factors influencing those loads, and estimates of future loads. The load forecast provides a basis for projecting annual electricity (kWh) sales and revenues, and for engineering estimates of plant additions required to provide reliable service to meet the forecasted loads. Subpart E of this part contains the information to be included in a load forecast and when an approved load forecast is required.

(b) Construction work plan (CWP). The CWP shall specify and document the capital investments required to serve a borrower's planned new loads, improve service reliability and quality, and service the changing needs of existing loads. The requirements for a CWP are set forth in subpart F of this part.

(c) Long-range financial forecasts. RUS encourages borrowers to maintain on a current basis a long-range financial forecast, which should be used by a borrower's board of directors and manager to guide the system toward its financial goals. The forecast submitted in support of a loan application shall show the projected results of future actions planned by the board of directors. The requirements for a long-range financial forecast are set forth in subpart G of this part.

(d) Environmental review requirements. A borrower must comply with the environmental review requirements in accordance with 7 CFR part 1970.

(e) EE Program work plan (EEWP). In the case of a loan application to finance an Eligible Energy Efficient Program, an EE Program work plan shall be prepared in lieu of a traditional CWP required pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section. The requirements for an EEWP are set forth in §1710.255 and in subpart H of this part.

[57 FR 1053, Jan. 9, 1992, as amended at 65 FR 14786, Mar. 20, 2000; 78 FR 73366, Dec. 5, 2013; 81 FR 11026, Mar. 2, 2016]

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§1710.153   Additional requirements and procedures.

Additional requirements and procedures for obtaining RUS financial assistance are set forth in 7 CFR part 1712 for loan guarantees, and in 7 CFR part 1714 for insured loans.

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§1710.154   Board of Director Resolutions.

Specific actions that require a Board of Director Resolution from a borrower:

(a) Board approval of loan documents;

(b) Major change in the terms of a loan, i.e. maturity;

(c) Initial access to RD Apply (or successor RUS online application systems);

(d) Requests for approval by a Board, acting as the regulatory authority, for any departure from the RUS Uniform System of Accounts with the exception of those deferrals specifically identified in §1767.13(d); and

(e) eAuthentication requirements.

[84 FR 32610, July 9, 2019]

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§§1710.155-1710.199   [Reserved]

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