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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of February 20, 2020

Title 46Chapter ISubchapter QPart 160 → Subpart 160.061

Title 46: Shipping

Subpart 160.061—Fishing Tackle Kits, Emergency, for Merchant Vessels

§160.061-1   Applicable specifications.
§160.061-2   Requirements.
§160.061-3   Design and construction.
§160.061-4   Kit assembly.
§160.061-5   Marking.

Source: CGFR 65-9, 30 FR 11483, Sept. 8, 1965, unless otherwise noted.

§160.061-1   Applicable specifications.

(a) The following specifications, of the issue in effect on the date emergency fishing tackle kits are manufactured, form a part of this subpart:

(1) Federal specifications:

QQ-I-706—Iron and steel; sheet, tinned (tin plate).

QQ-W-423—Wire, steel, corrosion-resisting

HH-P-91—Packing, fiber, hard sheet.

CCC-F-451—Flannel, canton.

(2) Military specifications:

MIL-H-2846—Hooks, fish, steel.

MIL-B-1418—Blades, razor, safety.

MIL-A-140—Adhesive, water-resistant, W.P. barrier-material.

(b) Copies of the specifications referred to in this section shall be kept on file by the manufacturer, together with the approved plans, if any, and the certificate of approval.

(1) The Federal Specifications may be purchased from the General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service, Office of the FAS Commissioner, 2200 Crystal Drive, 11th Floor, Arlington, VA 22202; telephone 703-605-5400.

(2) The Military Specifications may be obtained from the Military Specifications and Standards, Standardization Documents Order Desk, Building 4D, 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094, https://assist.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch/.

[CGFR 65-9, 30 FR 11483, Sept. 8, 1965, as amended by USCG-2013-0671, 78 FR 60158, Sept. 30, 2013]

§160.061-2   Requirements.

(a) Material. Material shall be as specified in this subpart.

(b) Assembly. Emergency fishing kits shall consist of fishing rigs, accessories, and instructions furnished in a hermetically sealed container.

(c) Components. Each fishing kit shall consist of the items listed in table 160.06-2(c).

Table 160.061-2(c)—Fishing Kits

Item No.Description1Quantity
1Booklet, Fishing Instructions (Refer to §160.061-3(i))1 ea.
2Container, Fishing Kit (See Fig. 2)1 ea.
3Hooks, treble, size 1, short shank2 ea.
4Hooks, size 7/0, 5/0, 1/0, 2, 6, 8, O'Shaugnessy, straight shank, double strength2 ea.
5Leader, wire, 0.011-inch diameter, 27-pound test (with No. 3 snap on one end and No. 7 swivel on the other end) 6-inch length2 ea.
6Leader, wire, 0.016-inch diameter, 58-pound test (with No. 3 snap on one end and No. 4 swivel on the other end) 12-inch length2 ea.
7Leader, monofilament, 0.021-inch diameter, 15-pound test, 4-foot length4 ea.
8Line, monofilament, 18-pound test, 100-foot length1 ea.
9Line, nylon or dacron, braided, 63-pound test, 150 feet length1 ea.
10Pad, canton flannel, 234 inches square, specification CCC-F-451, color, bright yellow1 ea.
11Pad, canton flannel, 234 inches square, specification CCC-F-451, color, bright red1 ea.
12Lure, spoon, removable No. 6 hook, yellow feathers, blade length 1332 inches, width 1532 inch, weight 120 ounce, polished copper finish1 ea.
13Lure, spoon, removable No. 5/0 hook, yellow feathers, blade length 3 inches, width 78 inch, weight 25 ounce, polished chrome finish1 ea.
14Lure, spoon, free swinging No. 1 treble double strength, short shank, blade length 2316 inches, width 1316 inch, weight 14 ounce, stainless steel or chrome plated brass1 ea.
15Sinkers, pinch on or equal, 14 ounce, 516 ounce, 1 ounce1 ea.
16Foil, shiny, 4 inches square1 ea.
17Squid, tinned body, length 2 inches, weight 12 ounce1 ea.
18Jig, painted lead head, bucktail feathered with 1/0 hook1 ea.
19Jig, painted lead head, bucktail feathered with 3/0 hook1 ea.
20Blades, razor, safety, single edge1 ea.
21Bait, pork rind, 4 inches long, 12 inch wide, with ends tapered to 18 inch wide and rounded4 ea.
22Snap and swivels, No. 36 ea.
23Card, leader knots and hitches (fig. 1)1 ea.
24Winder (see §160.061-3(h))2 ea.

1The tolerances of these items shall be plus or minus 132 -inch on all dimensions.

§160.061-3   Design and construction.

(a) Container. The container shall be made of ethyl cellulose, clear, type EM—1, Specification MIL-P-3412 or better. The dimensions shall not exceed those specified in Figure 2. Other packaging arrangements acceptable to the Commandant will be considered.

(b) Card. A card showing leader knots and hitches shall be provided as per Figure 1. Size of card should not exceed 234 by 434 inches.

(c) Hooks. Unless otherwise specified, all hooks shall be of forged steel, hollow ground with filed out points. The hooks shall be of ringed type and shall be tinned. Hooks shall be tempered, tough, flexible, and resilient.

(d) Leaders. Wire leaders shall be of stainless steel, and shall be attached to snaps and swivels with not less than six turns of wire. Monofilament leaders shall be blue mist and shall be provided with a 58 -inch inside diameter end loop on one end.

eCFR graphic ec03mr91.013.gif

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(e) Snaps and swivels. Swivels shall be either of brass or bronze. Snaps shall be stainless steel.

(f) Lines. Unless otherwise specified nylon lines shall be hard braided, waterproofed, and heat set to reduce “stretch”. Lines may be either camouflage or mist in color.

(g) Spoons. Spoons shall be of the single-blade, egg-shaped dished type with either fixed or free-swinging hooks. The spoons shall be stainless steel or stamped from brass and plated to resist corrosion. Each spoon shall, on the forward end, be provided with an eye for attachment to the line. Spoons having free-swinging hooks shall have the hooks attached by means of a split ring through a hole in the rear of the blade. In fixed-hook spoons, the hook shall be attached to the spoon by a screw and shall be shaped to conform to the contour of the spoon. Feathers, if provided, shall be yellow hackle feathers attached to the hook by wrapping with thread, and the wrapping coated with red lacquer.

eCFR graphic ec03mr91.014.gif

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Figure 2

(h) Winder. Winders shall conform to Figure 3, or shall be of an equivalent commercial design suitable to contain required length of line.

eCFR graphic ec03mr91.015.gif

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Figure 3—Winder. Material: Packing; fiber, hard sheet, Specification HH-P-91; dimensions in inches: Unless otherwise specified; tolerances: Fractions plus or minus 132 -inch.

(i) Booklet of instructions. The fishing instructions shall be prepared in pamphlet form, approximately 212 inches by 412 inches on parchment paper, in waterproof ink, with printing on one side of the paper only. The booklet shall contain a complete description of how and under what conditions each component should be used, and general suggestions for fishing. It shall be prepared in easy to read form in such a manner that a completely inexperienced person will know what equipment to use and how to use it. Both physical form and the contents of the booklet shall be specially approved by the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, prior to acceptance. A copy of approved contents for the instruction booklet will be furnished on request.

§160.061-4   Kit assembly.

(a) Preparation of items. The items shall be prepared for packing into the kit as indicated below. Each transparent envelope shall be closed by heat sealing.

Item No.Preparation for assembly
1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24None.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 21, 22Insert in a transparent envelope.
8 and 9Gather into a hank 412 inches long and restrain with tape.
20Wrap in paper envelope.

(b) Packing of items. The components of the kit, after being prepared as specified, shall be packed in the container in such manner that there is a minimum possibility of any item being bent or crushed. The marking label shall be placed on the bottom of the container with the wording facing out. The instruction booklet shall be packed, front cover up, under the lid. The container shall be sealed after the components have been packaged therein with an 18-inch length of 34 -inch wide adhesive tape conforming to Specification JAN-P-127. The tape shall be applied around the perimeter of the container with an equal amount on each side of the juncture of the two sections of the container. An alternate packaging arrangement acceptable to the Commandant will be acceptable.

§160.061-5   Marking.

(a) General. The containers shall be stenciled on the bottom in black with the manufacturer's name or trademark and type or model number in letters approximately 316 inch high, together with the following legend in letters 316 inch high:


APPROVAL NO. 160.061/—





(b) [Reserved]

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