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Title 24Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter BPart 232 → Subpart B

Title 24: Housing and Urban Development

Subpart B—Contract Rights and Obligations

§232.251   Cross-reference.
§232.252   Definitions.
§232.254   Withdrawal of project funds, including for repayments of advances from the borrower, operator, or management agent.
§232.256   Partial payment of claims.

§232.251   Cross-reference.

(a) All of the provisions, except §207.258b, of part 207, subpart B of this chapter relating to mortgages insured under section 207 of the National Housing Act, apply to mortgages insured under section 232 of the Act.

(b) For the purposes of this subpart all references in part 207 of this chapter to section 207 of the Act shall be construed to refer to section 232 of the Act.

[36 FR 24618, Dec. 22, 1971, as amended at 50 FR 38787, Sept. 25, 1985]

§232.252   Definitions.

All of the definitions contained in §232.1 shall apply to this subpart. In addition, as used in this part, the following term shall have the meaning indicated:

(a) Contract of insurance means the agreement evidenced by the Commissioner's insurance endorsement and includes the provisions of this subpart and of the Act.

§232.254   Withdrawal of project funds, including for repayments of advances from the borrower, operator, or management agent.

Borrower may make and take distributions of mortgaged property, as set forth in the mortgage loan transactional documents, to the extent and as permitted by the law of the applicable jurisdiction, provided that, upon each calculation of borrower surplus cash (as defined by HUD), which calculation shall be made no less frequently than semi-annually, borrower must demonstrate positive surplus cash, or to the extent surplus cash is negative, repay any distributions taken during such calculation period within 30 calendar days unless a longer time period is approved by HUD. Borrower shall be deemed to have taken distributions to the extent that surplus cash is negative unless, in conjunction with the calculation of surplus cash, borrower provides to HUD documentation evidencing, to HUD's reasonable satisfaction, a lesser amount of total distributions. To the extent that the provisions of this section are inconsistent with the provisions in a borrower's existing transactional loan documents, including without limitation any HUD-required regulatory agreement, the provisions of the transactional loan documents shall apply.

[77 FR 55136, Sept. 7, 2012]

§232.256   Partial payment of claims.

(a) When a lender for a loan on a healthcare project becomes eligible to file an insurance claim and to assign the mortgage to the Commissioner pursuant to §207.258, the Commissioner may request the lender, in lieu of assignment, to accept a partial payment of the claim under the mortgage insurance contract and recast the mortgage, under such terms and conditions as the Commissioner may determine.

(b) The Commissioner may request the lender to participate in a partial payment of claim in lieu of assignment only after a determination that partial payment would be less costly to the Federal Government than other reasonable alternatives for maintaining the project and that would keep the healthcare facility operational to serve community needs. In addition to any findings that may be provided in other guidance, the Commissioner shall base the determination on the findings listed below:

(1) The lender is entitled, after a default as defined in §207.255, to assign the mortgage in exchange for the payment of insurance benefits;

(2) The relief resulting from partial payment, when considered with other resources available to the project, would be sufficient to restore the financial viability of the project;

(3) The project is or can (at reasonable cost) be made physically sound;

(4) The current or proposed operator of the facility is satisfactory to the Commissioner, as demonstrated by past experience in operating similar types of healthcare facilities and by state regulatory performance;

(5) The default under the insured mortgage was beyond the control of the borrower and/or operator, or in the case of a transfer of physical assets (TPA), the proposed borrower or operator, unless the Commissioner determines that any borrower/operator deficiencies giving rise to the default have clearly been addressed; and

(6) The project is serving as, or potentially could serve as, a needed nursing home, intermediate care facility, board and care home, or assisted living facility.

(c) Partial payment of a claim under this section shall be made only when:

(1) The property covered by the mortgage is free and clear of all liens other than the insured first mortgage and such other liens as the Commissioner may have approved;

(2) The lender has voluntarily agreed to accept a PPC under the mortgage insurance contract and to recast the remaining mortgage amount under terms and conditions prescribed by the Commissioner; and

(3) The borrower has agreed to repay to the Commissioner an amount equal to the partial payment, with the obligation secured by a second mortgage on the project containing terms and conditions prescribed by the Commissioner. The terms of the second mortgage will be determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the estimated project income will be sufficient to cover estimated operating expenses and debt service on the recast insured mortgage. The Commissioner may provide for postponed amortization of the second mortgage.

(d) Payment of insurance benefits under this section shall be in cash.

(e) A lender receiving a partial payment of claim, following the Commissioner's endorsement of the mortgage for full insurance under 24 CFR part 252, will pay HUD a fee in an amount set forth through Federal Register notice. HUD, in its discretion, may collect this fee or deduct the fee from any payment it makes in the claim process.

[77 FR 72922, Dec. 7, 2012]

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