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Title 26Chapter ISubchapter DPart 48Subpart O → §48.6420-1

Title 26: Internal Revenue
Subpart O—Refunds and Other Administrative Provisions of Special Application to Retailers and Manufacturers Taxes

§48.6420-1   Credits or payments to ultimate purchaser of gasoline used on a farm.

(a) In general. If gasoline is used on a farm for farming purposes after June 30, 1965, a credit (under the circumstances described in paragraph (b) of this section) or a payment (under the circumstances described in paragraph (c) of this section) in respect of the gasoline shall be allowed or made to the ultimate purchaser of the gasoline in an amount determined by multiplying (1) the number of gallons of gasoline so used by (2) the rate of tax on gasoline under section 4081 that applied on the date the gasoline was purchased by the ultimate purchaser. No interest shall be paid on any payment, allowed under paragraph (c) of this section. However, interest may be paid on any overpayment (as defined by section 6401) arising from a credit allowed under paragraph (b) of this section. See section 34(a), relating to credit for certain uses of gasoline and special fuels, and lubricating oil used prior to January 7, 1983). See §48.6420-2 for the time within which a claim for credit or payment must be made. See section 4081 and the regulations thereunder for the rates of tax on gasoline. See §48.6420-2 for meaning of the terms “Used on a farm for farming purposes,” “farm,” “gasoline,” “ultimate purchaser,” and “taxable year.”

(b) Allowance of income tax credit in lieu of payment. With respect to persons subject to income tax, repayment of the tax paid under section 4081 on gasoline used on a farm for farming purposes may be obtained only by claiming a credit for the amount of this tax against the income tax imposed by subtitle A of the Code. The amount of the credit shall be an amount equal to the payment which would be made under section 6420 with respect to gasoline used during the taxable year on a farm for farming purposes if section 6420(g)(1) and paragraph (c) of this section did not apply. See section 34(a)(1).

(c) Allowance of payment. Payments in respect of gasoline upon which tax was paid under section 4081 that is used on a farm for farming purposes shall be made only to—

(1) The United States or agency or instrumentality thereof, a State, a political subdivision of a State, or an agency or instrumentality of one or more States or political subdivisions of a State, or the District of Columbia, or

(2) An organization which is exempt from tax under section 501(a) and is not required to made a return of the income tax imposed under subtitle A for its taxable year.

(d) Use of gasoline. (1) The credit or payment described in paragraph (a) of this section is allowable only in respect of gasoline used on a farm in the United States for farming purposes. The credit or payment is not allowable with respect to gasoline used for nonfarming purposes, or gasoline used off a farm, regardless of the nature of the use. If a vehicle or other equipment is used both on a farm and off the farm, or if it is used on a farm both for farming and nonfarming purposes, the credit or payment is allowable only with respect to that portion of the gasoline which was “used on a farm for farming purposes” as defined in paragraph (a) of §48.6420-4. In determining if this requirement is met, neither the type of equipment or vehicle used nor its registration for highway use is material. However, the actual use of the equipment or vehicle and the place where it is used are material. For example, if a truck used on a farm for farming purposes is also used on the highways, gasoline used in connection with operating the truck on the highways is not taken into account in computing the credit or payment.

(2) For purposes of determining the allowable credit or payment in respect of gasoline used on a farm for farming purposes, gasoline on hand shall be considered used in the order in which it was purchased. Thus, if the owner, tenant, or operator of a farm has on hand gasoline acquired in two purchases made at different times and subject to different rates of tax, in determining credit or payment for gasoline used on a farm for farming purposes, it will be assumed that the gasoline purchased first was the first gasoline used, and the rate applicable to that purchase will apply in determining the credit or payment, until all that gasoline is accounted for.

[T.D. 8043, 50 FR 32035, Aug. 8, 1985]

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