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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of December 5, 2019


40 CFR--PART 282

View Printed Federal Register page 84 FR 52790 in PDF format.

Amendment(s) published October 3, 2019, in 84 FR 52790

Effective Dates: Dec. 2, 2019

3. Appendix A to part 282 is amended by revising the entry for Maine to read as follows:

Appendix A to Part 282—State Requirements Incorporated by Reference in Part 282 of the Code of Federal Regulations

*   *   *   *   *


(a) The statutory provisions include:

Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, Title 38. Waters and Navigation

1. Chapter 2. Department of Environmental Protection, Subchapter 1. Organization and Powers

Section 341-A. Department of Environmental Protection, Section 341-H. Departmental rulemaking, Section 342-B. Liability of fiduciaries and lenders, Section 343-E. Voluntary response action program, Section 347-C. Right of inspection and entry.

2. Chapter 3. Protection and Improvement of Waters, Subchapter 2-A. Oil Discharge Prevention and Pollution Control

Section 541. Findings; purpose, Section 542. Definitions, Section 543. Pollution and corruption of waters and lands of the State prohibited, Section 548. Removal of prohibited discharges.

3. Chapter 3. Protection and Improvement of Waters, Subchapter 2-B. Oil Storage Facilities and Ground Water Protection.

Section 561. Findings, purpose, Section 562-A. Definitions, Section 563. Registration and inspection of underground oil storage tanks and piping, except 9., Section 563-A. Prohibition of nonconforming underground oil storage facilities and tanks, Section 563-B. Regulatory powers of department, Section 564. Regulation of underground oil storage facilities used to store motor fuels or used in the marketing and distribution of oil, except 5., Section 566-A. Abandonment of underground oil storage facilities and tanks, Section 567-A. Certifications, Section 568. Cleanup and removal of prohibited discharges, except 3. and 4., Section 568-A. Fund coverage requirements, Section 568-B. Clean-up and Response Review Board created, Section 569-C. Limited exemption from liability for state or local governmental entities, Section 570. Liability, Section 570-F. Special provisions, Section 570-K. Aboveground oil storage facilities, Section, Section 570-N. Rules, wastewater treatment tank systems.

4. Chapter 13-D: Wellhead Protection.

Section 1391. Declaration of Policy, Section 1392. Definitions, Section 1393. Prohibition on installation of facilities in wellhead protection zones, Section 1394. Variances, Section 1398. Eligibility for Clean-up funds, Section 1399. Municipal authority, Section 1400. Rules.

(b) The regulatory provisions include:

1. 06-096, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Chapter 691, Rule for Underground 4il Storage Facilities: (effective September 26, 2018).

Section 1. Legal Authority, Section 2. Preamble; Section 3. Definitions, Section 4. Registration of Underground Storage Facilities, except O; Section 5. Regulation of Underground Oil Storage Facilities Used to Store Motor Fuels or Used in the Marketing and Distribution of Oil, except B. (4)(a), (d), (g), (h), and (j); (5)(b); D. (3)(f); (6)(b); (11)(e); (14)(c); (15)(f)(vii); (17); (19)(b); and F.; Section 7. Regulation of Facilities for the Underground Storage of Waste Oil, except B. (7); Section 8. Regulation of Field Constructed Underground Oil Storage Tanks, except B. (1)(d) and (e) and (4)(b), (d), and (e); Section 9. Regulation of Facilities for the Underground Storage of Heavy Oils, except B.; Section 10. Regulation of Airport Hydrant Systems, except B. (1)(c); (3)(b), (f), and (h); and D. (2); Section 11. Regulations for Closure of Underground Oil Storage Facilities; Section 12. Discharge and Leak Investigation, Response and Corrective Action Requirements, except A. (3); Section 13. Regulation of Wastewater Treatment Tank Systems and Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks, APPENDIX A: Requirements for Cathodic Protection Monitoring, APPENDIX B: Requirements for Tank, Piping and Containments Sump Tightness Tests, APPENDIX C: Requirements for Pneumatic (Air) and other Pre installation Tightness Testing, APPENDIX D: Installation Requirements Applicable to New and Replacement Tanks, APPENDIX E: Installation Requirements for New and Replacement Piping, APPENDIX F: Specifications and Requirements for Vertical Ground Water Monitoring Wells at Existing Facilities, APPENDIX H: Procedures for Weekly Monitoring, Handling, and Obtaining Samples for Laboratory Analysis, APPENDIX I: Sample Daily Inventory Reporting Log, APPENDIX J: Requirements for Abandonment of Underground Oil Storage Tanks by Removal, APPENDIX K: Requirements for Abandonment of Underground Oil Storage Tanks by Filling in Place, APPENDIX L: Requirements for Underground Oil Storage Tank Processing Facilities, APPENDIX M: Cathodic Protection Tester Certification Requirements, APPENDIX N: Corrosion Expert Certification Requirements, APPENDIX P: Requirements for Site Assessment at Facility Closure or Tank Abandonment, APPENDIX Q: Characterization and Notification Requirements, APPENDIX R: List of National Standards and Codes Cites, APPENDIX S: Department Approved Laboratory Analytical Methods and Performance Standards for Analysis of Oil and its Constituents in Water, Soil, Soil Gas and Indoor Air, APPENDIX T: Containment Sumps & Spill Bucket Integrity Testing Protocol & Management of Waste Fluids.

2. 06-096, Department of Environmental Protection; Chapter 693: Operator Training for Underground Oil, Hazardous Substance, and Field Constructed Underground Oil Storage Facilities, and Airport Hydrant Systems (effective September 26, 2018) only insofar as they pertain to the regulation of underground storage tanks in Maine and only insofar as they are incorporated by reference and are not broader in scope than the Federal requirements.

*   *   *   *   *

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